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    The problem is this isn't one time occasion where it could be acceptable, but the new normal.

    Each kingdom decides what it does with the camps. Can anyone attack them at will, by attacking, raiding, or by siege xd. With or without a hero. Freedom. Each kingdom has a different strategy. Some are better, others are worse.



    I agree, but kingdoms would need tools to enforce the rules they lay out for the players, ie logs for the camps or something like that.

    As you can guess from the title I'm very disappointed in travian kingdoms team and the new route they are taking in their "design philosophy". I'm quite confident in saying that I'm not alone with this feeling. The latest news about the new test servers was the straw that broke camels back. I find it highly repulsive that you expect your player base to to PAY YOU to beta test your new system. I understand that when testing the new shop there has to be transactions so it can be tested, but for crying out loud make it -90% not -50% this is just greed in it's purest form.

    Lets say that the new test server would not have been such a blatant cash grab. Still I would be furious. There is many issues on the game it self that are frequently reported. The vacation system is totally broken (but after this announcement I have to think it was never meant to be a way to "take time off mid server" but it was originally designed to be the cash grab it has become). Players are complaining about menhir abuse in beginning of every server, yet nothing gets done. Then a test server comes, and it's to test new shop. Seriously are you so delusional and drifted away from the player base to think this was the right move and right time for this move?

    I buy 50-100€ worth of gold per server, but now I feel like the COM 1x3 will be my last server spending money on this game. I just can't be arsed to support this disgusting philosophy that travian kingdoms team seems to have taken. I still enjoy the game even with the broken vacation and menhir abuse but I can not support this kind of disgusting treatment of your player base, or should I say customer base maybe it strikes home better for you since it seems more and more that only thing that counts is your Q1/2/3/4 bottom line.


    ...This means that this treasury can contain 43 players...

    It means the treasury can contain 43 villages, which in lategame means ~4 players.

    Edit: and you also have to take away robber camp spawns from those 43 tiles.

    To be honest, i really believe Unknown is doing his best at the job, thanks for that! But i have to admit i agree with kicke in the way that some of the things should not be very hard to be implemented but still take way way too long for kingdoms to implement. The original idea behind menhir was that it would allow for people to play with their friends from the start of the game. If that is still the purpose of the menhir function, why would a person be allowed to menhir more than once? When he menhirs to his friends he can settle from there on and does not need to menhir any further. Same for the king requirement, you agree with the fact that the king spot is only suitable for experienced players, why not only allow people with a high prestige to be be king? in that way it simply won't be abused anymore and you make sure all kings are suitable players.

    Yes It's not Unknowns fault by any means and I don't think that he likes the situation where the community is frustrated but his hands are tied.

    I cannot say when or how it will be, again, it may be a long time from now since finding a solutions is not that easy.

    There have been many band-aid fixes offered, to me it's starting to feel more and more that you don't WANT to solve the problem since they players using multi's also buy signifigant amounts of gold. To refresh your memory, fixing the early game menhir abuse is easy: Limit amounts you can use menhir, have a minimum prestige requirement for starting as a king (lets say maybe bronze diamond), if player is caught cheating reses his prestige. There is a way, but the question stands, is there a will?

    Some pretty interesting ideas. I wonder if adding some sort of "specialisations" to the existing tribes could provide what some are after? For example, once a roman player has a level 20 palace(?) they could specialise into the eastern roman empire, western roman empire or SPQR for example. All being a one time, irreversible decision. These could then unlock additional units (shift into an infantry or cavalry emphasis?), maybe buildings and give the player a different roman skin so the change is visible to other players. Similar changes made to the Tuetons and Gauls obviously.

    This is sort of what I was going after, tho I think to make the choice be more impactful, some of the current units should be under those specialization trees also, so not specializing wouldn't really be an option.

    Yes, the App so far is just a companion to help out with the game when you are not in front of the computer.

    It's not even a companion app since you can't even see who is attacking you on iOS version of the app. I'd rather have good real companion app just to check incomings, ware/granary lvls etc than this which you can sort of do something sometimes. The in game message system works every other sunday if its not fullmoon or the stars aren't aligned correctly.

    The "new honest player" is a myth. There is only new 0 prestige "friends" and "brothers".

    E: Let's assume that the mythical new honest player exists. What good it brings for them to have a mechanic that will be abused the living shit out of by experienced dishonest players to **** them up faster and more efficiently. So it's hard to defend a system for "new honest players" if the net effect on their experience is negative.

    I see many wonderful ideas over there! Are you suggesting adding a skill tree for each tribe? That would be great! like each unit type of each tribe has different base stats and you get points to upgrade them in a different direction this will make the game more versatile but may pose a balance issue (tweak work?)?

    But to be frank I think the developers may not implement any feature suggested by the community as this game has a dwindling player base. This game is a business and needs money to run it.

    To the developers, popularize the game is the first step before making this game more interseting .hope it can better !

    There is many ways to do this, either skill tree or what I would prefer have upgrade paths in for example academy, you have 1-3 choices which unlock troop or upgrades etc. and locks the other path.

    I don't like the idea of "adding tribes for the sake of adding tribes" they should in my opinion REALLY bring new dimensions in to the game.

    Currently all tribes are more or less "well rounded" and CAN do everything quite effectively, what we (or atleast I do) miss is true specialist tribes. Maybe a tribe that has clearly the strongest inf in the game but whose cavalry is irrelevant (or even non existing) and vice versa. Maybe have a tribe what with you CAN'T play off or deff. I know this would make the tribe choice way more decisive than it is now but isn't that just a good thing? I also like the idea of faster settling tribes and so on but in somewhere they also would have to "pay the price" weaker or way more expensive units etc.

    E: This naturally would need a will to move the game to this direction and multiple tests to balance it out.
    E2: Typos

    E3: Now that we are at it this doesn't necessarily mean you would have to add more tribes, you could have research paths that would block each other to move your base tribe to the track you would want. Imo these should be unreversable choices and should affect your all villages. This however is quite a fundamental change to the game but would surely add a lot more depth to it.

    This this and so much this. The mobile "gaming market" is huge missed opportunity, and if people try travian on mobile with the app (which is to put it nicely flaming pile of dogshit) they get experience of buggy game with horrible UI and where the notifications come when ever they please to come if they come.

    E: As it stands the app is more likely to turn players away from game than bring them in. A WORKING "companion" app would be nice where you could get quick overview of your villages(on iOS app you can't even see who is attacking you...), attacks, troop ques, warehouse/granary levels etc.

    Thank you for the petition.

    The pushing protection has been though through very much. So it is not going to be easy to change, but it can be looked at of course.

    In any case the troops can always be fed if I am not wrong.

    From our experience from past few servers, you can't provide enough crop to feed your troops. This has lead to problems numerous times.