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    the function of the dual. the arena has nothing to do with it. the attacks were sent by two people from the same village from different accounts. one from his own, the second from the dual. balauseri, in short, not an Empire. disgrace.

    функция дуала. арена здесь не при чём. атаки отправляли два человека с одной деревни с разных аккаунтов. один со своего, второй с дуала. багаюзеры, короче, а не империя. позорище.

    Wait, in case if it works - it would explain the x2 or x3 amount of the waves (depends on the q-ty of people, but it is 2 or 3). But it is should be 2 waves for such a distance. OK, multiply it for 2 or 3 - so it becomes 4 or 6, not 8. It doesn't explain anything.

    They write to you 10 times what is the distance between the villages. When using the arena, you can lay waves in a larger amount per second

    Dude, i wrote time of the attack in the first message 4h46min. Last topic with menhir abuse you were smart enough to switch on the mathimatics. You can switch on maths here as well and to calculate what is the distance and does the arena influence the attack timing.

    I can tell you a couple of ways how to lay the waves per second. Without objective information, it is impossible to understand the distance between the village, nor what types of troops are going

    Haha, lol. Dude I don't need your genious ways how to do it (or do you think you are smart enough - to make the waves in one sec with different kind of troops? wow so genious idea, sure nobody thought about it before to write this topic).

    All the waves were with catapults. Btw: answer from tech support - that they don't know the reason

    I just wright it for people to know, that we have one team, who uses all the bugs/abuses/hacks and etc. they know, but nobody from server management care about it. There is a strict rule in the game: Errors in the game may not be used to an avatar’s benefit or to impair other accounts. Abuse of any error is punishable. Players who encounter game errors have to report them immediately to our support.

    But somehow some players are not punishable and do not report immediately to support about the abuse they know

    Hi all again. Here is the description of new bug/abuse. The amount of waves in the 1 second is limited by the game. According to wiki it is < 3h: 1 wave; 3-6h: 2 waves; 6-12h: 3 waves; > 12h: 4 waves.

    According to the attached screenshots it is 8 waves, the distance between 2 villagies is 4h46min, so it should be 2 waves

    One more important point here - this bug/abuse is used by the same team, that used menhir abuse. And it doesn't look like a coincidence...

    I think it's better to make

    1. To limit the amount of relocations to 2-3

    2. The relocation could be done for example in 2-3 days after the player started the game

    3. The relocation is impossible after let say 200-300 units were built

    4. Vacation mode should be switched off during first 2-3 weeks

    5. Vacation mode should be fixed for sure, if the player is on vacation, he shouldn't have so much possibilities and actions, as he/she has right now. My thoughts is that the player only should have the possbility to trade/trade routes and use npc to feed the army if needed.

    Currently few people want to prove that this unbalance (and it doesn't matter how it is received at all) - is normal. In case if the game developers/server holders are ok with it - nobody wants to convince them to the another opinion - it's their right. But they should understand how it would influence on the community and amount of players.

    I suppose it's clear for everybody. And silence from the developer's/sever holder's side - is the agreement that this situation is normal.

    There was no insults in this topic at all. And even more - nobody wanted to talk to you. Dude, all you can do - is to continue the use of this abuse. Bye!

    So here are the few facts, confirmed by screenshots. Sure no names, because admins clear the names always

    1. 5-6th day of the server - 970 population in 15 crop village, w/o tributes/push/farm

    2. 14th day of the server Troops of the other 2 accounts with 1 village w/o farm for sure, and no/or little tributes

    3. 17th day of the server troops of the another 4th account with 1 village w/o farm for sure, and no/or little tributes

    These 3 guys have one single village and teleports to any spot of the map by menhir from their main team.

    So it's just to think, does anybody want to play in such a broken game, where admins do not want to resolve the problem. I completely understand that these 4 accs have spent more gold than our whole kingdom. The question is that, are these guys going to play to each other when no normal teams left. I suppose the answer is clear.

    Other normal players should ask themselves 2 questions: 1. Does it have sense to play such a game in the future with the developers who cannot resolve the issue in a timely manner. 2. Does it have sense to spend money for such a game? As for me, both answers are - NO.:thumbdown:

    Thanks for attention. Crying smile would fit here nicely :D

    already done, thanks

    sure, but it's 100% with rules violation, doesn't matter what was the exact rule

    Dude i don't have the access to this bug user account to get screenshots with 100% proof. So please don't write senseless sentences.

    Man, if you do not understand / do not know the whole mechanics of the game, you should not immediately accuse of fraud.

    Savvy and mathematics work wonders.

    Lol man, the player was banned. So it was the abuse, but not all the accounts were banned who used the same way. Anyway I don't want to argue with u or any other. It's the message to the travian gmbh about the way they lose money and respect.


    I previously wrote a ticket to the support related to a player, who already after the 1 week of the server game had 960 population in the 15 crop village which is simply impossible - he was not in top farm, didn't have a lot of tribute and etc.

    All I saw was that he teleports the players to his kingdom somehow (with menhir mechanics) and the player gets the second village with 0 population. After few minutes, the player dissapears and have only 1 village with normal population.

    He was bunned for a while, and unbanned after that, i suppose with the penalties.

    Also on that territory were 2 players, who most probably used the same bug, or received resourses (farm, trading or etc.) exactly as the first one.

    After that they were "menhired' to the main territory of a kingdom and punched our treasury. They had a huge troops for this game period, and also they 1. Didn't have a lot of tribute or hadn't at all 2. Were not in top farmers, i.e. to get such a big army was simply impossible - you can calculate all the reuquired resoures for this purpose.

    Currently it's hard to see any reason to compete vs players who use the broken mechanics of the game. Because also nobody could guarantee that these are the only accounts, that used the abuse.

    Please fix and also punish the bug users. Thanks in advance!:S

    Btw this topic is more to attract attention of the Travian Gmbh team, because nobody wants to play game with such bugs, i.e Travian Gmbh is going to lose money without fixing it.