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    Lol perfect order of attackers, great timing. If this shows the level of this server I have to get my ass out of here.

    Why are you not happy?

    You are one big family standing together and bringing peaceful place to hide for all the simmers in the server.

    If you want competition, then you can just turn on WST...or is that wrong somehow (its just a game bro)

    I´ve had kings turn on me just because I was not russian or occupying the cropper they wanted(not reserved or anything), its all good.

    Wouldn't it be lovely if we where all simmers. That would mean no matter how big we are, we should be easy to take down. ;)

    And since its "just a game bro" I don't see how you are so obsesses with WST. :/

    And they will never be "deleted", because he can log in to account and refresh the "inactive" timer once again. They would need to be deleted manually.

    We've seen it happen to multies on com4 where GW multies got kicked of the map by the moderators. The only appropriate punishment in my eyes. Kick all multies and related main accounts from the server.

    I often notice, that people mistake a ban for a punishment. Kingdoms staff bans you, because they need to force you to talk with them about the ban. If you do so, you get unbanned after a punishment, e.g. building level reduction. (I guess in case of multiaccounting only one account gets unbanned and the rest deleted). Players that are banned for a long period of time just didn't contact Kingdoms staff about their ban.

    Source: Travian Kingdoms (§7 gamerules)

    They recently reworked that process in Travian: Legends though, there an appropriate punishment gets applied automatically 72 hours after the ban, but the account can accept the punishment earlier (and therefore being unbanned earlier). Pretty cool imo, would love to see something similar in TK aswell, although personally I didn't experience banned-player-clot so far basically at all. :/

    Well clearly all those 3 accounts shown in the picture above are played by the same player.

    The owner of those 3 accounts also admitted she use multiple accounts in game pm. And to say it in her own words: "but not that problem". All accounts are still there occupying croppers.

    I love the idea of the automatic punishment after 72 hours. I've seen alot of requests on forum for harder punishments. Maybe the answer lies in faster punishments. This way the servers players can faster deal with the problem in game by themselves.

    Hi all,

    I just don't get it. People get banned for multi accounting, get banned and stay like this for a while. I notice an improvement, multi's and bot users get banned more often then before. But why keep them banned? Why not just kick these confimed multies from the map? I see how people should deserve a few days for an attemp to fix their ban in case a mistake was made by the multihunters. Its a human proces afterall so a mistake can be made.

    But why keep people banned a longer time? Especially early game.

    Down below is an example of the current com7 world. World age 25 days. (These players got banned 9 days ago!)

    Especially early game when 15c can make a huge difference for a player later game. :cursing:




    Cool, I agree to disagree on some subjects...just wanted little drama with the dramaqueen 😂.

    Hope TK will get on board with my idea on creating villages, where multiple players can operate...or I might just learn to code and create something of the sorts on my own :/

    Well I must say, I not only causing drama on forum but I read it all aswell. And you have some great idea’s suggested already. And there are a lot of great idea’s suggested on forum by others. All we can do is hope some will be tested and if succesfull implemented to make this game even more great.

    you might want to check what I was not not trolling.

    Ah my bad, the beer isn’t helping at the moment 😂.

    About wrongly banned players, shit happens. Can happen to me and you and everyone out there. But if they don’t ban at all multies will be even more present.

    Like I already said, we are not BM, we do not try to be a kingdom like that. I don’t think we will come to an agreement either. So lets get this back to topic, Com7. If you want to discuss our approach on com4 open a new discussion elsewhere. But I think you are a little late for that.

    Not sure about OSEF, but to my knowledge BM dont collaborate with others. They do troll a lot in forums, but leave other kingdoms settle their own business.

    I was actually skimming the forum and saw a post on COM2 embassy, that a player was wrongly banned for multiaccounting. Just wondering if there might have been some players of GW who got wrongly reported and banned, but never made a forum thread about it.

    I think we never accused someone of being multi openly on forum who haven’t been banned over it. Multihunters do factcheck everything as far as my knowledge goes, and you spoke of your faith in them before so weird response.

    And BM not trolling? 😂 Either you don’t know the kingdom or you are just as ignorant as can be.

    The concept of this game has survived for many years through all kinds of abuses..dont really think its breaking down. The reason why people get frustrated and quit and resort to illegal strategies is that in its core the game is painstakingly long and needs meticulous planning to succeed. Even if you do everything right, there are thousand other reasons why things can go downhill. Ironically the same tedious process that pushes players away, is the same reason that keeps players coming back.

    Also there are some famous smaller side kingdoms that can have great success in Breaking Metas.

    Well lets be clear on that. You must be delusional if you try to compare WST with BM or OSEF. You started com7 and so you say quitted half way through (pretty sure you weren't gray most of the round but still). Tell me what kingdoms on that round could have single handedly taking down GW? Do you have any idea how long it took for their first multies to be banned? How many defence, villages, hammers got lost by build offense aquired through cheating?

    I leave the fighting for multihunters and people reporting them. I believe lot of players who are accused of being multies might actually not be..seen lot of posts that try to point out multies with screenshots that dont prove anything.

    What I do appall, is the propaganda that tries to get all players against a common enemy so they can have it easier.

    So can we both agree that if a player gets a ban, multiple bans, and eventually gets deleted is a confirmed cheater? And do you think if we didn't put in the afford finding them, sending prove to the multihunters they all would have been banned?

    Little moral question for you. When you prepare for a server for multiple weeks and find yourself on a map where a kingdom of 250+ players full of multies and bots of all sorts. What do you do? You go fight them alone with a 80 player kingdom? And you would win that? Multihunters will magically find all mutlies and get them banned?

    In that case my dear CinCin, I lost all hope in you as a player, and I can honestly say you are one of the reasons this game is breaking down more and more every day.