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    I think that this server ending with the ranking 1/ GBB; 2/ Trinity; 3/ GGG is pretty fair, considering both the whole server evolution and how each of our kingdoms played the WW part. Must admit GBB wins behind a very good strategy around WW, as they really knew how to pick their fights and when and where to use their hammers for the best outcome. I won't comment much on our (Trinity) performance, as I don't want to brag, although we made a few mistakes. I will say that I did take into the account the possibility that GGG will overwhelm us, given they are double in size, yet it wasn't the case. GGG has some good players, and credit goes to them, yet the number of significant hammers I saw is not proportionate... or at least as high as I, for one, expected.

    I'll admit GGG lacked some catas this round (last server we didn't even get a WW so at least we're improving )

    But those lvls we took from you must be missing somewhere ;)

    About the size thing - didn't you get treasures and a WW from TTT? That makes it 130 vs 129 in your favor atm. Not to mention Linden sending all their off on us at the same time you hit our WW :/

    Fair play to GBB though. They fought us all round and still had some spunk left to win.

    Rumor has it we used all our hammers on you guys :(

    I remember you said, You are with DOOMs and You have spy in our kingdom. Well You are following your strategy and We following Ours. Why You leaving Open spot for Enemy to come and destroy your treasury.

    We defended few Rammer/Hammers of Italians and Turks yesterday. (They only got same message "No Information was Collected")

    So instead of bragging about Jumpers, You should fill-out all your borders and play with some Duals.

    That's the fantasy scenario imo. In kingdoms with over 150 members someone is bound to delete without notice or you could have unlucky timing on the removal of grey villages.

    There must be better strategies against it :)

    I think you misunderstood me, your conclusion and implication that it's intentional from TG to get more gold is trash, not the rest of the quote.

    I think it's a double misunderstanding then :) It was meant as a joke and I should have made that clear.

    What is the counterplay? 500k def in every major treasury.

    What does that mean? More gold needed for NPC.

    Hmm, but what does that lead to? Something something more money.

    Imagine a country - let's call it Traviland. Someone in Traviland just found a loophole in the law that makes murder/stealing/arson "legal". He tells all his friends about it and they begin their "crime spree".

    How do you think the lawmakers in Traviland react? Personally I don't think they would go "Hey guys, that's fine for now" and then point to a public meeting where ONE official is present to note down the citizens' concerns. Furthermore some of the culprits are also present and all they do is laugh and brag about all the "raping" they did :)

    But Nephew, TK and their rules can't be compared to countries/laws.

    How about if a Travian employee finds a workaround in the company rules that allows him to harass his coworkers? Or if he finds some way of making money from players on the side without clashing with said rules. Would management do something about it themselves or call for a half-assed powwow without any solution in the near future?

    But as it's currently accepted and used, I'm really curious about how you're supposed to play against this menhir "feature". I don't think permanently stacking all your treasuries with enough def to withstand the surprise "raping" (as someone would call it) is a viable solution.