Some new features for each tribe

  • I Think could be nice to implement new features in order to differentiate tribes.
    This idea start from the historical knowledge, and the obvious fact that travian kingdom is essentially based on dynamics of the actual travian legends, the diffence between them
    require new implementation.


    Romans are a fixed tribe, in game each tribe has his own pro and cons, in reality, romans had only pro and barbarians only disadvantage. However for romans i thought the possibility in relocating troops between his villages; and the share, for each village, of the reasearches, for example, romans has not to research imperian in each village, they need to research him in only one village, the same for smithy, every level-up in smithy, is a level-up in each villages, so a 10 levelled imperian in a village has the same level in all villages of the same owner

    new characteristic of german is the possibility to relocate the village, in order to move near the border of a kingdom, (according to the nomadic life of german tribes during the decline of roman empire), relocating is possible expanding resources( depending to the village population) and require time, works as a settler, but more expansive and lower, the fields of new village are at the first level, the remaining build have the same level of the village before relocation.


    Gauls are described as a defensive population, however in game, especially in an early server and when you are alone, a defensive strategy is a losing strategy. I Think that soldied, often, was also farmer. For gauls i thought
    the possibility to have more production with more defensive troops, for example, 1 phalanx gain 1 of wood, clay and iron, druider gain 2 of the same resources. With this implementation a defensive strategy is more possible and closer to reality.

  • Feedback
    The problem with moving units to other villages and combining them is that it's too easy to make a massive hammer. Especially for farmers who have a lot of resource income they could en up with 1 million imperian hammer and 40k cata's. This is off course rediculous and would mean a complete in balance to the Wonder end game.
    The problem with having the smithy be for all villages is that it's not neccesary at all. Most of the time you have 2 offensive villages and that would mean you dont have to upgrade your imperians in all villages.

    Moving villages sounds cool, but it would be too difficult to balance. If I can move all my villages to the edge of the map and build a nice army. Then in 1 day relocate all villages (together with 20 alliance members) next to another alliance. We could catapult of chief all their villages all of a sudden.
    Maybe change it to : relocate 1 village, but make the speed of relocation very slow. 2 fields/day and you can't use the village while relocating. And also you can't bring the army with it.
    Well then everyone is going to be gaul. 1 wood/clay/iron per phalanx. Here I come unlimited resources! 50k phalanx and 50k income each :D. In every villages. This idea a bit silly.

  • for gauls, yeah, 50K phalanx means 50K production per hour, but i never said that they produce crop, so if you have 50K phalanx, you lose 50K crop per hour. For germans, you can move also chief, but for example on the map appear the slot where the enemies are moving; for romans, the advantage of moving all units in only one village, has de disadvantage of a big crop consume and the advantage/disadvantage of a focus only in enemies around the village with all your troops; the shared smithy i know that is not so important as it seems, but for example you can upgrade in the village where you have more resources when you need to upgrade, for example.

  • Gauls: I will take -200k crop/ hour any time of the day if that means I can also have 200k of every resource. I have managed hammer where I had -250k/hour from just using them. It's a bit managing, but sending merchants is not that difficult :D
    Romans: same crop story. -200k is not so difficult to work against.
    Teutons: I think it's a funny idea, but not the way you describe it.
    Maybe teutons should have a moving village. That is their special village that keeps moving wherever they want it. This village doesn't have any resource income, but you can move it arround and can build baracks and stable in it. But I think no one is waiting for some crazy new features. Most just want the game to stay the same and let the team work on the little bug here and there :D

  • No, no, no.

    Outside of the obvious points made already - combining troops into a super hammer for Romans, popping up villages deep in enemy territory in order to do a hit and run for Teut moving villages.

    Actually, the worst idea of the lot is Gaul. Your suggestion basically ensures that each Gaul troop increases production by three times its crop consumption. I take it you don't NPC much then? Because if they implemented that, not only would I play Gaul, but I'd be running a full hammer out of every single village. And probably be building 24/7 from all five troop buildings in my spawn from not that long after I'd citied it up.

    One of the great strengths in Travian is that it's actually pretty well balanced - especially since they limited the Teut cranny dip to troops with hero only, prior to that, you really had to play Teuts if you wanted to be competitive offensively. Nearly every suggestion I've seen of this type would wreak havoc with the game mechanics and balance. Just don't go there.

  • Maybe all this can be a mod
    for roman sharing troops would be too op
    Teuton relocation would be good if for exemple you have to build setler for all and each building before you move the city/villa so you have to build around 20 setler and the field should be all lowered by 1lvll
    gaul the res per troops would make them to op so i really dont know what they can get

  • Gaul the 1 of each res for every unit is too op cause if you npc you get 2 res per troop each hour
    What can be done is that gaul def troops dont get consumption when they are home and still consume crop outside