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    I guess ur right, this became a game for lazy people. Also I believe the AH was a huge factor for the diminish of the hardcore players but that is going WAAY to far back....

    Because people are investing so much "in theory" they do not want to "risk" defeat, hence going for the big coallisions, then again, medals dont really give u any reward, they are the reward itself and kinda weak reward imo....

    In the end i just wonder why people end up playing at all, I guess there is a really small ego to fulfill by virtual medals but hey, im not judging :)

    Last but not least our logic shows that "people like me" dont really exist in this game anymore...
    Hell, I only came back due to Covid....

    So... This goes to anyone out there "like me" looking to just play the game regardless of the result , in other words, if u dont give a F for medals... add me and lets brawl it out ^^

    *Zero people responded* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D

    I understand your points but feels like in the old days people would play for the sake of playing and not for medals.... I mean, what are the difference of these medals anyway?? Do things cost less in the AH??

    It is highly impressive for me the harsh truth: People dont really wanna play the game, they just want a easy win, no fighting for it....

    Pretty much we live in world(Travian-wise at least) fulled of viserys targaryen, expecting things to be bowed as they are the "rightful Kings"

    I just wonder where the good old brawlers went.... Maybe time to look for others games xD

    Every server is the same, I dont know whats the surprise, either they already go as a huge team or they betray the people they went with to make a big coallision

    There are zero servers where the winner team has the smaller number of players after covid and thats mostly because noone even wanna try :D

    At least thats 1x, 3x still seem to have a bit of the old days of travian fun... lets enjoy the last years of the gg xD

    If we are playing with TRUE competitive mind, we must try and make it as close to a one person per account possible

    It is a fact that these games are different but there is no reason to believe that companies could not enter the scene in case this became something truly viable.

    Enter fee sounds reasonable as long as it is set for one fixed price at the beginning of the server and that is it, and in comparison to other games, they also invest huge amounts of money in prize pool which I did not mention here, making this more economically viable

    Although Prestige wouldnt guarantee a ZERO multi %, would definetly diminish it greatly, if any we can make it even slightly higher prestige requirement

    I believe the real question would only be answered in case we actually had a server in competitive conditions, and this question is : Do we have the player based actually intersted in something like this ??

    I see many teams from many countries, yes some are famous for being multies but I am sure in such a server things would flow differently

    We have a majority of players who regard themselves as the best players but we all know this can only be proven in a fair and square enviroment, I would believe most of the real competitive players and winners from previous TEST servers would cheer for an idea like this

    Tell people to come and say they will play and things might happen! :D

    Be ready for 100 player max rounds then.

    When I read things like this I already know u r not one of the people up for the Challenge

    If this community has not given up on growing, that seems like the only logical way. and by that I mean playing a server with actual 1k active players :)

    Hello Kingdoms community!

    How are you all ??

    Straight to the point, with the total and complete anihilation of test servers as the only true way to prove your skill without the abuse of gold, I come with a suggestion that may increase this community GREATLY.

    How ?? You may ask.

    Well, League of Legends clearly showed to ALL other companies in the gaming business that E-Sports is the way to go when trying to attract players, streamers and such most obviously increase the player base aswell, even Among Us is a perfect example of that. Having that said, here are some ideas on how the TOURNAMENT SERVERS should be run in order for new players who want to prove their Skill may be intersted in joining.

    Rules of Tournament server: Remember, this is supposed to be for "proplayers"

    1. No Chicken BOOTS

    2. No Night Truce

    3. No Sitters/Duals ( for that, we allow only one PC / Cell phone per account )

    4. 333 gold per week ( I dont get why it was 300 before, we are all illuminati arent we ? xD )

    5. Good Luck!

    How does that increases our player based community???

    We allow only players with a minimum of 999 ( see what I did here ? xD ) prestige to register in TOURNAMENT SERVERS, therefore the multies/etc etc will be HIGHLY diminished plus with the restrictions on Sitter/Duals allowing only 1 pc/cell phone which will "force" players to first play some normal servers

    What would be the Reward for winning ??

    Unique badge in the format of a World Wonder and a Token that can be display to everyone to see you are a Tournament WINNER , in case this actually becomes a hit, a Trophy in the format of a WW would be something completely different from anything we ever saw

    This is not only a suggestion for the managers but also research to see if players would be intersted in such a server considering the "hardcore" rules!

    Thank you all for you attention,


    Level 3, Khan#EN(30) on COM6

    MOD please let me know if I did anything wrong

    &thumbnail=1 Level 3, Khan#EN(30) on COM6 [ PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS WRONG ]

    &thumbnail=1 Level 3, Khan#EN(30) on COM6 [ PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS WRONG ]

    &thumbnail=1 Level 3, Khan#EN(30) on COM6 [ PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS WRONG ]

    &thumbnail=1 Level 3, Khan#EN(30) on COM6 [ PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS WRONG ]

    &thumbnail=1 Level 3, Khan#EN(30) on COM6 [ PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS WRONG ]

    &thumbnail=1 Level 3, Khan#EN(30) on COM6 [ PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS WRONG ]

    &thumbnail=1 Level 3, Khan#EN(30) on COM6 [ PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS WRONG ]

    &thumbnail=1 Level 3, Khan#EN(30) on COM6 [ PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS WRONG ]