Weapon on hero, bonus for units from different villages

  • Hello there,

    Concerning the bonus to unit conferred by a weapon carried by the hero. For example, let's say a Gaul hero has a lance of the phalanx that gives +5 to each phalanx.

    I guess the bonus only applies to the player unit, and that's absolutely normal (OP phalanx otherwise with 20 hero boosting them... could still be funny in some situation :D)

    However, I didn't find any precision about : does the bonus only apply to the unit associated with the same village of the hero, or does it apply to all unit of the player ?

    Typically : I have my hero with my lance and 1000 phalanx on a village. If I send from another village more phalanx in assistance, shall they benefit from the weapon my hero is carrying ?
    Another example is if i assist an ally with phalanx coming from multiples village + my hero, do they all benefit from this bonus or only the phalanx coming from the same village as the hero ?

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  • Mayo, are you sure about that?

    My understanding is that the weapon bonus goes to the hero's strength stat, not each individual unit's stat, and that would make the weapons stackable?

  • Let's take an example, you have an attack incoming in your village, 4 gauls send reinforcements, 2 of them have their heroes holding the weapon that gives the bonus to phalanx, the other two hold the weapon that gives the bonus to druids. In both cases the only the best bonus out of the two weapons will be applied to the troops of each player, i.e. if one is holding a T1 weapon and the other a T2 weapon, the T2 weapon bonus will be applied to him and also to the other guy, but the other bonus won't stack on top of it.

  • Hello Everyone

    Here is some information that might be useful to your debate......


    The items only work when your hero is currently present.
    If the hero leaves the village or dies, the items have no effect. Items that effect the hero or troops only work for either the hero alone or for troops attacking/defending together with the hero. There is an exeption to this rule:
    Weapon boni (e.g. +3 for all clubswingers) affect every unit of this type in the village, the hero is located in, no matter which player or village they belong to.

    You can find more here...



  • Mayo, I sincerely mean it when I say no offence, but every time I ask the question I've got a different answer. I trust you won't be offended if I tell you in still waiting on confirmation from a dev or game designer

  • I think we are misunderstanding each other (my bad probably and I'm awake now which helps).
    Hero weapons have two bonus, the first one is applied to the hero (+1000 strength for the hero for instance).
    The second one where they say +x amount of def and off for each unit I believe it is applied to the single unit. Either way, whether it is applied to the unit or it is add to the hero strength it doesn't change anything globally, the bonus strength given is exactly the same at the end since this effect isn't stackable.
    If it's not what you were asking, sorry for wasting your time :P

  • OK, I was mostly posting off phone so couldn't really explain myself properly either. No argument on the +1000 strength.

    My understanding in T4 was the bonus per troop also boosted the hero's strength stat, and not the troop's own stat. Everyone I've talked to thus far with the exception of you thinks that's how it works on TK. So the 3 per legionnaire for the Tier 1 Sword adds 3 points to the hero's strength stat per legionnaire present in that village if defending, or sent with hero if attacking.

    That makes it stackable in defence - each hero gets the bonus from the weapon he's carrying, for all troops of that type in the village. If you're right and it is a bonus to the troop stat, and it's limited to one item per troop type, being the highest one present, then it's not stackable.

    So there is a significant material difference between your understanding of how the hero weapon bonus applies to mine. If you've previously had a reply from a dev or designer stating that it's implemented and calculated your way, let me know and I'll go searching for the post. If it's based on each of our interpretations of previous versions and what is in the Wiki, I'd really appreciate one of the devs or designers letting us know which is the correct answer (or if it's something entirely different again).

  • Quote

    Weapon boni (e.g. +3 for all clubswingers) affect every unit of this type in the village, the hero is located in, no matter which player or village they belong to.

    I was referring to this basically, if it was staccable in defense it would be really overpowered.
    I believe I ran some simulations a few months ago trying to put two heroes with different weapons bonus and if you remove or not the worst weapon the overall strength of the defense didn't vary, so I assumed it worked like I said before.

  • My understanding (which has seemed to be validated by results over the years) is that if an item gives 1000 strength to the hero and 3+ to a specific troop unit then each of that unit which accompany the hero from the hero's home village gets the +3 bonus in addition to the 1000+ the item gives the hero . Not all of those present.

    In other words, if a hero holds an item giving 1000+ hero bonus and 3+ bonus to Praets, and the player sends 5000 praets in defense of a village with the hero, those 5000 praets are given the bonus - not all praets present and not even all praets the player sent if they did not come from the hero's home village and arrive with the hero.

    Now, if this is not exactly how the item bonus works, then I would also deeply appreciate it if a dev would clarify.

  • So this is the simulation.
    First case: 2 weapons, one T1, one T2

    Total Strength: 948

    Second case: Only 1 weapon (T2)

    Total strength: 948

    Third case: Only 1 weapon (T1)

    Total Strength 946

    The simulator in game is based on how the real battle occurs, hence we can conclude that the 3+*4+ bonus is applied to all units of the same kind and that only the best bonus out of all the weapons for a given unit is applied.
    EDIT: Or rather the bonus is applied to the hero with the weapon apparently and not to the unit (although it doesn't change anything to the overall def strength), the only weird thing is that there is a +10 strength that appears randomly (this bonus doesn't change even if you increase your number of troops or the number of troops of other people).
    My only question is from where this +10 bonus strength appears, I've tried to do the math but it doesn't look like anything related to the hero presence or troops quantity or anything.

  • It shows:
    - Bonus of multiple weapons doesn't stack
    - Bonus of the unit is applied to all unit of the same kind
    - Only the highest bonus out of all weapons affecting a given unit is applied
    - Whether the bonus strength is given to the hero or to the unit, the overall combat strength is the same.
    - There is a discrepancy of +10 bonus strength points that appear from nowhere.

    EDIT: By using a club as off troop and preats as def troops I know that the total strength of the defender is only the infantry def and not the horses def (so 65 strength point for each preatorians)