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    Thanks for the replies , appreciate it .

    One more question

    If i leave great granny and great warehouse at lvl 1 in my Capital ,and move the artifact to different village or give it to someone else . Will i be still able to upgrade them to lvl 20 without the artifact ?

    Hi there,

    Haven't played travian over 10 years, and now there are new things introduced as hero items.

    1 ) which boots are better doing long distance with catapults :

    Small Spurs or Boots of the Mercenary .

    As i don't have any of them at the minute , don't want to be wasting gold/silver on certain item which isn't the best for my account.

    2) There use to be that WW villages spawn later in the game , but now it seems that they are introduced straight away from day 1 . So it means i could conquere the WW village really early and build it up ,before the building plans are released ?

    Thank you everyone in advance for the replies.