Changelog - 0.48

  • Interface improvements

    • The start village, target village and troop movement type will now be allocated automatically when you add a new tab in the "Send troops" window, meaning you can more easily send waves of different troop types.
    • The tooltip for the current building level has been improved and made more user friendly. We have simplified the design and highlighted important details allowing you to see key information more quickly.
    • Main villages are now marked with an icon, making them easier to identify.
    • We updated a number of images in order to improve the in-game help.


    • The starter package is bigger: It now includes one more NPC trading item, meaning you’ll get 4 NPC trading items in the starter package.
    • Use of items: A confirmation window already pops up when you use Gold coins to finish something immediately as well as with the NPC trader. There will also now be a confirmation window when card game items are used. Of course, you can turn off these dialogs in your settings.
    • Building queue improvements: The Roman building queue will now automatically move a paid construction forward to its slot even if the other slot is still occupied.

    Bug fixes

    • The achievement “Village on a diet” will now also be granted if it is caused by troop losses.
    • Oases: Players are now able to annex oases within kingdom borders in their embassies even if the oases were liberated by players from other kingdoms.
    • An old rally point graphic was used in the building queue. It has now been replaced with the new one.
    • Farm lists: When there aren’t enough troops available for a farm list raid, this information will now be displayed.
    • If a building gets destroyed while it was still in the construction queue, it will be deleted automatically and the resources will be added to the rubble.
    • Robber camps that attacked sometimes didn’t vanish after they were defeated. This error has been resolved.
    • Independent governors within a kingdom are no longer added to the population total of the respective king.
    • The tax description layout has been changed in some languages so that there is no longer a need to scroll.
    • Several minor bug fixes

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