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    I hope it won't look misty again. Map and inside the village, I am talking about. On x5 server map used to lag and our browsers would use more RAM than usual. If the same thing happens I will be sure you are just trolling us. :P

    Agree with you, my Google chrome browser was eating like 2GB of RAM only for opening 2 Tabs of kingdom. (3000Mhz DDR4 RAM)

    We want new Special Christmas Server::

    With few additions to Old Rules.

    Speed:- 5x of Normal Server

    Troop Speed:- 3x of Normal Server

    Storage:- 1.5x of Normal Server (it will be very helpful to Dukes and Kings for tribute collection).

    Hey guys :)
    I like turtles too! And the Christmas mood is already around the corner but there's not much time left for us to actually design and test thoroughly any Christmas additions.

    We would however love to hear what do you think about 5x versus 3x and should we start launching more 5x speed servers. Do you mind sharing your thoughts with us?

    Kind regards

    I would love if Warehouse and Granary Capacity increases on 5x server.

    Currently 3x holds 80k and 100k with Plus so, If we play at 5x We should have at-least 100k normal and 125k with Plus. Its really frustrating for Dukes/King to grab all the tributes due high production in 5x and low capacity of storage.

    Honour of what ? Keeping spy in opponent kingdom to leak timings and deff calls.

    Vacation abuse, relocation abuse. Nice. 3 players with 160k+ troops relocating next to me and destroying villages and treasuries in less than 30 mins, takes 30k+ treasures and relocates away. We can't even attack them back. Top1 kingdom's dukes going on vacation mode when WW fights begins. Actvating/deactivating treasuries while you are on vacation... I am sad.

    I remember you said, You are with DOOMs and You have spy in our kingdom. Well You are following your strategy and We following Ours. Why You leaving Open spot for Enemy to come and destroy your treasury.

    We defended few Rammer/Hammers of Italians and Turks yesterday. (They only got same message "No Information was Collected")

    So instead of bragging about Jumpers, You should fill-out all your borders and play with some Duals.

    I am not able to chat with kingdom and SS members, due to Game data is not refreshing automatically. Fix this issue thanks.

    Device used to check this:-

    Windows-10, Android Kingdoms App, iOS Kingdoms App, Chrome on Android, Mozilla on iOS, Safari, Chrome on iOS.:rolleyes::sleeping: