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    Hi All,

    I know this may have been touched on before but could we not have a way to track troop numbers, my ideas was a couple of new quests.

    Quest 1- I'm A Warrior Not Simmer

    Lvl 1 - Kill 50 troops in battle

    Lvl 2 - Kill 200 troops in battle

    Lvl 3 - Kill 500 troops in battle

    Lvl 4 - Kill 1000 troops in battle

    And so on...

    (For Def players)

    Quest 2- The Last Stand

    Lvl 1 - Successfully defend an attack of 50 troops

    Lvl 2 - Successfully defend an attack of 200 troops

    Lvl 3 - Successfully defend an attack of 500 troops

    Lvl 4 - Successfully defend an attack of 1000 troops

    And so on...

    Quest 3- Fail To Prepare Then Be Prepared To Fail

    Defeat a larger force either defending or attacking due to having higher researched unit.

    I.E- 1000 LVL 20 Teutonic Knights vs 3000 LVL 2 Spearfighters

    The final one is a continuation of an existing quest.

    After the train 100,000 troops quest:

    Train 500,000 troops

    Train 1,000,000 troops

    Just so we can keep track across a server.

    I'm not a computer programmer but these don't seem like they would be too difficult to implement and would be fun and engaging for people to track there numbers.

    Thanks for listening


    I see some valid points regarding banning the IP that i hadn't thought about.

    But a permanent ban for the account should be instant and any account associated with it

    One thing that is a glaring issue that I've noticed on servers. A player can multi an entire Kingdom. When they are caught - the side accounts are all banned - but the main account, the one with the treasury and the one that has received the most benefit remains untouched.

    This is an issue that arises again and again, which is why all accounts should be banned permanently.

    If people wanted to not ban first time caught, i personally don't understand it but an alternative could be, however many days you were caught using multi accounts you are delayed from starting a new server by that many days.

    2nd time has to = Instant & Permanent ban

    Hi all,

    I know this might sound fairly obvious but why is multis such an issue?

    Surely it should be simple, if you are proved to be a multi, your IP address is banned... FOR LIFE.

    There should be no place for cheaters in this game.

    There are plenty of teams, Osef, BM, WST to name just a few that are able to play competitive servers without having multi accounts.

    Anyone caught playing Multi accounts should be banned for life... period.

    Is that so hard to implement Georgi Unknown


    the furious king-angryordered him to pour all the resources into rebuilding the economy, but as the robbers saw the village being rebuilt with no defensegaul-yikesthey marched on the newly rebuilt village much to the villagers dismayteuton-facepalm

    is this is travians strategy to move to speed servers only?

    Unfortunately this seems to be the way its going, quicker for them to churn out ,more NPCing so more gold spent.

    So now as sad as is it if this is the path they are going down it looks like it might be time to look for a new game to spend my money on.

    BridgetB  Georgi Seeing as the majority of the Travian players don't want to wait until the end October to start a regular speed .Com game world...

    If this post can get 100+ likes can we please get a game world to start the first week of October.

    It makes no sense to have 8 COM server (you could start a new server every 3 weeks since a server lasts on average 150 days, aka 21.5 weeks) and not having one for 8 weeks?!

    If not, review your server planning because it makes no sense whatsoever that your biggest poll of normal servers premade teams (and therefore gold users) has to wait two months to start a server and you are missing out on a lot probably by doing this.

    It will also be a great opportunity to show us you really listen to the players and take on board our suggestions.

    P.S- I'm gonna start it off and like it myself 1/100


    I'll be completely honest begging is not beneath me!!


    Seriously Georgi

    Thats like a 2 month wait now for a new Com Server.

    When you take that longer to release the dates I was hoping you would at least make a half reasonable decision.

    I know you focus mainly on the Halloween thing because it earns the most money and thats your guys main focus, but please at least try to pretend you care about the rest of us.


    Troop numbers in the Natarian Village are fairly random.

    The best thing to do is to scout first to find out the troop numbers, 100 scouts should be more than enough and i will tell you the wall lvl as well.

    troops don't grow in the village.

    there are some other forum posts with screenshots of people chiefing Natar villages so if can someone can share those it might give you an idea.…W5ZIjJT1aucaU8/edit#gid=0

    i found this on the forums it might help

    and were you training spears and paladin in every village or just in some villages also ive heard 3:1 and 5:1 spears are best are you saying 1:1 is better

    thanks bro that advice is really helpful, so would you say that gaul is best def tribe in the game or you think you can be just as effective as teuton?

    i was kind of hoping that a few more people that play teuton def would have commented and given some tips.

    Hi guys,

    So i have tried looking at old threads and there is a whole load of stuff on this on reddit, but my question is... Is it effective to play a teuton if you are solely a def account? Everyone seems to suggest that the paladin are useless as a defense troop, but i find quite the opposite, while not as fast as the druid i find them very useful for raiding because of their carry capacity. Also to bring some infantry def to my spears.

    Com 7 is my first full server playing Teuton def and i seem to be doing ok, but any tips or advice would be appreciated, like best pala:spear ratio, best type of village layout to settle?

    thanks in advance guys

    You will have to wait 72 hours from when that player severed ties with your kingdom, ties can include NAPs, Kingdom member, or even if just they were within your kingdom borders.