Server without gold, but a starting fee.

  • @Aeneas...Wait, wait, there are still good bots? Lol, I thought Kingdoms was immunne to bots. If the new programming wasn't about getting rid of bots then why are we playing this watered down version of Travian?

    People tell me there are. I don't have any personal experience. However, it's normally the case that the desire to cheat in some players is greater than game corporations to prevent cheating.

  • Even on a test server you can get the farmlist, do you know how little gold it costs to get a farm list?You can just sell a few items you find in the beginning of a server and get enough gold for that.
    When they say using gold they're talking about players who use massive amounts, players that can drop 100k of silver on 1 equipment and not even care.
    So again no, you dont need real money to be a good farmer.

    It's something like the test server that people are asking for.

    Farm lists are part of Plus. On a speed server you have to pay for that every 3 days, that's 200 gold over 60 days. Sure, on a normal server you can pay for it once and you would be daft not to.

    I agree you don't have to be a whale to farm. All I was saying is that you do have to spend some gold, you do have to spend some time and there are tactics. So farming isn't really a category in its own right.

  • @Aeneas, i just finished a speed server and had no problem playing without buying gold (won attack and raid meddles almost every week)... it's true that gold helps in getting to the top faster but nun gold users can too, if they used the right strategy.

    Assuming you're not a n00b, time is the most important thing. But Gold can help a lot, for example:

    1. It gives you a fast start with the best hero stuff, unlimited ointments/bandages/cages
    2. You need gold if you get 15-croppers, which are the most efficient way to generate res
    3. Extra spaces in towns and boosts to resources

    Sure, there are plenty of n00b gold spenders who waste their money, but that's not really relevant. The point is that, if everything else is equal, the gold whales have an advantage. How big is arguable, but generally the people at the very top of the lists spend a lot of gold.

    I just played on a speed server as well; the standard of play was weaker than normal servers IMO. I was just outside the top 10 raiders most weeks and I had only one farm list that I sent maybe 4 times a day.

  • yes, gold gives advantages and in my opinion it should give a bonus, how else would you want travian to get their income? by allowing advertisment? or make an account cost money?
    i think the current gold system is the better "evil" :)

    but in my opinion the only gold things that give a BIG bonus are:
    - travian plus
    - 25% crop bonus (the res bonus is in my opinion less beneficial)
    - trainingtime reducing helmets (who are in the beginning expensive but after 2 days they are way less)

    these 3 gold things are not that expensive as long as you have them you can compete (in my humble opinion) with the goldwales

    the other gold options give also bonusses but most of the time these bonusses are neglectible.
    I have played on goldwale accounts and also without gold and know how it is to struggle to compete against goldwales, but i have learnt activity is more important then gold.

  • I used to be a run of the mill player. Played defence because I thought gold was what made you a top player. But one of my allies showed me how to farm efficientlyand now I'm top 15 on the server and have been top 10 in robber consistently. The most important thing a non gold or a cheap gold player can do, is raid, no matter what your play style is.

  • the AAA video games worth 60$. so its fair we buy one server and all player play equal but problem is that travian game not endless and it have 6month limits and no body going to pay 60$ in middle of the game and it will make that server very low on population and it will not be fun anymore this way only player can fair if they pay 60$ and start at the day one and i dont think this game has enough hype to get many player at they one . and other big problem is u can get farm and lose the game so if new player pay 60$ and play for 2weeks and get farm it would be disaster he never play this game again :D i dont think it can happend but i hope game get more fair in travian legend u can spend 100 gold and have special clube to the end but here its expensive travian can make this game less pay to win and restore balance that travian legend have

  • no body going to pay 60$ in middle of the game and it will make that server very low on population

    that is a very suitable argument. Travian Kingdoms has a different game style and is not everybody wants to start on the first day. Also, I learned a lot in my first round and started completly differently on my next one. What I love about our game is that I don't know what will expect me on the next game world and that there are differences on what round I've chosen, a local one, a speed round or a Night Truce. I am definitely not spending the same amount of money on these different types. It would be hard to find a fair price for everyone.

    And: There are a lot of players who don't pay at all. They would stop playing and the game rounds and kingdoms would be very lonely without them.

    What I understand behind this wish, is that you want the game even more about the strategic skills and Gold should only support convenient handling of how to use this skill. Or how do you see it?

    I appreciate the discussion about this topic. Please continue to share your thoughts :thumbup:

    Community Communications Manager :)


  • That would be how I see it at any rate. Perhaps you can make a (special?) server that only allows gold for (the old Travian Plus) bonuses that aren't pay-to-win. So a server without e.g. instant merchant, instant build, NPC. I think a server like this would be insanely popular - I at least would return to playing Travian :D - and this way you don't block new players from entering.

  • I really love to use gold but here is what I think is needed to get everything balanced. :)

    I think the best would be to find a better balance and set limits at things.
    Like you do at some stuff like the resources bonus payed every month, You can't stack it and get 50% resources bonus when activate twice. Things like that making the game more fair.

    My suggestions is limiting the players to use maximum 10 insta building finish, 5 NPC trade ,10 insta merchant and collect tax insta 10 a day .
    Also include the cards in the limit above.
    Limit max amount of animals your hero can catch a day to 10.
    Make the limits lower at items, bucket can be used one in 3 days, Salves 40 a day and bandage as many as the server is old in days a day(at speed multiply with 3x).
    Art system and other items works good. Because I really like the feeling of some things to be costy and rare.

    I think this will also make more people to see the importance of unlocking all building slots and merchant slots.

    What do you think about this @BridgetB ?

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