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    Great idea! Thank you for introducing two night truce speed servers in these dire times... everybody has to work and all that stuff, people are really busy so they can appreciate having some sleep.

    You guys ever watch the news or nahhh? :D

    It feels like such a cash grab, F2P players who are top robbers won't be able to train troops via GB GS for 3 days. People with tons of gold will send their troops to their worst village and npc 50 times a day. Such a bad, bad job by Travian Games, unfairness at its finest.

    Of course, support will not do anything about it, because they are not interested. Is it enough to check the login IP addresses of these three accounts and maybe it was someone from the game? Ban this player's IP if he has an account here.

    IP bans are useless. It is very easy to change your IP.

    I hope it won't look misty again. Map and inside the village, I am talking about. On x5 server map used to lag and our browsers would use more RAM than usual. If the same thing happens I will be sure you are just trolling us. :P

    Consider what the conditions for the game would become if the first village had all the fields at 1 lvl

    There is nothing wrong with jumpers. anyone can decide to do this and work with them. The player's thing is what he will do with his achievements.

    Fields are not related to jumpers, you are on wrong thread I suppose.

    You load up, all honesty and benevolent players.

    Accept my suggestion that everything be as it is now. but one change will fix a lot of problems, let the initial village have all lvl 1 fields.

    That makes no sense. Jumpers don't settle 2nd villa, destroy 1st and relocate away.

    You watch too many movies