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    Personally from an impartial point of view (as i'm 100% not a farmer) I would like it to be impossible to rein a grey players, it just encourages troll players to gain some kind of recognition. I see no skill in this and it leads to a less challenging servers, as players either quit & start another server because of spiking or they stop farming and have weaker armies. spiking affects all players not just big/elite players, it also takes away from the little guys too (who cannot rebuild their troops as easily & usually end up deleting)

    all players should be allowed to farm (or not farm) grey players at their leisure, maybe it could be added into quests to make it clear to new players they are allowed to steal resources from grey villa

    just remove resource production of grey villages until they get active again. Way easier to solve, maybe increase resources from robber hideouts or lower defence.

    1) if you rely on the crop production from your capital to run GS/GB, wouldn't be training troops 24/7 tricky, if your troops eat your crop production from your capital? Meaning you'll have to fix 77k/3.75k= 21 villages?

    That's excluding all the bare necessities you'll need to do during the server, building up res fields, level up troops and buildings et cetera. So basically unless you plan to start making troops very late I can't see people running GB/GS early on without raiding.

    If you raid very well, you can reach new limits, was quite amazing to see big hammers like these in 1x speed Travian Legends (I played in that server, in dutch domain :P), due to their insane raid income.


    1. Because average player doesn't have a good account and therefore needs to compensate it by raiding. Remove greys will give an harder time to new player rather than experienced player who know how to farm active/build self sustainable account. It will only widen the gap between good players and new/average ones.

    Wait what? I thought experienced players widen the gap with new players due to their skill in raiding . New players generally struggle with the concept of raiding. As for me and maybe new players, I found it bullshit to buy plus to have a farmlist bigger than 10, instead of the usual 50-100 gold payment for gold club to have bigger farmlist for the whole server duration. Generally the early raiding is one of the most important things in order to make an army to clear out your area against other players, as for mid/late game you only see experienced players farming up 95% of the resources (I spiked, so I know who farms in com2).

    You don't have to remove greys village, devs can simply turn off resource production if your villages turn grey, since they're basically abandoned. So the player still has time to return to the game, without being deleted from the game immediately. I must say I prefer to raid active players, which is quite discouraging in TK, and in particular I'm in a kingdom who is friends with everyone in my area hahaha.

    This is for players who played legends, and play kingdoms for first time. Still haven't finished one kingdom server, but not sure if I will be motivated to make a list of differences by then.

    Legends to kingdoms “differences” :

    - A kingdom can invite you to relocate your spawn village in their kingdom at no cost except lsot building time but all resources will be put in your hero inventory. So these Menhirs are essentially invites for relocation.

    - After Treasury level 20, more can be built

    - Sending fakes with 20 units is not enough anymore, since players use spy-glass which can increase the amount they can see through Fakes (+5+ 10 + 15, can be upgraded to +5). So send at T1 30 units, T2, 36 units T3, 40-45 units.

    - Destroying all treasury buildings replaces treasuries to the player’s second active treasury.

    - You’ve to send a normal attack with hero to steal treasuries and it will only steal 1/3 of the treasure, if all of the treasury buildings are destroyed it takes all treasuries.

    - You can raid tribute to your king or foreign king if your village is in a kingdom.

    - As king you can collect tributes from your governors

    - Stolen goods gives crop if you do it from a village that is inside the kingdom you’re part of.

    - Horses are buffed, most of them have -50% resource cost reduction.

    - Bonusses of Brewery (20%), hero (20%) and siege (33%) are multiplied against each other instead of stacking. 33% * 20% * 20%= 1.92 offensive bonus.

    - You can’t fake siege with normal attacks, because you’ve raid-normal-siege attack, so playing with your tournament square to hide siege attack is a waste of time.

    - Deleted players don’t leave a natar village

    - Grey villages are people who haven’t logged in for a week, after that it takes 21 to be removed from map.

    - No Tablets to up your loyalty, and max loyalty normal village is 100% and city 200%

    - City takes up a expansion slot to settle a new village

    - Early game it’s probably smart to city up your capital for the 500 cp production per day, after wards you can decide to turn it into a village or keep it.

    - you can make great baracks/stable in capital if it's a city.

    - Oasis are shareable goes from 5%/10% to 25%/50%

    - Embassy level 1 gives free slot to occupy oasis

    - There is no hero mansion, embassy is the new hero mansion.

    - No artefacts

    - Stealing treasuries from kingdom with higher victory points gives 10 to 25 points per stolen treasure.

    - Stealing from governor doesn’t give victory points

    - Map are small, expect max 100x100. Map expands if more player register.

    - WW spawns at day 111 with no need for building plan, but they still need to build great warehouses et cetera. They start with same buildings as in legends. So destroy ww to 1 pop when it spawns.

