Comx3 :( why have you become like this?

  • A strategist devises plans in order to attain victory. However, what is truly important is one's conduct after that victory.
    With that being said, I would like to thank the alliances HxH and ImbaFighters for secretly teaming up with Vandals in Sandals(VS). Special players to mention:
    (The Pokerface)~IF~RIP
    G"F.Fir3 Shad0w
    ~IF~El Rodriguezo

    (The Simcity Mastermind) VS.Clubz

    Without you guys this server coul'dve been fun but you all chose the liar/deceiver's way. I know it is not prohibited to do so please just use your tactics in every kingdoms round you play. You are mostly appreciated for making the other players game experience super bad by deceving other people just for your own profit. Thank you so much for making comx a frustrating round!

    Shoutout To Alliances
    Bears, STD,LT REMAS, Perion, BOSS, ED and Geek Family
    I hope we all Unite or just deactivate our accounts in comx(boycott it) because we are fighting a 3 big alliance coalition(VS+HxH+~IF~) that has 75% of the area of the map and population also they are fooling most of us.

    I'm not salty or anything
    I'm the top 1 defender overall with 20,000+ killed troops in almost just the 3rd week as a solo kingdom because I don't want to join these simcity invite from Clubz inviting everyone for a big group for more land and power in paper.. and just waiting for a stupid wonder to appear and end the game. Whats the fun in that ? Pawning 25% left of the alliance and having 75% yours? :))

    Though I am happy that there will be changes on this game's gameplay thru the upcoming Test Server Restart.
    I'm Just concerned with the current round of comx3 so much frustration specially to all the alliances including me that was deceived. Guys scouts are a troop in this game don't be a scout yourself by deceiving others, lying just to gain advantage over for winning its just a BROWSER GAME. FFS Don't go low as to commit sins just for this, you're not just making the game bad but also yourself as a person.

    Good Game! :D
    -Millennium Earl

    "You can do a hundreds of good deeds but everyone will remember the 1 mistake you will do."

  • Welcome to COMX3 servers, they all ended like this more or less, huge premade meta who wins even before the WWs appear
    Do not lose hope though! With the new patch in test server things in kingdom will be a lot more different soon! (I hope)

  • I might deactivate in comx and will leave my kingdom 230 areas of governors to anyone there. Its just frustrating to play against 75% area alliance in the end. Just a waste of time trying to have a fair fight people just deceiving others for their advantage. They don't realize that they are having fun while the ones they deceived are not specially the ones who spent money for the game just for some fun and fair play. I hope mods can find a way to this big issue.

    "You can do a hundreds of good deeds but everyone will remember the 1 mistake you will do."

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  • Hello ME nice to see you in here

    well as Mayo said COMx3 always ended like this from 1st round until now
    I am not surprised of your complaining because I had this problem in earlier rounds
    so you can still have fun and fight to the end if your govs is active enough
    META's are easy to farm just farm every where if you can but you can't I guess because Clubz\Reducter\Mean King are doing hilarious job keeping their govs protected that's why people join them at first please I think. so please just have fun man stop this poor game you are playing.
    and Clubz tactics aren't as you said, I am playing with him and he is a good leader (good man too), while you tried to "go low" when you tried to change Clubz govs against him. and btw I have IGMs to prove it. I can put them here if I get your approval. you are trying to play mind games and I think Clubz knew your tactics so you are hating him that much. just be gentle and stop crying.

    kind regards

    Red John
    Customer Service Representative & Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms AE

  • Let clubz tell the story of all his evil schemes to me since day 2 here. Please don't talk as if you knew everything already :)

    "You can do a hundreds of good deeds but everyone will remember the 1 mistake you will do."

  • Good luck and just have fun, maybe you can unite enough players under you to play against Clubz?
    But this is not good politics for you, if you are actually trying to win and unite players.

    One is more trustworthy when he speaks of his problems before his problems speak for him.

  • Hi,

    I'm Daenerys Targaryen from Comx3, Com2 & com3.

    You need to know something ME.

    We are maybe "friendly" with VS but there is a reason.

    You were just in the wrong Alliance, reason for what you are alone now in your alliance, but I am not here for talk about that.

    I just wanted to say to you.

    I'm not even sorry, you need to know. I'm on comx3 only for fun, my serious server is com3 & sometimes Test (When I'm not there for trolling, but that's an other thing hehe).

    I started as a normal governor and I become a Queen rapidly. My kingdom became big rapidly. I had a lot of treasures at the start & troops so that helped me. And now, I am in top 3 top 5 Kingdom of the server and you know what? I did it alone. Without VS or others HxH. It's was all of what i had to say.

    Best Regards,
    Daenerys Targaryen,
    The Mother of Dragons.

  • Man you are only isane and paranoic, nothing else.

    But you are funny, i like you. You should write some book.

    Yea you should also write your own book of deceiving, feel sad for JAHA got beaten by you and clubz ho ho ho

    - - - Updated - - -

    Man you are only isane and paranoic, nothing else.

    But you are funny, i like you. You should write some book.

    ^^ hehehehehe