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    Do you know to there is already one official and one unofficial travian kingdoms discord server? and unlimited team discord servers, so i think one more server dont achieve anything :D

    Here we go again. Com4 server (151 day long), most deff point: 1 518 073

    With losing 729,690 troops defending Ourself and one of our allies.

    Feeding my own deff in the ww. And also with a little bit of ww attack.

    (In the GT you can see one big up and down jump in the middle, that was when we opened the GT rank list, and we wrote fault numbers in it)



    Travian Kingdoms Wiki is outdated with lot of false information, also yes you are right about the first thing, but i didnt saw you chaging your strategy because players who played this game said its not good, so than you need to try it out, because you already have your idea, and got your asnwers from others

    That was just a example... but anyway, thats all energy what i had for this thread, i will focus the others for creating a kingdom organisation for our own team, hope you can find some fun in this game when you decide to start your ideas out for real, and i hope everybody think for themself, not just follow guides without thinking

    Thank you for your understanding, have a nice day, but as others suggested, play some server before trying to make this guides, trust me this game have a lot of small thing, what you cant predict without playing it. Like do you know how many times robber spawn/ week, how the game calculate the defense for robbers, the ress in robbers, how much crop you should get for the stolen goods, how much ress you should get from stoolen goods, how many times robbers wait till they attack you, and how many till they attack again, what happens with robber attacks if the hideout is destroyed with them on the way, how trapper work with robbers, or where can camps spawn ect., this is only questions about the robbers, and the robbers one of the most basic stuff for govs... You would never know this things without playing this game long enough, so try it out, and post your guides when you can back it up with plaayed succesful games and with math.

    I wish the best for that :saint:

    Yeah, thats one way to process it. Denial.

    But like women make up "for themselves" you wont believe this yourself, but do it to be accepted.

    Maybe i should recalculate your position as a Duke in my Kingdom. I dont think you are fit for that position as Dukes need to have real Strength of Character. You can be a Governor instead. But only if you promise to play it nice. You may pick your preferred role: ATTACK, DEFENSE or SUPPORT.

    Lol hell no, i cant play with this strong guys like you, i am a deff guy for my team, like i was long before, i dont need duke role, i made my record army as gov anyway :)

    Well, i cant say anything to this, you are by far the best travian player ever lived, even someone who hold deff records cant even hope to take you down in 1v1, what will happen with travian if their will be a full team like you... auch... the game will die out because you just dominate all the server.

    Glad to i will not see you overtake my records, because you will have nobody to kill after the 1. months because you kill everybody till that.

    Well, this is a team game, a king without govs dosent make any sense, and i will not play in that server probably, just suggested to you could try out your ideas with real teams.

    Also you just really said to i couldnt take you in a 1v1 dual? Are you serious? You should check who you are talking to before talking about someone individually weak,... I didnt wanted to bait you, i wanted you to give you a chance to show us to maybe we are wrong. Did i said to you are wrong? Did i said to you dont know anything about the game yet? Did i said to you are weak? No, but you said to me the last one, what proof would be enough for you to apologize for it? Are you just going to write a guide in forum, and when somebody come to ask you to show him ingame, because maybe i can learn something if you are right, than attacking him, without knowing anything about him. :|

    Individually weak lol, thats something what nobody said to me like never in travian, so i hope you will come and tell me why i am weak :rolleyes: if you didnt know anything about me

    Hey Istonius i have a deal for you, we make a communal server in november, with limited player number/kingdom and with several server winners kingdoms, you should wait till that server, and join and show us how well your ideas hold on against one of the best strategy teams, it shouldnt be a problem, am i right? you have 2 month to collect a team for yourself and show us how things should be run. If you succed, every pro team who played there will learn from you, and you can post your guide with pride in forum. Or you can lose and realise to your ideas are not the best, i hope you are okay with this, you know, you have a idea, and you have a chance to try it out, if you didnt try it out, than even probably you dont believe in it, so why should us? :) I say this as one of the strategic organizer of the kingdom who came up with the idea. So see you there if you believe in your idea ;) Also, bring a team with you if you can, to make it more easier for you 8)
    And if you are afraid, to you dont get challenge just keep in mind to this are kingdoms who already prove to can be the best, so for sure can be a nice enemies for your Championship team

    Gaul governor

    Dino ( Vaterland in other name)

    Peak at Day 139

    Highest Crop Consumption: 631 626 , all lvl20 armor + (50 druids what dont have armor)

    Number of Phalanxs: 330669

    Highest number of haeduans: 100319

    This time, no feeding help from others to achieve this size.

    The over 2,2k sg stack and hidden barrack-stable idea from Klopp helped a lot.
    The deff lose day ww support:

    And 25 lvl20 stable with 25 lvl20 barrack , all with lvl 20 units 8)

    But i want to thank you for the full leadership, for let me do what i wanted to do :saint:


    I am a little afraid about the hideout provocation, because some times (true story) already hammer players ask deff players, to help them to defend against their robbers, so they dont have problems with robbers. Or if you dont upkeep a robber clear army, how will you hit camps? But you can do something you attack the full robber, or the full robber attack you, but the robbers only fight with your own troops, reinforcements from other players will be ignored. And honestly i want to delete robber camps, because they are allways just make problems between the players, so more hideout or stronger hideouts with more reward , but if the camps stay, still good thing if you can fight with hideout in def battles. So the idea is not bad, just need to close the loopholes ;) So for example if you trap robbers, if you let them go, they will join the next robber hideout army :D but to be fair, i think trapper is not near the same lvl in lategame as the two other special buildings, and as a top player, you dont want trappers in your main village, so i think its okay if trappers can fight against robbers. :saint:

    I said your srategy is better, i train around 750k+ deff to (natars+deffs ect. kill some) but i focused more the infra and less the production, so i make 24 village account, with 17 lvl 15c and reserves stolen goods ect. so you start train so much ealier, i train so much faster, your strategy better to the kingdom ( because you can help the deff before the ww-s come, i have only around 50k deff before the 107. day when i start the full time production), my better to my crop consumption. But we make standing deffs (where the treasury holder feed the deff, because we have 400k+ treasures in the end, so we can do this) , and i make big trades ( i mean not 1:1 , so for example i give 200clay and get 250k iron, because i use gold its dosent matter too much, and other players not, so they get the res what hthey want ( but they write to me, or wrie in public, i dont write players about this, because as i think 1:1 trade the most fair 8) )and some player send more (some time lot of )crop to the ww-s to help me to feed my troops, I think if nobody help , i cant training all my stable. But its not hurt anyone game (because the top1 hammer , top3 roman hammer, top1 farmer ect. was the person who send more). But it was a really hard job to feed them, so i dont know when i will play this hard again :D So your 3 player account style also better, because one player not tired as much :) I plan to make more deff, and if im right i could have been 50-60k more deff if i work harder, but i farm less and trade less in the summer ( summer is not the best play time), so i dont have enought res to make more stable, and some times some of my barrack are empty , because i use all my res to feed the troops^^ And this style also not perfect, so if somebody calculated enought much , play with 1-2 dual or/and sitter its too hard to have better deff, so im curious :S But at least i can prove to if you are the top1 pop its dosent mean you dont have army 8o If anybody have questions or ect. you can write me in private, but i dont want to speak too much here, because i want see more good picture and less speak about my:saint: So have a nice game all, and make more big deff to show ; not only the hammer size can be amazing ;)