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    I've put treasury buildings in queue, however the morning i woke up; i saw there was no building order in queue...

    all the resources and time has gone for nothing.

    Is there anyone who's experienced such thing?

    I would like the admins investigate the issue.

    Account Name: Avlac
    Server: COM3

    Awaiting your kind and swift reply.

    Kind Regards,


    we also can't play the card game on app. Auction house is unpleasing -the least to say-

    @BridgetB has already explained some techncal details regarding this isuue... we all want to play card games, however for some technical inabilities, it will not be possible for us to play card games on mobile version. it's not that travian team didnt want to spend resource on this but much more techniciality of mobile apps.

    There are several ingame problems most of the users are still facing.
    let me list of them:
    - attack reports cannot be seen in mobile version
    pls see the link: Screenshot by Lightshot
    - we cannot scroll down and tap on upgarde button once we would like to upgrade a building or ress feild more than once
    - not always but sometimes, we cannot tap and guarentee the ressource for the qued feilds.. its being untappable...

    Awaiting your further fixes regarding above mentioned problems

    @LoveGood sen kimsin ki senin arkandan konuşacakmışım pek anlayamadım...
    Adını bile daha yeni görüyorum, herkes kendini bir şey sanar olmuş :/
    Benimle aynı oyun dünyasında oynayan biri de çıkıp desin ki şöyle kötü sözleri hareketleri var, o zaman hak vereyim dediklerine...