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    Thank you very much, interesting concept, I am not saying it is not true, just that it made me think about it in a different way th0mm since I always have considered use of bots worst than multiaccounting.

    I guess I have been wrong all this time, your comment makes a lot of sense... or may be it is just the type of bot makes a difference on thinking what is worst.

    In any case, we have to prosecute all of them effectively, and I assure you that it is issue one right now for me.

    after all this years of community telling you guys, you are just now seing it?

    Doing any change to game play has to be considered very carefully before implementing anything.

    And the reason for the test server is?

    come on, its a test server! be more 'Crasy' and agressive in the changes u make. test servers are for testing after all.

    Cant u guys just do regular test servers whit ideas the community gives?

    like the one whit Hun and Egyptian race, do it at test server, collect data, balance. repeat until ready for non test servers.

    Those two races are already in legends, cant u guys just use their files for the races whit some tweeks to fit more into kingdoms?

    and do some crasy servers please! whit diffrent ideas and goals. maybe they should be 5x servers? ;D

    would be cool if Natars could be a an hord on a server. like 14 days before WW spawn Natars settle villages around WW and start attacking villages inside the mist. would be cool if those villages if they did not get destroyed, would start attacking WW holding kingdoms tressuries or villages ect.

    Might this be a way to introduce Hun and egyptian? make them suddenly spawn, like day 30 (3x speed server) and build their own kingdom, and start attacking surrounding kingdoms,

    maybe Egyptian and Natars are mortal enemies? Natars rush to deffend their WW spawns while Egyptians spawns on the outside of the map looking to conquere them as well?