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    Oh, man, you're trying to do a lot of propaganda and gossip,if you make troops and help your kingdom to make troops, there's no reason not to win.

    Of course it's a success and talent in the conversation, I'm not denying it, but it will be better if you show some skills on the field.

    I think Renuo beats other BM player

    Bm players are competing for who is the best.

    Betting rates :

    Lylai : 3.25

    Pob : 2.20

    Renuo : 2.20

    Dizzwingzi(Me) : 125 (surprise)

    sorry pop but i don't think losing some hammers is worth more than this humiliating report :/ suicidal we are ! that's why we are the greatest :D

    sorry pop but i don't think losing some hammers is worth more than this humiliating report :/ suicidal we are ! that's why we are the greatest :D

    wow , what a great player you are settler killer, you ruined entire my army i should give up

    I asked to you "Why they didnt destroy this WW ? They had 24 hours.You were enemies and Italians didnt give damage to this WW.It's interesting and funny.They could destroy this WW they decided to dont.

    WHY ?

    coz if they did do this they lose the sw coz we would go for them until destroy them , they saw an opportunity to change of win and use this , we didnt offer or we didnt write any of them about peace,ally or nap

    I dont care ayyildiz or other teams.I have some friends in ayyildiz but they can lose because PL is stronger than ayyildiz.My favorite was Bohemia but they failed.I wish better team will win.

    I just wanna say truth.Why Italians didn't destroy your WW with catapults ? They had 24 hours to destroy.It smells like diplomacy and you started to cover Italians in forum.

    Italians start to attack PL but they had a enemy,ZLF.Your manipulations cant work in COM.Trust me and dont try to win with mindgames.Just make big armies and use them.

    we didnt talk about peace or wow we attack the wow for take back again and they dont defend it , coz we will take back one way or another, they probably want to win this sw and they think pl is bigger threat than us ,this is why that is dont defend the wow and leave it if u dont know the case ask next time dont do gossip like a w....

    1 week ago : Italians are awful.

    Now : Italians can win this server.

    1 week after : Italians & ZLF are best alliance !

    How to become an Italians fanboy in 1 week ? :thumbsup:

    im not fan of anyone but u can be , defend italians wow and make ally , this is a kind of fan i think im still behind of my words "everyone can win" at the start of this sw i was thinking like if we cant win i wish ayyildiz win but players like you changed my mind . go offer ally bohemia,italians,zlf,pl and play mind games cool

    * For to lose sw for PL.They won this server.Others are running for second place.

    Every kingdoms will lose their wow's wall.Every kingdoms defend their WW without walls after second siege.You know this game my friend but you know better the manipulation.

    U are speaking like italian kingdoms a wing of ayyildiz., this is a manipulation Everyone can win this sw including italians

    Bohemia destroyed this WW.It was good action.But Italians gave free WW to ZLF.It was funny tactic.Italians could destroy to all ZLF's hammers.Now ZLF's players are going to make stronger hammers.Italians made double fails X/

    Yes they should defend a wow without a wall so we can crush their armies with massive counts tatatatam u have no defence anymore and attack against anyone u will be destroy good tactic i like it btw really good tactic for to lose sw for ayyildiz

    We could talk about other awards for this game and one of this awards go to zuck,dizzyest,kachnicky,ilak,rafal92f,playeR. Why did you lose too many soldiers, why you guys couldn't manage to delete those villages from your list in time. Congratulations to whose characteristic not enough to evaluate others. Dear cheaters.

    He evet herkes pc den oynuyor sürekli kırımızı rapor görüyor sanmaya devam et sen , multi yağmalamaya devam et. Ben senin banlandığını gördüm ama saydığın isimlerin banlandığını görmedim tesadüf mü bu ? bobola nın geçen gün gri deflerken yakalanması tesadüf mü? bu arada yaklaşık 1 ay önce 2 saatliğine 40 askerle bende 2 köy defledim programları yakalamak için fakat bu açık açık farklı bir durum bildiğin suistimal .sorry for this turkish message but i want to answer in our language this accusation coz this is cowardly

    woow, you kill Vostok with there 20members or less we must make a room here for your achievement, you start fighting Knights with 30palyers maybe ( including the rest of ex Vostok players) oh big fight, if I'm good at math even if Vostok and knights play together they are half of your players(multi-account or a lot of players I don't know ) finally you are fighting Italians that's good and finally an equal fight my dear but do Oyuncakolduk(he is the best attack player in the server killing with siege Vostok who don't have even 60k defence and they had to defend a lot of treasuries wow great player ) steel have the rammer to kill them ?!!

    my dear sekmoka until now your kingdom (I mean all kingdoms with the name ZLF including zlffikir, zlf-2,...) didn't achieve anything, but after if you beat (italians or ilovep or bohimia or ayildiz) only one of them then we can say that you make something in this server(but it will stay only a half achievement because of your legal cheating :

    -relocating 9c-15c

    -chief villages (zlf chief zlf-4 and the weird they attack together in OFF plans) that's why I said multi-account early

    And who are you ?