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    One of the popular strategies was the formation of a huge meta-coalition from many kingdoms throughout the map, with the aim of combining victory points in the final. To do this, the “donor kingdoms" had to be in the top 10 on victory points. Then the main kingdom “stole” victory points from them (of course, by mutual agreement and without actual resistance). This, as you can understand, is contrary to the idea that lies at the heart of the function, and which is to maintain a competitive spirit until the last moments of the game round.

    It turns out to be a korlevstvo donor can be if you bypass the rules.

    Agreed. It happened far too much this server. Nerves took VP from like 10 minor alliances they controlled as well as a major alliance (Darkness) and continuously took vacation mode to stop VP being collected fairly, and Dominion, ILovePL and a few others basically teamed up to do a similar thing back (bar the vacation mode). Both teams played dodgy tricks on the WW swaps, and every major alliance used the deactivation of treasuries to hide VP, and multi-accounts were rampant on the server.

    There was a lot of bending the rules from all sides, although I guess not technically cheating like using relocation, no one did that to my knowledge (except for multiaccounts, the biggest problem with TK).

    I wish there were better rules in place but no matter what people will look to bend what is there for their own benefit. Happens every server, just like the losing team jumping on forums to complain that they were beaten and how it wasn't their fault and the winning team gloating in unsportsmanlike fashion. It was a well-fought server and all teams should hold their heads high, sad that it got so bitter at then end but that is usually what happens.

    Repoted. I'm so over these fools. :rolleyes:

    I'm ffine for rule changes, but you are just making excuses. You have thrown up totally arbitrary times to fit your own narrative. Why lv50? Because that means the way you did it was fair but not the way we did?

    I personally think no WW alliance changes other than chiefing should be allowed. No changing alliances after WW release maybe would solve that.

    I would like to make a suggestion for the WW rules change.

    The problem:

    Taking into account the last com3 server - where the collusion of 2 top kingdoms IlovePL and Dominion took place. The collusion was that Dominion developed the WW village and after that gave it as a gift to IlovePl w/o any defence, fight. The only purpose was - not to give a win to the top ally - НЕРВЫ. It was done after 50lvl of WW, i.e. the gift of the WW meant that Dominion lose the server for sure and take only the 3rd place. Somebody will call it the diplomacy, but it's not because the diplomacy suppose the pursuing of the goal and the only goal in Travian kingdoms could be the win. The Dominion goal was to lose - so, it's not a diplomacy (as for me it is strict rule violation) So, IlovePl received additional WW and additional VP bonus, that helped them to win.

    Btw the treasures were transfered for free from Dominion to IlovePl as well.

    You literally did the same thing with Darkness, I have no idea what on earth you are complaining about other than your own inability to win. Darkness took a WW, you lot had two, and then all of a sudden they just swapped to your alliance and you guys have three, plus you farmed their shell alliance (at the time ranked #4) for as many VP and Treasures as possible.

    I mean the problem with your suggestion is that if we just renamed ourselves to IlovePL2 would that solve the problem, because that is basically what you did to Darkness. X/

    Stop being sore losers.