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    It has already cost many players their early game. They are under attack and cannot call for defense in game. Their start is ruined.

    We are fortunate to have discord to communicate.

    They wrote here that it is impossible for a kingdom of 100+ people to defend itself due to the lack of a chat. It's funny.

    You're funny. I think he's actually advocating for the others who don't have what his kingdom has.

    It's inconvenient to play, I don't argue, but arguments from the category "There is no way to request a deff, so the entire initial stage of the game is lost for us" ... If the problem for you is not to die in 1 week of the game, when the protection of newcomers is still in effect, then perhaps you really should leave and play something like Tetris. Although you can lose there too...

    Don't forget that your opponent has the same problems.

    And all communication is usually carried out in third-party programs - like discord. The problem of this server in the initial stages is not as bad as some whine here. Inconvenient - yes, but no more.

    Not every kingdom is a huge organized meta with discord and other organization tools outside of the game :) While you profit from the server issues by communicating through other channels, the players/kingdoms without them are left defenseless and alone.

    If players are forced to use other methods to communicate and organize their troops then it is the game which has failed at properly providing this service.

    All players and kingdoms, big or small, should be given a fair chance to compete using what the game SHOULD be providing.

    Regarding Com1 and Com2, it is the first thing I hear regarding issues with them right now... I will look into it, but I have not received any other complaint about that.

    I guess we know now that CM and CSR don't communicate at all since I have personally made reports to CSR about those issues, as have many of my kingdom mates from those servers. Why not? CM and CSR both deal with player issues, you guys should be working closely to solve problems together or at the very least to exchange information and feedback from players.

    Let me bring an example from com1: there were some issues with multi-account and menhir abuse (as usual) but instead of the usual subtle approach in past servers, this time it was a very obvious display of abuse from week 1 day 1. The players brought this to your attention in the forums, trying to ask for some information and transparency from the staff as to why this is allowed, and all you had to say was to report this to the "very capable CSR". What makes you think we haven't already done so? The abusing accounts were banned, and then unbanned, but the damage was already done and the advantage was already gained. The punishment dealt out was not sufficient in removing this advantage at all, which is why the forum post was made with the intention of bringing it to your attention and hopefully having you escalate the issue to a higher level member of the travian team. Instead what we got was this condescending bs as if we don't already know how to report someone:

    I am sorry to say that right now you are not fulfilling your role as a CM, you are merely a staff member who happens to chat with players on the forums.

    Harsher punishments like do not let them choose what acc they want to keep and just delete them all

    This. You can make any number of rules, people will still find a way to cheat or exploit the system as that is the greatest advantage they can gain. If there were any proper punishments in place we wouldn't have to discuss this issue at all.

    Stop trying to apply your false dichotomy here. Asking for a fair playing ground by properly implementing rules and regulations does not mean applying handicaps to lower the difference between active and inactive players.

    Ok, what exactly did the players violate?
    Have you built more troops than your opponents?
    Did you use stones within the rules of the game?
    What specific violations.

    The burden of proof is not on us, since we have no way to 100% know the exact violations you made. All we can do is to make use of our knowledge and experience within the game to point out when something suspicious or out of the norm is happening, as it is now, and them point the GMs in the direction that we think they should investigate. That we (the players) even need to do this is laughable, in all honesty. It shows that the GMs are ill-equipped or inexperienced in doing their jobs.

    You were banned, and then unbanned with the 25% penalty - that is evidence enough to us that the GMs found you breaking the rules. Funny enough, you are surrounded by several other feeder accounts from "The BOYS" that are also banned. Coincidence? You tell me :)

    The fact that you and your friends can continue to parade your arrogance despite your obvious rule-breaking is an utter display of failure by the community managers and developers.

    What we can see is that:

    1. You can blatantly exploit multis and res pushing to get 30 days of growth within 10 days

    2. Get banned for 1-2 days (only if you get reported, most of the time the mh doesn't even spot them)
    3. Say sorry and take the shitty punishment (-10%? lol ok)

    4. Continue playing with that huge advantage afterwards

    It's the same thing every server. A one/two week ban is much more effective at negating any advantage gained, and is a better deterrent to prevent any rule breaking in the first place.