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    Lots of good points here, but I will pick and choose a couple to make comment on.

    Point 2. Why are fields destroyed in the first place? Doesn't make sense to me. I agree to remove this and therefore have no need to refund resources. Solves that problem.

    Point 4. Cooldown on menhiring is a good idea. Maybe 12h below 200 pop, 3 days over 200 pop. I have still seen people try to menhir hop to an enemy WW and wait out the 12h. Make it a one way trip if you can't stop it.

    Point 5. Agreed. If you've been playing for a month you've probably settled down with your current kingdom. Why haven't you got your 2nd village already?
    "Maybe their allies are unhappy and are cat-ing them?"
    I suggest paying attention to allies attacking allies and investigate in certain situations. Surely you are collecting statistics that would make this analysis relatively easy?

    An additional thought by me for menhirs is that you cannot menhir if the troops numbers in your village are greater than 5k cc.

    Additionally you can menhir with your troops elsewhere, they just cannot be in transit.

    You cannot recall your troops within that 12h period that you cannot send. You cannot also recieve or send resources.
    E.g. you are a player that somehow has a 20k army and one village and you want to leave your current kingdom. You can reinforce the treasury of your new kingdom (however many hours walk that is). THEN you can menhir. Then after 12h you can recall your troops.
    This could eliminate people menhiring beside WWs to attack them as they need to store their army in someone else's village first. Then menhir, wait 12h (in which the other kingdom can demolish the village), then recall their army which potentially needs to walk 6h, starving the whole way. Also demolish their TS for them. Enforce tired troops so travel times are extended for 2 days after as well?

    1. The farmers have turned against us. They are at the gates! What should we do?!
    2. If we use our siege we can fend them off without any risk

    3. We should engage in bloody combat!

    4. Maybe they are upset that we keep raising the tributes. Perhaps-

    5. The tributes are fine...Siege sounds like a good idea.

    I have been having this issue to varying degrees.

    It seems random as I'll be updating farm lists and then suddenly nothing is loading or takes 10s+. This can remain for an extended period or be very brief.

    Sometimes closing my browser and opening it again fixes it, but generally not.

    lua Great investigation, we have busted the myth that Teuton catapults are ineffective. Just be honest and say you hate the 6 crop upkeep :)

    It's a myth perpetuated by those that believe the Brewery is the best thing of being Teuton. :P
    It's a big advantage, but if you have lots of Teutons you might need to make some of them build catas.

    I think it's important to make people aware of how others may cheat so we as players can also do things to prevent it.
    I don't really understand the full scope of this and all the information accessible to the cheater. But it looks like a simple workaround (until it is fixed) is to ALWAYS put a legitimate catapult target, even on fakes.

    I'm also very interested in knowing what the Teahouse is.

    I'd like the app to run and display properly first.
    It is quite annoying when you go to make troops and you select TT (for example) and then it reorders the troops and it displays TTs to be built but I've actually just queued 400 scouts...thanks...

    App can take over a minute to load, or update, refresh. Windows close constantly on their own (I assume because it hasn't finished loading).

    They literally just needed to make the web app a phone app. But the two are so far apart it's incredible.

    I think that if you

    I haven't tryed it but I think you could setup a secret society with the aim of protecting the village (WW). That should show you the amount of troops reinforcing, the amount of troop lost in defence. This way you could also see the total amount of resources sent by players, but i don't know if it counts only resources sent to exactly that village or also other villages of the same player.

    As each SS you can choose not to show reinforcing troops and other stuff!

    You can do that, see all troops currently donated, troops lost and resources donated.

    But I was continuing the idea of the OP of separating crop and other res to also include total troop numbers with that. That way we have a full analysis of our most generous and our most selfish :P

    and troops.

    It is impossible to track yourself who is providing troops and who is feeding them.

    If people provide troops and no crop then they are there to take from everyone else.

    I think it would be greatly beneficial to the playerbase if you could trial a weekend server start.
    Planning would need to be made with employees for who is up for some weekend work, who can be on call, etc.

    But if people are on a salary rather than an hourly rate they are probably not interested in working weekends though because there's not much to be gained lol

    Overtime pay gets everyone fighting over weekends ;)

    I agree being able to give permission to multiple people would be a good change. Also for one person to be able to make multiple SS's isn't a bad thing.

    Sharing troops numbers ONLY to the SS creator is once-sided. It wasn't created for kingdoms to use as their primary means of organisation (at least to my knowledge) but for other groups to share information

    The fact that everyone acknowledges that SS's are the best way to organise and share information is really a compliment to the designer. I think it should remain that everyone sees everyone's troops/crop, or no one. "But spies?!?!?!" Spies are a part of this game whether I like it or not. And it is not up to the developers to give us every tool to remove them completely. We need to be smart enough to weed them out, or careful enough to only share crucial information with those we truly trust.

    As a defender I want to know the crop and troops of all villages under attack. This is important information. But to give it all to me with no effort removes the need for any communication (other than making a def call). Some things need to be a mystery or left to trust.

    Hey Renuo, thanks for joining in. It seems to me that the majority wish that it's gone from the map as well so we need something else in it's place to serve as a visual indicator on the map. Any ideas?

    Kind regards

    I black and white checkered line around the area's border. It will look gross but should stand out against any and all map markers that are placed.
    Alternatively the only person that NEEDS to see the area is the king (or vice-king if he can also menhir). I'd even recommend you remove markers for everyone except this most important individual.

