What would you like to win on our Facebook #WinonWednesday Specials?

  • What would you like to win on our Facebook #WinonWednesday Specials? 148

    1. 50 Gold (127) 86%
    2. 1 Elephant (16) 11%
    3. 2 Crocodiles (3) 2%
    4. 2 Books of wisdom (2) 1%
    5. 2 Extra adventures (14) 9%
    6. 1 Water bucket (22) 15%
    7. 1 Artwork (11) 7%
    8. 10 Bandages (1) 1%
    9. 1 Resource chest 5% (2) 1%
    10. 5 NPC traders (16) 11%

    Dear players,

    as some of you already know we're handling a weekly event on our Facebook page with different prizes for the winners, usually some Gold coins and other hero items.
    We're doing this for you so now we would like to know: What prize would you like most to win?
    You can select more than one answer in this poll.

    How to participate: You need to have a Facebook account in order to do so. Add a comment to the post with our question or picture quiz within 24 hours and include your avatar name and your game world along with your answer.
    The winners will be drawn randomly from all the participants with the correct answer. If no one has the right answer, all participants will be entered into the draw.

    Kind regards
    Your Travian: Kingdoms team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • 1 elephant? What are you going to do with that?
    10 bandages? come on....

    I really dont understand what people are voting for. It should be 50 gold, because with that you can choose yourself what to do with it.

  • Geordi, looking at the result of the poll it strikes there is a gulf between those that purchase lots of gold and those that don't, none or restricted gold purchasers are pretty much always going to value gold or things that directly or indirectly cost gold, whereas heavy gold users will value other things (an elephant for example).

    In future competitions you might want to offer a choice between two items that will between them appeal to both demographics, or alternate the competitions prizes between demographics.

  • 1 elephant Vs 50 Gold?
    come on...
    it should be something more interesting and creative like, 500 defending rats! :p
    or a few captured Natar pikemen? that would scare anyone scouting you :)