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    There are 12 hours cooldown on attacking someone after menhiring.
    It's a problem on only 1 specific instance right now because of what happened on COM1. It is a very unlikely situation that wouldn't happen elsewhere. And regardless, it will probably won't happen again. We have to watch the bigger picture on this feature.

    The problem regarding resources piles given back is major. A spawn account who spams fields and quests can easily reach 300/400k resources in spent in fields and they get those back when menhiring. Which opens for insane raiding opportunities for absolutely free. This is something anyone can do and that has a much wider impact on the current gameplay.

    Regarding the rest, I think menhirs should be allowed until the account is in Beginners Protection, which would force people to take a decision on their gameplay on the server.

    This is not just a COM1 issue.This will now be repeated everywhere. Because the mechanism is already worked out.

    You offer a lot of opportunities))) Transfer within two days after registration and once. And on vacation, everything just freezes. There were 1000 grain, let so much remain until the end of the holiday. No assumptions in the form of trade, supply of resources and NPC.

    This is the best option. Naturally, the village should be transferred without oases.

    It is also good to fix the vacation mode. It is not acceptable to keep the ability to get resources from other players and build buildings and resource fields while on vacation. It is also unacceptable to speed up the production of resources and the construction of troops. Vacation is a personal problem for the player. It is enough that the player cannot be attacked during the vacation.