    - Winner WW takes 50% bonus VP 2nd place 33% and so on. Having multiple WW’s does stack the bonus.

    - Stolen goods turn into treasure for the kingdom.

    - Kingdom with most victory points wins the server

    - Server can take up to 180 days, normally ends around day 150.

    - Since no building plan, WW immediately gives -50% crop consumption.

    - Ingame notifications are horrible, worst thing ever created and there is no solution. Deal with it, it will popup until you open the kingdom chat and read it.

    - Quests are insane, forget your old way of simming 2nd village, do the quests.

    - Demolishing buildings, creates rubble and rubble gives you 1/3 of the invested resources back I believe.

    - If a kingdom is older than 30 days, it can do a union with another kingdom that is older than 30 days and connected. Resulting into doubling the dukes and a king and Vice-king. Al active treasuries will be transferred without taking in account the total amount of treasuries the kingdom has.

    - Robber camps spawn every 3-4 days when server refreshes. They’re like Hideouts, but don’t need hero to be sent as in Hide out to get the stolen goods.

    29 may 2019 added notable difference between legends and kingdoms:

    - Blocking scouts give hero exp and def points

    - sending one scout to see if hero is home is now possible (hero gains exp) and to determine if someone has sent a fake

    - robber camps don't spawn on 4446, so the fewer non 4446 you have as kingdom, the less robber camps spawn. Although there is a maximum how many robber camps can spawn based amount of kingdom members (robber camp mechanics)

    - Blocking scouts doesn't seem to share def points even if the scout are from another player... (have yet to fully test this..., although not a priority).

    - weapon/equipment release dates T2 day 40/speed and T3 day 80/speed

    Increase resource production with 40% (villages) to speed up early-mid game, because to roll out catapults and rams it takes some time for "normal" players often way too late to make mid-game interesting and full of war.

    Although, troops size matters if we're talking about hitting WW, but there is also something called "noobs with a big hammer", there are players who manage to get x amount of troops, but don't know how to properly use them and let them die like a noob. There are certainly some ways to figure out beforehand about how to fake (start using gettertools attack planner/ or excel), have x amount of rams.

    But most of the experience you will get by chiefing/attacking against "good" players, you will learn when and how you underestimated someone and learn to fine tune. Although I consider Travian Kingdoms a bit favouring defenders too much, with their attack alerts (need more fakes), ditch, spy glass (higher fake cost) et cetera. Meanwhile 0 bonus for the attacker basically, because you can't fake with siege or you will need to throw away tons of troops.

    "hero weapons will give double bonus to their atk/def"; "How about create this , aside a hero system?"

    Lol hero weapons for champions? Idk, I don't like your idea unless champions are something more than just a unit.

    Only thing that might sound interesting if you could make divisions in travian that is led by a champions.And every kill the division gets (let's say division size is max 1000 units * speed) it can get additional off/def bonus up to max 25% (Like in the game total war: rome 2), side effect is of divisions they lock up the units, which you can only unlock through dissolving. Furthermore divisions lose troops as normally through % and will have to be refilled and the average experience between the % old units and % new units will decide the new division rank, and can only consist of one unit type (so you can't abuse it by making a small devision squad ranking it up to the max and fill it up to the max).

    And if that isn't enough, you could make generals that can only consist of division. They give bonuses like up to 10% fasterwalking / 10% defense bonus / 10% attack bonus , requirement of a general is that you've to assign at minimum 5 divisions before you can add a general to it, side effect is that you'll always need a minimum of 5 divisions so you pretty much lockup 5 divisions, only way to unlock it is to dissolve the army, and you'll have to assign a new general for your new army, meaning you can't reuse your old general.

    I suppose because T5 kingdoms edition has nothing to do with T4 Legends or T3 classic etc.. kingdoms is almost 99% a new game ;)

    But that wasn't my point, but being able to see your achievements in your past TK servers. I simply showed in my picture how it should look like, what information it should hold.

    Although your statement that T5 kingdoms has nothing to do with T4 and T3 is you very ignorant (after all people are even suggesting to add huns, egyptians from T4 into TK). Kingdoms has almost 99% of T4 and T3 but with new added features and new rules ;), travian kingdoms is just basically a different game mode.

    Where are the medals for veterans/past servers et cetera? Why do you guys split the community between legends and kingdoms, instead of making a bridge for Travian legends players to cross vice versa?

    I'm talking about these kind of medals, that gives information of your past servers.


    Please add below in the PLUS package for sending merchants multiple times, and if PLUS ends you can still buy repetitions like before without needing to have PLUS.


    I would really appreciate if you implement such changes to encourage people to take PLUS isn't a bad thing. Having so many buttons to spend gold on, is really discouraging if you're more familiar with just buying a package to have it all.