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    That 100 player stuff is pretty nice to get noticed 8)
    Because Rebel, WSTGrd, CZSK and Misits (and Unit) are the battle royals teams who promissed to not have more than 100 player :saint: (i guess it can go over it with like 1-2 if some future dual didnt deleted yet).
    There is no action yet around the Rebel area (my team), only one of our too agressive player got bodied by missfits deff line X/:D
    The otherside already had some conflict, but nothing big between the big teams yet. Its still the build up phase. :sleeping:

    Lol how does his ass taste? 😂

    Hello, i dont know who is him :P
    But yeah, i never had 700k pratorians XD i first need to play a roman com server for that :D
    (I never played roman deff in com servers)

    I am happy to play against legendary Dino, who managed to build 700k Pretorians.

    It looks to me, there will have to be a few alliances to fight strongest kindoms.

    P.S. This server will make Trav admins rich!

    But i will happily play against you, and i hope i will learn your ingame name soon :) Good luck in the fields

    We agreed with other teams to dont have more member than 100. We keep that law. I keep all names in excel to dont go over it.
    You should look in the other half of the servr if you want to se something big :D

    But the "1. Make the game more competitive!" point is fine tbh. We could add leaderboards to the lobby, like the ingame ones, and titls what can be put in player/kingdom profile ingame, like "you shall not pass" achievment, what only 1 team can hold (or give ranks, like gold silver ect.), and man they killed the most enemy attacker. And players/teams lost the achievements if they dont play for 1 year, or when somebody broke their record. Ect.

    This is a game, they cant really give anything what worth your time, but they can make thee times more memorable.

    1. So now you play 6 months for 25-50-100-200 gold, congratulations, you got the worlds worst paying job.

    2. YES everybody who is good attack target :D you can put the cost to 50gold/8 hour in each day, still would every top treasury holder buy it.

    3. Or you need to find out where they come, like when they attack your kingdom who have 300 villagee, you never succeed with defense? than i am sorry for you.. Or if you mean resources, 5 4-4-4-6 is much better than 1 15c :D

    Scale armors, because i like to put all my points in resource or % bonus, so my hero always one step away from death. And i just buy this item, and i can use it for anything, adventure? damage reduction, battle? damage reduction (more than chainmail armors, so my hero dies later if they come with several waves) just chilling? hp regen.

    But nobody can be a real gaul deff player if he didnt say the strongest item in the game, Lanche of the Phalanx (and the other phalanx items). 8)

    And Rebels will be there too

    XD Can you tell me which team you will be in? Just for personal stuff :D But fine, thee server will who which teeam how good anyway, but we first need a server to settle this down :) So good luck and hope for a good server for the team :*
    (tbh that was a nice poke :D )

    Yes, please give us a comx1 server. If we jump with 320-400 good player to a national server, they cant do anything, and we also cant farm, with 1/10 of the usual grey number. I understand to its easier to tell us to go there, but even one server like this can damage hard both the local servers of that country (they lost a entire server, what was their own, but they now need to face one of the best teams around the world, and i am pretty sure some of us will jump on the "easy" (eeasier than the other selected 80 player kingdom) prey), and us to ( most of our off players strategy need farming, whats th point of spend a lot of gold and tryhard for big armies, when you cant feed them, because the server just too small?) , so it would be a lose-lose situation.

    Do you know to there is already one official and one unofficial travian kingdoms discord server? and unlimited team discord servers, so i think one more server dont achieve anything :D

    Here we go again. Com4 server (151 day long), most deff point: 1 518 073

    With losing 729,690 troops defending Ourself and one of our allies.

    Feeding my own deff in the ww. And also with a little bit of ww attack.

    (In the GT you can see one big up and down jump in the middle, that was when we opened the GT rank list, and we wrote fault numbers in it)



    That was just a example... but anyway, thats all energy what i had for this thread, i will focus the others for creating a kingdom organisation for our own team, hope you can find some fun in this game when you decide to start your ideas out for real, and i hope everybody think for themself, not just follow guides without thinking

    Thank you for your understanding, have a nice day, but as others suggested, play some server before trying to make this guides, trust me this game have a lot of small thing, what you cant predict without playing it. Like do you know how many times robber spawn/ week, how the game calculate the defense for robbers, the ress in robbers, how much crop you should get for the stolen goods, how much ress you should get from stoolen goods, how many times robbers wait till they attack you, and how many till they attack again, what happens with robber attacks if the hideout is destroyed with them on the way, how trapper work with robbers, or where can camps spawn ect., this is only questions about the robbers, and the robbers one of the most basic stuff for govs... You would never know this things without playing this game long enough, so try it out, and post your guides when you can back it up with plaayed succesful games and with math.

    I wish the best for that :saint: