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    yeah that's why we fought for years for changes to punishments, to finally get them & then want them reversing (not) :S

    I'm happy on the direction we're headed & plenty of other players are happy to see harsher punishments being announced too, maybe it's time to embrace change in your "cuckoo world" too rather than expecting a game to change to tolerate abuse.

    sorry, but i just don't beleive in wonders :)

    Lol. If you allow 2:1 npc trade for free, that will mean that

    1. Travian team will lose money

    2. There will be more multies for sure, because multies will feed allied troops for free, just doing free npc )

    Oh sorry, you play x1 mainly. Then it could be.

    On higher speed rounds its totally different.

    Yes. If you go to he topic, the link i've sent above - you will see my discussion about travian gameplay nowdays. For Sure x1 and x3 are the different games. The WW hammer playstyle fits to x3 servers, but doesn't fit at all to x1, that's why the game should be changed.

    Looks like you also dont understand why players use multies if i see your post.

    If you really think 'nobody wants to use multies'.... lol. Pretty sure somebody who writes a "Guide on how to use multies" that is 13 pages intents to use them xD

    Dude, i'm pretty sure that you don't understand anything in the game.

    Yes, idiots that use 10-20 multies exist, but these idiots don't influence the game, they have just 24 free hours in the day and gaming is the only thing they do.

    I talk about main part of multie users. They use these multies just to solve one and the only issue - feeding the troops

    OK you don't use, and get less troops. But the enemies continue using multies - and you lose. That's the point.

    It's the childish dream where everyone is fair. Real life, and travian as well, is not like that.

    Guys, you are dreamers like the little kids.

    First of all, you need to understand why players use multies.

    There are 2 purposes - 1. Feed big hammers 2. Spies

    2nd could be solved by ingame methods - just don't take onboard stupid 1-2-3-4 villages meat players.

    But the 1st, could not be solved by the ingame methods. The main power in travian game - are the big hammers that consume a lot of wheat. Nobody want to use multies, but the game mechanics make players to use them. See my thread here Travian gameplay in 2022

    There is two ways to solve it:

    1. Allow usage of 1-2 multies

    2. Reduce troop wheat consumption 3-4 times.

    BTW everyone is enjoyed by the new buliding - healing tent. What will it bring to the game? More troops for sure. More troops - more multies. So, enjoy this :D

    spitfire I would say this, if you don't know then keep doing what you do you're obviously doing it right ;)

    I like that it isn't advertised, as it doesn't give the abusers anything to help them work around the new rules.

    I think, that you didn't catch what i mean. If you don't know what is the punishment and the statistics - you can't check if it became better or worse. If you can't check - you can't control.

    It could be said that the punishment became more strict in order to return more players back, but nothing would be done in real.

    Be prepared for a lot of downvotes, but I totally agree.

    I really like your idea about this! Nothing against farming, because it's a true art if players manage to steal resources from another. But sending out 1000 waves every 10 minutes to inactive farms isn't part of that.

    You can also just have animals come back into the village :D

    Farming of grey villagies will not be fixed or changed for sure, because it is the source of money for the developers (it is possible only with travian plus). Be realistic.

    Thank you spitfire I actually like your petition, make Kingdoms smaller so there is more competition.

    The issue here is, how do you think we can do that?

    We are always searching for ways to do so but it is not an easy thing to do.

    I think first of all we need to point out 3 main issues:

    1st issue: Multies. Regarding multies in game - it's very hard to do anything. And big offers mainly use them. If someone - Katana or other start telling that 200k crop consumption army is possible to train and feed on a single account - it's a bullshit. Here is the rough estimation: a 10 villagies account produce around 100k resourses which are enough for troops training with big barracks and stable, but not feeding them(let's say 1 village gives 6k resourses, 1 capital gives 40k resourses, 1 city gives 10k resourses). The troops consume 200k so it's additional 2 accounts with 10 villagies - or it is equal 33 million res farming, that is simply impossible without using bots and multies for farming. Travian is about mathimatics, not magic. For sure, multies could be different - some make them for farming, some for feeding there troops, some make them as an additional defence account.

    If someone starts telling (for example Katana) - that it's is a teamplay and the troops are feeded by 2-3 def accounts and other blablabal - it's a lie again, nobody will play 5 months in order to be a crop source for the big offer. I saw this teamplaying for 5 servers - the only teamplay that main part of players could do - to unite in a big kingdom and doing nothing.

    As for me - solving is the to permit 2 multie accounts. More accounts - is ban and deleting of all the multie user accounts (and deleting of the main acc as well and gold). Allowing 2 multie accs you also solve 1 additional issue. The multie player approximately 3 times stronger than a fair player, and it's not hard to handle 2 more accs. But if 2 multies are allowed, in order to be 3 times stronger than the fair player - you should handle 8 additional multies and it will be too difficult and time demanding. Maybe this multies could have a cut version -for example 2 times slower troops training or smth.

    2nd issue: Big kingdoms - Limiting 50 accounts and allowing 1-2 multies - you eliminate the issues with the unlimit growing of the 1 kingdom in quantity.

