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    here are the other 2 tribes. first persians. under the persians stands the Byzantium tribe


    as tribe they are between greek and roman

    as defensive units in barracks

    persian spearmen (dont have to be reseached in first village) use 1 grain

    as attacking units in barracks

    lancefighter (when baracks are 3 and academy is 5)(use 1 grain)

    swordscarrier (when academy is 5 and baracks are 5) (use 1 grain)

    in stable

    persian horse (when stable is 5 and academy 10) (use 2 grain)

    in workshop

    catapult (when workshop is 1 and academy 15 ) (use 5 grain)

    battle ram (when workshop is 10 and academy 15) (use 3 grain)

    persian war elephant (when workshop is 20 and academy 15) (use 6 grain)

    in residence

    settler (when residence is 10) (use 1 grain)

    persian interpreter (when palace or residence is 10 and academy 20) (use 4 grain)


    persian runner (train in stable) when stable is 5 and academy 5 (use 2 grain)

    special building

    statue of cyrus the great(bonus on defensepoints) only aviable whit city

    they have a attacking strenght like roman, as defense they are like gauls.


    defensive units in barracks

    Byzantium speartrooper (dont have to be researced in first village) (use 1 grain)

    in stable

    varangian guard (when stable is 10 and academy 10) (use 2 grain)

    attacking units in barracks

    Byzantium axemen (when academy is 1 and baracks 5)( use 1 grain)

    Byzantium swordsman (when academy is 5 and barracks 5) (use 1 grain)

    in stable

    cataphrats (heavy calvery) (when stable is 10 and academy 20) (use 3 grain)

    in workshop

    fire trower (when workshop is 10 and academy 15) (use 6 grain)

    ram (when academy is 10 and workshop 1) (use 4 grain)

    in residence

    settler (when residence is 10) (use 1 grain)

    flavius belisarius ( chief) (when academy is 20 and palace is 15 (residence 20)) (use 4 grain)


    Byzantium watchmen (train in stable) (when academy is 5 and stable 5) ( use 2 grain)

    special building

    town festival (give your village more Culturepoints) (little festival when its level 1) (a great festival can be done when its level 10) (only aviable whit city)

    the byzantines lay between Gauls and Teutons.

    there attacking strenght is between teuton and defense they are like roman.

    here it is

    for example greeks

    they sit as tribe between roman and teuton

    as defensive units: in baracks

    greek defender (dont have to research them, like palanx and clubswinger in first village) use 1 grain

    in stable

    greek knight ( when stable is 10 and academy 10) use 2 grain

    as attacking units in baracks

    hoplite (train in baracks) use 1 grain

    greek warrior (can be trained in baracks when academy is level 5) use 1 grain

    in stable

    fight cart (when academy is 15 and stable 15) its a attacking wagen like romans had. use 2 grain

    greek scout

    greek spy (train in stable like equitis legati) use 2 grain

    in workshop

    elephant ram (workshop level 1 academy 15) use 3 grain

    stone trower (its a cata) can be trained when workshop is 10 and academy 15 use 3 grain


    they can be trained when residense is 10 use 1 grain

    undergod (can be trained when academy is 20 and residence or palace 10 use 4 grain

    special building

    greek temple you can offer here to ZEUS (more attacking strengt because zeus like you) Can only be builded whit city

    all attacking and defensive points lay between a roman and a teuton

    in strenght they are like a mix of gaul and teuton, in defense they lay like a roman

    its a tribe for a little adavanced players wo wanted to KILL enemys.

    a new tribe would be good, but only when its balanced whit the other 3 tribes. i personnaly thougt as new tribe greeks and byzantijn (Byzantium was the enemy of persia) , persia (was the enemy of greek) (greeks are the enemy of romans)

    just a few ideas

    hope one of them will come in

    when there attacking you you are not online enghoug, when they are killing a little troops doesnt matter but you are Always stronger than them. they are getting stronger when you are training more troops and build higher level of your buildings

    as i know

    you can get an achievement by `` play 100 days on the no-bread game worlds ''

    now my question was

    are those play worlds still there?and if so, when will one of those game worlds come?

    of is a test server also a no-bread gameworld?