    People may complain and be confused. But most people listen readily to advice given and they can always turn the mist back on to see the zone. Though for these people the mist serves no functional purpose as they can't menhir themselves.

    I think it's a really good and interesting idea. But a lot more thought needs to go into it to make it a viable part of Travian.
    E.g. everyone clusters their capitals amongst 50% crop oases. Everyone is competing for best oasis bonus, but you have no way to say "this person deserves/needs it more because they have a greater potential to utilise the crop bonus". Other than the king/dukes demanding certain players be favouritised.

    As such I would suggest some predictable method of limiting which/how many villages can be slowly "terraformed".
    Cost is an obstacle, but it can't be so great that only extreme farmers will be able to afford it. Then multiaccounts will just operate differently to create easy farms for themselves (or sharing res around) to create the strongest croppers.

    Perhaps a limit on how many croppers can be within proximity of oases and/or the WW. However I am less concerned about croppers crowding the WW as there are few oases around it so it's less efficient.

    I don't actually like my suggestion...not sure how to work it out.

    Maybe the stronger the crop bonus of a region the fewer croppers you can have in it? If your neighbour gets a 15c first, then you have to settle for a 14c :(
    This reduces competition in the same kingdom. But creates competition amongst enemies through battle! Knock out one of their fields and it will revert and now you need to quickly convert yours.

    You could also just make it so only certain tiles can be terraformed. But if someone takes it and doesn't make a capital then another nearby might become a "terraformable" tile to prevent multis stopping others getting croppers.

    Depends how you play. As offensive you want to focus on Theutates Thunders (I'm pretty sure). They are the FASTEST unit in the game and are extremely good at raiding. At least initially. You will also need swordsman for helping to clear camps and for big attacks.
    Later on you'll want to replace TTs with haeduans as they have better damage for their build time. But they are MUCH more expensive. Depends if you have resource problems, or crop problems. But that is later.

    I assume you have a 9c as your second village. This is actually where you want to build your army. All resources go to your 9c. If you want to get some extra res there you can demolish your residence in village 1 and send it to your 9c.

    9c is everything! Build TTs there and start raiding. Build swords for raiding nearby inactives.
    If you are using gold make sure to use farm lists and focus on crop in your 9c. You can NPC from crop into other res and will help you build quicker. If you don't use gold then build all your resources together. Make sure you form good relationships with nearby defensive players and exchange sitter privileges. If you are under attack you want to send yourself defence or they help your troops dodge. :)

    Also...if your 9c is far from your spawn village it is generally best to demolish it so you can settle a new village closer to where you are

    You should join GGG, we love having new players and helping them out and getting into the game! :D

    And when you are big and strong you can join BM :)
    We miss you on COM2 <3
    Especially Jethro. He doesn't stop talking about how great BM is XD

    The question you have is a hard one to answer though. I like defensive Gaul and this is a very rough guide to my 2nd village start.

    I always start with a cranny 10 because I don't want to split my defence and definitely don't want to encourage farmers. lol

    Main building to 6, 2 levels of granary and warehouse, then start upgrading fields.

    Up until level 8 fields it's easy as Gaul to have enough crannies to cover your growth. I start off safe that way.

    Main building 10 lets you demolish buildings. So you don't need to worry about running out of space. By then you will have enough phalanx and druids to hurt anyone that tries to farm you ;)

    Village one should be your focus on troops (depending on your plans, everything is flexible). I only do res in 2nd village until it's finished.

    A big part of Travian is culture points and settling.

    Resource buildings give very poor culture points. For this reason you WANT to make military buildings in EVERY village. ESPECIALLY if you are a defensive player. You lose your army, you can rebuild it in a week by making it in ALL your villages.

    Smithy, Barracks, Stable to level 14/16 (make troops reasonably fast, nicely upgraded).
    Academy 15

    Marketplace 20, Trade Office 10
    Town Hall 5-10 (here you will also run celebrations as often as you can for more CP)

    Main building 18-20

    This will get you very close to 500CP/day in a village and close to 700 pop. Just perfect for making a city when you need to :)
    If you need CP quick make crannies (they are good CP for cost), Academy (just really good CP generation) or main building (also good CP, especially for cost). And parties of course :D

    Hey everyone,

    thank you for sharing your thoughts, there are definitely a lot of interesting suggestions!
    Would it be possible for you to provide it with some more insights on some topics? I'll then forward them too to the game center for consideration :

    • Is there a difference for you when switching to a standard round, speed round or night truce round?
    • Do you wish for a specific duration game world where the one with the most VP/territory wins or something else?
    • What would be an appropriate time frame in your opinion and wouldn’t it steal some fun and suspense from the late game?

    The hospital is currently not being considered because as Neoflex pointed out the bandages serve the same purpose in TK

    Best regards


    1. I have played nothing other than standard round. I need time to respond to things lol
    2. Move the focus onto VP and away from WW. Treasures and treasuries create interesting playstyles. I think part of removing WW is where you spawn is no longer absolutely horrible. Kingdoms will probably still form at the edges, but many will also choose to take a decent cropper nearby and build around that.
    3. As Cerebore stated before, average server length seems to be around 130 days (taking his word for it, I haven't counted lol). I, and most people, have had nothing to do with the WW other than store defence in it for half price lol. I have seen some exciting plays come out of kingdoms in regards to WW. But I think they could pull the same stuff off without the WW.

    Ideas are hard. I would just like to see a reduced focus on WW. Winning without a WW is not only theoretically possible, but completely likely.