    3rd issue: Very boring game between 80-140 days. Maybe it's better to speed up WW building, or to add also on the 80th day - some artifacts as from original travian, for example speeding troops trainig, or smth - there will be additional stimule to attack each other and to cupture the artifact. BUT for sure it should be done in complex together with 2nd issue - because if not - the bigger kingdom anyway will get more artifacts

    Also i see 1 mechanics that could be added - Add something for troops killing - something like tropheys. In case you attack and kill some troops - you receive additional resourse per head. Same for attackers and defenders, depending on that who won the battle.

    I have one more proposal, i think the idea is fine and will make travian more interesting. It's related to the conquering villagies . The conquered village will be cut, i.e gives something like 50% of resourse, 100% of grain and with the troops training limitation, but it will be possible to get 2-3 times more villagies (i mean to reduce culture points requirement for the conquered villagies). The defenite numbers of %- it's the point for discussion. In this case there always will be wars to get more villagies in order to feed troops or something.

    At last, COM1 server is at its end.

    What can I say here about this server and travian game as a whole? If you don’t have time to read it completely – you can skip to the 2 final paragraphs.

    We had 2 teams to fight for the 1st place. Our team НЕРВЫ (mainly Russian and Ukrainian, but we also have very good players from the other parts of the world) and Atlantis (mainly Polish). Our team had a lot of operations against our enemies, almost all of them were successful (thanks for our leader – Fishman and others who helped him to make such good plans). We captured the Atlantis’s WW, we captured WW of another smaller kingdom at the end server, we zeroed a lot of capitals, we zeroed the capitals of the dukes, who were training hammers that just have been disappeared. We had 1st place for the def and off and victory points for the whole server, and around 130 accounts in total.

    Our enemies – Atlantis played weak, had failed almost all the operations. There was only one success – zeroed 2 capitals of the players, who already didn’t play, and destroyed few buildings in some more villages. Taking into account this, they were always close in the total amount of treasures and victory points. Why?

    Just because they received gifts from the other kingdoms that were smashed by our team (that kingdoms did anything just not to give the treasures to the Russian team), they received the WW as a gift and united with that kingdom, who gave him this gift. So as again – almost the whole server played vs our team. They had around 180 accounts and couldn’t do anything because of lack of the organization and primitive operations. This server they had only around 50% accounts more. It was very similar like 1 or 2 servers before - COM3 from November 2020 where we were 4 times smaller than the enemies, and lost just because it’s impossible to train more troops, and COM3 from October 2019 where we were 3.5 times smaller and the Polish team (I Love PL) here received 2WWs as the gift).

    According to this, you can see there is the only, and the stupidest strategy that is rewarded by the game balance – to unite the whole server vs one team (In case if this is a RU team, almost always this union is based on the hatred to Russians, because they all are cheaters, and are the bad people as a whole, and other shit, well, you know better than meJ ) and to win it just because of the game limitations. Common guys, you can unite all the players into the one single kingdom in this game, and everyone will win and will be happy as well as the travian team receiving money for gold purchasing. I don’t understand why nobody did it yet. If you think that I’m wrong – check out the statistics of the finished servers, almost everywhere the 1st kingdom is 1.5-2-3 times bigger than the 2nd. Our server is the rare exception.

    And this is the real issue the Travian team and the community facing now, should discuss and solve. Game became absolutely silly – just get more accounts and win by the quantity, organization doesn’t matter. There shouldn’t be the situation when the weak team, failing everywhere, or doing nothing continue having chances to win. Does any good player want to spend time and play such kind of game? I think not. For sure the situation with the victory points calculation and WW multiplier doesn’t give any chance to the small teams and eliminate any strategy. Maybe it’s time to come back to the roots where the winner was the kingdom who built 100lvl WW first. Maybe some more mechanics or so on, the change should be more radical because currently the game became absolutely dry. For sure such gameplay that we have now fits more to the speed servers that last 1-2 months, where you could play as a vegetable on the garden-bed, training troops for the one single attack of the WW, but for the 1x speed server it doesn’t fit at all. I understand that until the game brings money for the developers the concept wouldn’t be changed significantly.

    We have the phrase that currently describes the situation in travian game – кадило крутится – лавеха мутится (you can try to translate it in google) ^^ .

    Good luck for all, wish you the peaceful skies over the heads!

    Бонус должен быть больше, хотя б 50%, а не 10%. Т.к. бонус 10% никак не остановит объединение после 111 дня основных королевств с мусором и мультами, которые соединяются только для одной цели - чтобы количеством задавить.

    I think it's better to make

    1. To limit the amount of relocations to 2-3

    2. The relocation could be done for example in 2-3 days after the player started the game

    3. The relocation is impossible after let say 200-300 units were built

    4. Vacation mode should be switched off during first 2-3 weeks

    5. Vacation mode should be fixed for sure, if the player is on vacation, he shouldn't have so much possibilities and actions, as he/she has right now. My thoughts is that the player only should have the possbility to trade/trade routes and use npc to feed the army if needed.