Dynamic Loot Icon

  • I feel like it would be cool to see the bag of loot icon show (accurately) how much of that attack or raid had yielded. Right now there are only 3 images that show:

    1) an empty bag if there were no resources yielded
    2) a half-full bag if there were any resources yielded without being completely 100% full
    3) a full bag if the trip yielded 100% of your troops capacity in resources

    Because it can be misleading to see a half-full bag and then click on the report and see that it only yielded maybe 7 wood/clay/iron/wheat total. I propose that if you yield around 5% of your troops' capacity, the bag should show that 5%, not just a half full bag. Like wise, if you got a 90% capacity raid, it should show a 90% full bag, not just a half full bag again.