Trade Routes

  • In setting up trade routes I find that if the route is more that one hour it will only let me set up the trade every 2 hours. This makes sense if i only have 6 traders and send 3 each time. but if i have 9 or more traders it should allow me to send 3 every hour. So my question is: am i doing something wrong? OR is this the way it will be? OR is it a bug that can be corrected?

  • Hello Gru

    I think your problem may be something simple as I have not seen any bugs as of late with the trade routes.

    I know this may sound redundant but please check the following again.......

    - Allowing time for merchants return trip....By this I mean are you also factoring in the time it takes for the merchants to get back? Sometimes this is overlooked
    So if you send 3 merchants on a 1 hour run, they are actually out of use for 2 hours.

    - Double check that you have the needed merchants for what you want the routes to do.

    Since we cannot see in your account we have to give an answer based on what we read. If none of these are the problem then better to contact "Help Center" so they can physically look in your account and check for errors.


  • Here is the exact scenario. I have 12 merchants and i set up a route with 3. It takes 1 hour and 6 minutes to get to the second village. So if the first leaves at 10 they will be back at 12:12. The second group would leave at 11, the third at 12 and by that time the first would be back to go at 13. So i actually have 3 extra traders than needed but it still automatically goes to every 2 hours and i cannot change it.

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  • An easy way around this is to create a trade route for each group of merchants. So trade route 1 goes at 12pm and every 3 hours afterwards. Trade route 2 goes at 1pm and every 3 hours afterwards, and trade route 3 goes at 2pm and every 3 hours afterwards.