Hall of fame rankings

  • Hello,

    Would it be possible in the hall of fame to keep track of the off/def/pop rankings of alliances, it's an easy thing to add and it would be much more interesting to see that rather than the current statistics that are saved.

    I just realized it because I was looking in the hall of fame and these infos weren't saved anywhere.


  • I am not against stats or rankings for individual play but I feel there should be more about stats and rankings for teams based on the individuals playing for the team.

    Even smaller alliances have a chance at server wins if they can get all members on the same page and with same goals.

    Since Travian is billed as a team game, it should do more to include team ideas and such back into the game. Right now there is a ton of individual actions that a user can do that really does nothing for the team because it's based for the individual. There are some actions that would work but as it stands right now you can send 1 troop to some one as a defender and complete the daily task for that.

    That's my rant for today.