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    I agree, and I assure you it is what we are doing...

    Even if your multi detection was on par it would not solve the problem. Yes better detection is needed but it's all for nothing if the punishments are left the same. The core issue is that with current punishments it is still worth using multis even if you know you get caught, this is simple and fast to fix.

    If you leave out accusations and insults you have nothing left on these forums.

    Any updates on this? The problem is still here and we have heard nothing.

    So you fixed part of the menhir problem and added attack limit last year *slow clap* (yes bunch of mobile updates but tbf it should be least of your priorities).

    Yes you fixed menhir abuse after 2 years of complaining, you fixed bug found on test. Way to go tap yourself on the back. You are protecting cheaters and obviously don't care about the game.

    Rumor has it that you are dodging this server? Was maximum fun too scary for you and your puppets?

    Thank you for clarifying leo#EN(19) it makes it more understandable.

    About the rest of ideas, even if they are older than even me in the International domain, it would be interesting to see what everyone thinks about them.

    I think all the ideas have been more or less commented on in this thread. Now just implement one of them please.

    If a player has a single village at (100,100), they can only settle or conquer a new village x spaces away, where x is a distance of their border. If they have n villages, then a village can be settled or conquered up to x spaces away from any one of their n villages. I'm pitching a static x but you could in theory make it variable based on population, distance, or "influence".

    x could be 1 or relatively small, which would drastically change dynamics of kingdoms and things. Imagine if a person could only expand to something touching their border. Then kingdom influence becomes more interesting to fill. Menhir can't be abused. Because if a kingdom has 10 open village spots at the beginning, if they cram 10 players in, they will not have room to expand.

    There are a lot of mechanics that can be considered and changed here. Part of it is up to the developers creativity. But these mechanic changes flip the usage of menhir.

    I like the idea but there is few problems. It would become a game of lottery to see who gets closest to cropper(s). But I'm really pro limit kingdom sizes, I just don't think this is the right way. Maybe just hardcap member count to 20 or something like that. Would mean there is more "politics" involved in a server and the shit show that is called trick would not happen again.

    Does any of the things mentioned so far strike any of you as too damaging for new players?

    It's always the same "new player this, new player that" pardon my french but why on earth you don't give a flying fuck about your existing player base? Most of the "new players" are multis anyways, this is really fucking frustrating.

    The problem is this isn't one time occasion where it could be acceptable, but the new normal.

    Each kingdom decides what it does with the camps. Can anyone attack them at will, by attacking, raiding, or by siege xd. With or without a hero. Freedom. Each kingdom has a different strategy. Some are better, others are worse.



    I agree, but kingdoms would need tools to enforce the rules they lay out for the players, ie logs for the camps or something like that.