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    I wouldn't say it's a witch hunt, more of a call to good sense and sportsmanship. Cutting out the rot in the ranks, if you like. Spikers are just bad losers who rely on actions like this to pretend they had an impact on the real game, to players actually able to compete they will only ever be a nuisance, hence the appeal for a common response.

    If it has no impact on the real game why bother complaining in the forum? I don't deny the impact on the game hence why on request from BM I didn't spike for couple months.

    I guess at some point in the future we will hear some blah blah about how this is his first kingdoms server and he made it to top simmer position and spiked amazing def points for some form of pointless self satisfaction.

    Oh, my spiking past 5 days (since tuesday) has already overshadowed whole server duration.

    1) if you rely on the crop production from your capital to run GS/GB, wouldn't be training troops 24/7 tricky, if your troops eat your crop production from your capital? Meaning you'll have to fix 77k/3.75k= 21 villages?

    That's excluding all the bare necessities you'll need to do during the server, building up res fields, level up troops and buildings et cetera. So basically unless you plan to start making troops very late I can't see people running GB/GS early on without raiding.

    If you raid very well, you can reach new limits, was quite amazing to see big hammers like these in 1x speed Travian Legends (I played in that server, in dutch domain :P), due to their insane raid income.


    1. Because average player doesn't have a good account and therefore needs to compensate it by raiding. Remove greys will give an harder time to new player rather than experienced player who know how to farm active/build self sustainable account. It will only widen the gap between good players and new/average ones.

    Wait what? I thought experienced players widen the gap with new players due to their skill in raiding . New players generally struggle with the concept of raiding. As for me and maybe new players, I found it bullshit to buy plus to have a farmlist bigger than 10, instead of the usual 50-100 gold payment for gold club to have bigger farmlist for the whole server duration. Generally the early raiding is one of the most important things in order to make an army to clear out your area against other players, as for mid/late game you only see experienced players farming up 95% of the resources (I spiked, so I know who farms in com2).

    You don't have to remove greys village, devs can simply turn off resource production if your villages turn grey, since they're basically abandoned. So the player still has time to return to the game, without being deleted from the game immediately. I must say I prefer to raid active players, which is quite discouraging in TK, and in particular I'm in a kingdom who is friends with everyone in my area hahaha.

    lol, except for the best deffers in travian, who gets most targets (not all, but MOST).

    Not sure if you can call them that after this, isn't 280k a bit low for a standing def in a WW, when they decided not to protect their treasury by deactivating them and haven't been attacked whole server compared to BM?


    There is an image in the post above yours, but it's not showing up for me.

    And I don't think you read my comment. let me explain it to you in a way you can understand:

    dEf iS hArD. nO oNe hAs eNoUgH dEf tO dEf aLL tArGetS.

    I understand reading can be hard with BM's extensions in your face

    Mah boy, can't love you enough (no homo).

    I will always try to leave a spot open for you to sign my mousepad ;).

    But oof the report I see above, are you short on def or did the simming this whole server make Shrugs so confident to take a handicap against BM?

    They moved treasury from deactivated treasuries to avoid losing them in case we attacked for real, they just need to get them back. You can try to hunt them although I guess celo village(s) is well deffed

    I wonder what would have happened to Shrugs if BM attacked for real. Would BM be the owner of Shrug's WW?