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    I personally like the idea of increasing the storage as an additional option after 100. It is not too strong, but some nice quality of life.

    Maybe even some small quest rewards like a few ressources or an adventure point could be nice, say every 10 levels after 100 or so.

    An additional Hero after level 100 would be quite a big change and very strong for offensive players (def-heroes often dont reach high levels as fast). I would like that aswell, but i think it is quite hard to balance. It opens up more possibilities for the late game, where multiple hammers for bigger players is not unusual.

    Hello everyone, hello Travian Team

    there is something that bothers me quite often and could be fixed rather easily.

    I often wonder, when exactly my hero returns or i want to interrupt a wrong attack and then i have to scroll through 100-300 pages of attacks / reinforcements. That happens when you are farming a lot, but since not all troops return with ressources or some attacks have catapult targets etc. the page numbers in the bottom jump up and down and prevent me from going through fast.

    If the page numbers would be moved to the top of that panel, i could just rush through to the correct page.

    Maybe there is some workaround that i dont know of, but if not, i would appreciate this little adjustment :)

    Greetings, Lord Thunder

    The thing is, we are a team of about 80 well experienced players. Even if all other players of that server unite against us, they still won't stand a chance. We want to have good fights and decent opponents. Yes, winning and breaking some troop records could be fun, but that is absolutely not what we are looking for. Also, a likely outcome would be that most of the other players just get inactive after being farmed for 3-4 weeks.

    This looks to me like a strategy that demotivates new players and thus kills off the normal speed community.

    If we knew about that huge gap a few weeks before COM3 ended, we could have planned to start on COM5 - but we didnt.

    I do have experience in project management and i have a lot of experience with numbers (german engineer). Your strategy of forcing many of your core customers into speed worlds is risky and has led to a rather big backlash in the forums. Even in posts that are supposed to be positive (giving gold to the community for creating a fun story) is overwhelmed by negativity.

    A good response would be to change the time schedule like it was suggested multiple times (replacing 1 speed server in early october with a normal COM-World or switching the late october world with an early speed world). And i think it is still not too late for that.

    I got more active in the forums recently and i only see negativity towards the travian staff. It makes even me unhappy to see the tone of voice directed to you guys, but slowly, that frustration that i often see in posts directed at i.e. Georgi is getting to me aswell.

    I think, that this is a great chance for you to listen to the people and make them happy. Imagine having an optimistic community. I want things to be nice, all of us do, and you can do it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Lord Thunder

    Me and a bunch of other people are waiting for a new COM-world... we did not start COM5 as a team because COM3 was not over yet -.-

    Now my whole team is waiting for the end of october :(

    Hello everyone!

    I personally would really love new civs in the game (in example huns and egyptians, like in Travian Legends).

    I saw a thread from 2017 about this topic and wanted to hear what the community thinks about the idea of new civs in Travian Kingdoms. Would you like that? Maybe something will happen if enough people ask for it.

    (And please not not only say that there is no hope for anything new, lets be optimistic! :thumbsup:)

    Best Regards,

    Lord Thunder

    Thanks for the answers! I am going to research a little about the Secret Societies.

    To me, it always looked quite unclear who sent how much where and so on. Either you explain it to me here or i have to read ^^

    Have nice gaming rounds everyone!

    and troops.

    It is impossible to track yourself who is providing troops and who is feeding them.

    If people provide troops and no crop then they are there to take from everyone else.

    Since spies are a thing in many kingdoms, i think that everyone being able to see the troops in the wonder could be a bit risky. Maybe they could add the option for kings / queens to allow a player to see the troops if they trust them :)

    Hello everyone!

    Currently, only the top 3 contributors in the WW are shown.

    I think it would be nice to expand the list of the ressource contributors in the WWs to at least the top 25 players (if not just the whole kingdom). This could motivate more players to contribute and it can help the leadership to coordinate building.

    Please also consider separating contributed ressources and contributed crops / wheat.


    Lord Thunder

    It is not nice to be called a cheater and a noob when making a suggestion.

    So there are more people against being able to support each other than i thought. Is anyone of you a developer? I would like to hear their opinion on this.

    Keep it friendly :)

    What do you need a higher restriction for? Especially late game you can support other players with ease by feeding their troops in your capital for instance.

    Also, it's not very intransparent, if the logs from the past 72 hours show, that you sent more than X resources more than vice versa, you can't send anymore. X depends on your hourly production and your connection type (same kingdom / same ip / sitting / same pc / no connection).

    I am, for example, a duke and a sitter of the king. Often, i cannot send her ressources before she sent me something. We could trade our standing defenses so we can feed each others troops, but that would keep us from being able to support our governors when they get attacked (at least, it would make everything more complicated).

    I also convinced multiple family members to play this game and everyone has logged in from every pc we have by now. We hit these limits all the time; if we knew that we should never switch PCs or log in from another PC of a person we visit because that lowers the amount of ressources we can exchange, we would not have shared our PCs.

    Another thing: I originally wanted to play a ressource-support-player. This type of player cannot exist at all - i think a ressource-pusher could be a legit strategy for attackers who would get support for their troops.

    Thank you for your answer though, Be2-e4 :)

    I agree!

    In the beginning of a world it is perfectly reasonable to disable the push of singular players, but after like 30 days, the restrictments are too tigh in my opinion. I would appreciate a widening of the ressource-sending restrictments in general, by a huge lot (for example 300%).


    Lord Thunder (COM3)