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    I've only reported in kingdoms maybe 3-4 times, but out of those I have never once received a message from a real person regarding my report. Only the automated message that says they're looking into it, then the ticket gets closed without the admin ever commenting or replying about it. Whether legends now uses the same system or not is not really relevant to my suggestion that there should be some sort of feedback received after the report is handled

    For clarity, I'm not suggesting that they tell you exactly how they punished the account or did not punish them, but even something simply & private like in games such as Overwatch or League of Legends where you get a feedback message simply saying that a player you reported was punished. Doesn't need to have actual details about the punishment or what specifically was done to that player's account.

    My suggestion is about something that bothers me a lot since I've switched over from T4 (Travian Legends) to Kingdoms. In T4, when you wanted to send reports or needed to speak to an admin, you could message the "multihunter" & they would actually respond to your message & give feedback about your report & what happened with it. On kingdoms, when you report a player or send anything to support team, most of the time they just close your ticket without ever responding to you, regardless of what action they take about your report. It's pretty frustrating to get your ticket closed without any response other than the bot message saying they are looking into it before boom! ticket closed. Whether they ban the person you reported, or don't ban, it would still be good to get some sort of feedback from support team so that we know we are being listened to.