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    New Civs would definetly give this game some fresh air and break up the meta!!!

    i really support the idea of making additions or at least some changes to the game!!!

    What do you need a higher restriction for? Especially late game you can support other players with ease by feeding their troops in your capital for instance.

    Also, it's not very intransparent, if the logs from the past 72 hours show, that you sent more than X resources more than vice versa, you can't send anymore. X depends on your hourly production and your connection type (same kingdom / same ip / sitting / same pc / no connection).

    Where did you get that information?

    Why restrict me from sending my surplus ressources to my allies?

    have other players units at my villages would in the event of an attack somewhere else require them to draw the troops back and deploy them again. This process is very time consuming and hinders you from succesfully defending your Kingdom. I´m not only talking about crops though. I´d like to t´send the other ressources to my allies too so they can build new villages faster or accumulate larger armies. this isn´t possible if they have to supply me with a roughly equal amount of ressources.

    Best regards BearSkull

    Dear Travian Developers,

    Many Players, including me, feel that the restrictments on how much of any given ressource can be send to another Player before he has to send something back are too low and intransparent.

    Specially in the later gamestages huge amounts of ressources, bigger than the restrictments allow, have to be send in order to properly play and enjoy Travian.

    We ask to increase the limitations on ressource sending.

    Best regards BearSkull (COM3)