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    The fog slows down the loading area around the WW, makes things look less clear and is annoying. Besides from that it marks the area where you can settle new village, but you can't menhir anyone inside the fog/mist area. There was some sort of def bonus for villages under the mist, but I think it's long gone now. Or maybe it was on some special event server or sth, can't remember.

    Is my prestige rank enough? Everybody can't play during work to get good start/cropper and I'd prefer weekend starts too

    Me too. But when server crashes it would stay down until monday. OP for some reason suggested that I am new to this game, because I don't understand his complaints about how not being able to be online in the exact moment the server starts makes him lose in the "critical" hours of the server, and he has literally rank 0, that's why I wanted to point that out. And Mayo summarised the entire thing very well.

    Did you open this thread to tell devs how to get more players or to complain on how it is difficult for you to start new server in the middle of the work week. Because I am sure that you mentioned croppers rush for no reason at all :)

    And BTW, you have a really nice prestige rank there. You are so experienced that you have to start a server on the weekend to have a successful round. lol

    Yeah, and more than half of the people who have to get these precious croppers ASAP end up inactive or delete because rushing for croppers make them go out of BP with 5 troops. Because I am almost certain OP's post is about croppers right? World map will almost always expand after some time and it will reveal new croppers for people to settle. Starting servers on weekends wouldn't bring more players and wouldn't bring more gold for the company. It's not a weekend long game, it's a few months of 24/7 round.

    Have you switched a capital to your new village? Building a palace doesn't automatically make that village a capital. Also, sometimes after switching capital to a different village you will get next 2 robber hideouts spawn around the area where your previous capital was located, it should get fixed on it's own and robbers should spawn near your current capital next time.


    Can't queue up buildings if you don't have resources even when you have Plus and empty slots active

    Please try to tap and HOLD your finger on the building you want to add to the queue. A pop up menu appears and you can add a building to the queue without the necessary resources. It also opens a menu for automatic NPC ress exchange etc.

    Talk to your friends and perhaps create your own kingdom or join one together. You could for example have a designated roles (defender, rammer etc.) In travian kingdoms teuton is still good for smash-get killed-train again-smash because of cheap units and fast training time. However I enjoy playing what I call "Gaul Robber", which is Gaul who trains off and uses it to clear farms, secure your neighbourhood and later I can focus more on offensive or defensive type of gameplay. For me Gaul's versatility is something that gives me both defensive and offensive capabilities. I don't really know much about Romans to be honest. Gauls also have very fast cavalry and tomorrow a special birthday bash server with x3 speed starts :D


    1. If you have already built some ress fields in that village you want to demolish, you have to use catapults to destroy everything. When the population of the village goes to zero and main building gets destroyed the village dissapears and you get your expansion slot back.

    2. If you haven't built any ress fields in that village, you can just demolish everything in that village using demolish function of the main building lvl 10 and get expansion slot back.

    Oh, and remember that you cannot destroy your capital this way. If that's the capital village you want to destroy, you have to move your capital to another village first using the palace building.