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    You forgot the scouting role.

    But what if teleporters come in and take your land or even worse, call you sir?

    I have no idea anymore what you are even suggesting lol. But anyway good luck with your quest

    Good luck with that. Anyway your suggestions make no sense.

    E: Your strategy would result all of your hammers be gone after the first "hunt for blood" if you could see all attacks btw. Well against any remotely decent team atleast.

    This is team game first and foremost. There are def players (like myself) and off players. If you take away fakes the opposing team would always know the real target and kill all off everytime since you can pool def from multiple villages etc.

    No. Just no. Fakes are really freaking important in this game, there is a reason you want to hide the real attack..

    Thank you, now all we will get is some facny pancy chat update and game will continue being the dumpster fire it is.

    Nice work man but still these turks won't stop cheating unless they experiance defeat I still believe there is a way to kick them if so many big kingdoms gather against them this would be fun which is i hope this will happen soon

    They even dodged all the major teams on BBASH so dont hold your breath that they would appear on any server with competition. And after all they are VIP customers.

    Well I'd argue that refunding the bought gold would not encourage anyone to do DDoS since you are not gaining anything but it is what it is, good to hear that you teamed up with cloudflare.

    Some of the players we fight against on BB1 have been banned on every single past server. How does that provide them any right to continue playing on the account.

    Why do fair players need to recieve boosted/cheater hammers every single round....

    This is what troubles me also. Propably something to do with the gdpr... :topkek:

    You need more permadeletion of accounts and block these IP's after multiple bans across multiple servers. But as it won't happen, the current bot, multi, friendly farming, pw sharing, sitter/dual scams will be the meta to win.

    "Travian Kingdoms, and Travian Games altogether, have always fought against players that do not respect the game rules. We have to do that while balancing fair punishments that won't simply make everyone quit but also being fair to our user base that plays fair and without the use of cheats of any kind."

    As you can see from this message by CM in discord they are more worried about the cheaters quitting the game than the actual integrity of the game.

    That's a good start. Now refund all the gold bought in those servers since people lost the progress they used that gold for.

    I'm saying if they got sniff that the reaction was to get gold added, it might encourage more attacks of this kind (some people in the World are really struggling to get their hands on gold rn, because of one reason or another) ;)

    I get where you going at but if they have to know how to buy ddos attacks they can trade crypto in non KYC markets also :)

    So you think low-life player would spent upto tens of thousands of euros to hire ddos as a service to get couple euros worth of gold?

    Just because I use the word "expensive", doesn't mean that we don't spend the money. We do. We see it as an investment in the future. So, no, your conclusion is incorrect.

    What I'm trying to say you first say the reason you don't give compensation is not to encourage DDoS attacks and then you admit it's not a viable thing to assume. On the other hand gold compensation costs you nothing, well maybe couple of euros in lost potential sales but mostlikely nothing significant.