Stopping hideouts from spawning

  • Nope, can't do both. Not very well anyway. Especially not for the entire duration of the server. Building a secondary hammer just for NPC players is sheer lunacy, a workaround, not a solution. The hideouts just need to disappear - I don't care if it's this version or whether it existed or didn't exist before. It's annoying gameplay and treasures could be implemented to come from another source.

    I'm currently very unhappy with almost all aspects of the game. This will be my last server and version of Travian.

  • Introducing new objectives around the map that gives treasuries so that alliances needs to fight for these would be fun.

    While I agree that maybe robbers hideout need some rework on how they are implemented, I actually like this version, obviously lots of stuff can be changed/improved but overall it's fine.

  • Introducing new objectives around the map that gives treasuries so that alliances needs to fight for these would be fun.

    This idea would be great in my eyes.
    I cant se any problem with it and it would give us more things to do.

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  • I like the idea of Kingdoms being given a new objective for getting treasures but as it stands the hideouts need to remain much the same. With the start of Kingdoms we found a massive reduction in actual play between being able to set farm lists to hit every grey on the map or the fact that often everyone within 50squares is in the same ally/kingdom, we just dont see the need for activity. The robber camp gives enemies to the kingdom within respectable reach and really help to balance out the fact the server is shorter with reduced resource production.

  • The solution to a decrease in gameplay, activity and gameplay quality from all the problems in the game is robber hideouts? Sorry, no. I understand it gives 'enemies to the kingdom' but wouldn't an actual solution be to have players be the enemies again? Then you would again need activity. You could give the extra resources and treasures in another way, there's no need for it to come from attacking robbers. Am well aware the devs don't want you to have fun with other players though.

  • In the eyes of the Devs that is the solution, forces players to either come online or lose troops. In my opinion I think the kingdoms layout makes it very difficult for players to fight players due to the time constrictions it means if you do want to hammer other players for extra resources or fun then Kingdoms makes certain you only bother 1 player a day

  • I thought they just attacked after a while of not being cleared, I have never left long enough to find out myself. And I mean that as it can take half a day to get to your nearest enemy if you want to battle it out you are a lot more time restricted than on the old style where you could have several waring alliances with villages and territories intertwined so your neighbor was not automatically allies