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    TG should start fully releasing the APP instead of keeping it in Beta for 5 years already, they wanted travian kingdoms to be a mobile game hit because it is a big market. Ironically, the reviews on travian kingdom's app is 2 stars out of 5 stars (android) mainly due to the missing features to make the game playable without needing a browser to play on.

    Reasons to force people to go on browser or quit the game from an Andoid user perspective:

    - Can't click on reports sent through chat.

    - Can't share reports

    - you can't see defending forces in the attacks, you can only see your own losses super annoying if you want to see the full report.


    - Can't send attack waves from mobile.

    - No ingame combat simulator

    - Buggy as hell, so many freezes ingame when using mobile internet instead of Wi-Fi, it seems to have problems with syncing causing you to restart the app (aside of freezes you can get queue problems not showing up or not updating at all when switching villages etc).

    That's what I can tell at the top of my head, I still try to use the app.


    I guess it's time for a new update. This time we have 1013 mapped players a slight decrease of 20 players, because TBF suddenly popped up that has now 32 players. kingdom Friends did lose some players, but most of them joined the G.W kingdom. So below you can see the chart, most big kingdoms lost members as expected there will be always people that rarely or never play till the end of the server or only enjoy the first weeks of the server. Although activity within the kingdom plays also a big role, if there is no action for defenders to do something they'll end up quitting and playing a new server or simply lose interest in the server (can be solved easily by throwing defenders to the frontline and waging war with other kingdoms). Additionally, POWER-ON has lost a lot of their members and will continue to lose members, so this will be their last time to be included in the chart as they don't have the 30 players requirement anymore. Let's see if G.W will keep growing coming weeks, they could end up recruiting Phoenix/TBF that would clean up my chart a bit.

    The pie chart shows that there is only 9% pie/cookie left for the big kingdoms to eat. G.W went from 19% to 23% all other kingdoms had to give in some pie/cookie to G.W.


    Surprise surprise, also added updated the map of com4. I might end making a gif out of it in the future.


    This game is really funny and totally racism.

    Welcome to the world, welcome to COM4.

    Haha more weird people start popping up. Nah my picture was about the white walkers portraying the growing G.W that recently turned the 30-40 player kingdom friends into G.W.

    Btw, I think you know it already but G.W has control of 2 World Wonders and generates 50-100% more treasuries passively and is 2x bigger than the average kingdom. If all the kingdoms around G.W end up doing nothing till WW race starts, then G.W wouldn't even need to build WW and has simply won with victory points.

    Seriously though, G.W is very much ahead and is destroying RnA from the WW area. At the current rate, it is only matter of months before BLACK CA and RnA are completely wiped from the frontline against G.W. I wouldn't be even surprised if G.W ends up taking BLACK CA's WW.

    Hey guys
    we experienced some issues too in the beginning of com3x3 but since then and at the moment everything should be running normally. We are also constantly working on improving the performance so it should definitely be getting better and better with each update. If you still experience disruptions, please send us a ticket via the Help Center including all the details about your connection and if possible a traceroute log to the game world that feels laggy. We'll then forward your case to our tech team for further investigation.

    Best regards

    It's not getting better, I suggest you to play a server and try to do things like sending a raid list which forces you at times wait 5-10 seconds (having problems today again) before the gray button turns into a green button to press raid or things like sending resources in com4. Or press f5, and instead of 2 seconds loading the game you see the bar slowly progressing to 100%


    Not enough content to keep going, other servers were more entertaining

    I think this com3 forum surpassed Com2 round 8 posts which was at 1.1k...

    Seems you guys are getting more and more active in forums and less active ingame?

    The last time I've witnessed BM doing sieges on WW with their WW hammers ended up doing 0 damage against Shrug's WW (like Renuo) COM2 round 8. I think out of shame BM didn't even make a compilation of the damages made with their WW hammers that were sent. But maybe Untold is an easier target for BM to damage their WW, maybe that is the reason why they would do damage with 7 sieges.

    Here I am with a new chart of com4. A lot has changed and we've now 1037 mapped players (slight decrease from 1087) with only 9 kingdoms left that meet the requirement of having more than 30 players. Furthermore, I've kept the level of detail from the previous chart, so you can easily see the changes compared to today and previous chart.

    As you can see below, we have 6 big kingdoms now competing for a win in com4 while having only 7 world wonders in the map. This means that the kingdom that ends up with having 2 world wonders gets a considerable increase of chance to win the server. For example, you could place your WW's at 2nd and 3rd place (33% + 25% = 58%) and still get more VP bonus than the one being at first place (50%) this gives you the option of instead destroying the strongest WW by destroying everyone below you. For now we can enjoy the chart, we'll see what strategies the kingdoms will employ, additionally maybe small kingdoms like Phoenix may end up joining one of the big 6 (most likely to G.W) to shift some power balance within.


    I think jak's point is that Menhir abuse means multiaccounts are created to menhir the cheater at

    1 field range rinse repeat, gaining unfair advantage in the first weeks. There are mentions of farming 800k res in the first week in a couple days abusing this mechanic. It's enough to wipe all the players around you.The problem with menhir abuse, the one benefitting for the menhir abuse for free resources is never getting banned for it. Generally MH in kingdom only bans the accounts that do not play for the benefit of their own, but the joke is that these accounts are only menhir'ed to end up being a gray village for the purpose of an permanent early game boost by making players be weeks ahead of others.

    As you know, we have as less limitations as possible in Travian Kingdoms in order to keep the game open for as many strategies and game styles as possible.

    Eh, you kind of manipulated the motto of travian legends. Keep the game simple to open it for as many strategies and game styles by avoiding limitations. Travian kingdoms has made the game more way more complicated than travian legends, which makes it easier to exploit it. I think you should know this best, I've heard stories of not so long ago that you could steal victory points from governors by putting a spy in someone's else kingdom et cetera for only later to put a limitation that victory points can be only stolen from dukes/kings. The game has already so many limitation put in to prevent exploits/abuse, because kingdoms diverted from simplicity.

    Ah well it's not that menhir is bad, it's just gaining popularity among cheaters/normal players that see the benefits of using menhir to allocate farms in the beginning. Doesn't have to be a multiaccount just a player that isn't planning to play a the server to create an account and menhir immediately and never log in again. It's really getting common to the point that I've even got discord messages to do it for other people (which I didn't end up doing for different reasons).


    I"m just enjoying my com4 server, since travian tournament finals hasn't started (already secured a ticket for finals).

    Response time for servers are very unstable, at times I've to wait 10 seconds to accept 100 silver reward on quest and sometimes it runs 'normal'. Added problems is that it often doesn't load the page full, often icons/stars of avatars don't show up in leaderboard/kingdom.\

    Furthermore when servers are lagging pressing f5 to refresh the page takes ages to load to 100%. This has been happening past 2 weeks, it's getting quite annoying and unreliable gaming experience.

    Got a bit bored and improved the chart a bit. TTT lost a kingdom formerly called /TTT\ and some small changes in other kingdoms. Total mapped players is 1046 slight decrease compared to the previous chart. It results in the following chart.

    It's very simple red=decrease and green=increase in players per kingdom. I hope you guys appreciate the extra detail and I will try to see if I can do this once a week or every 2 weeks. Starting at the end of next week merges will happen with kingdoms, so maybe there will be some big changes in the coming weeks.