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    You only allow players to attack 2 CAMPs, while the management has no limit. It seems fair to you that everyone else should be your pet. Unfortunately, you failed and will fail again next time

    300 players and spies 😂.

    And even your little birds are singing you the wrong info. 😂

    WST should not think that it is very powerful. It is your honor to meet us. The Pingcun Plan repeats itself and always blames the people below.

    If WST loses, it's ridiculous to say that the opponent has multiple accounts.

    If you can't fight, you can't fight. Don't say that others are robots and multiple accounts.

    Lol who is you? And where did anyone state WST is powerfull? The onlyone stating that is you here.

    We have been reporting multies from day1 in this server. So it has nothing to do with winning or losing a server. 😉 Keep believing in your own fairytales and enjoy your honorable digital medal. I hope it will bring you good fortune in life aswell. 👍🏼❤️

    You can only speak on the forum, and you can only fail in the game

    You have the slightest clue about my accomplishments in this game 🤣. But being this provoked by a gov shows you know you are suss as hell 🤣.

    Open for all so you say? So its normal a entire kingdom of randoms is a farm but supplies deff aswell? Weird.

    If you need 300 players for a skillless server. Sure be my guest and keep playing your style. But know within a year everyone will get fed up by the abuse and overpopulations like kingdoms as Wargod. You’ll be a solo team on a server. 😂

    "Some things are better left unsaid.

    Which I generally realize right after I have said them."

    ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

    Lol so you think at this stage of the game destroying a village without any relevancy to the games ending is a accomplishment?

    Also the pic of RDD is overused by now. 1 its a random guy who got banned, probably one of your many spies. Cause if you have 300 players you still rely on planted spies…

    Maybe check your own dukes before you point fingers to a whole kingdom regarding a random. 😘

    Ps. Still waiting for your ingame message. ❤️

    You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. 🙂

    Like you state yourself: “ IF there are any multis in WARGOD, I certainly don’t know of them.”

    If you even have the slightest understanding of this games mechanics you’d know better on how those multies are constructed and located.

    Altough I dislike Wargod and its players for the way they play/abuse this game I’m quite sure those who are pulling the strings aren’t stupid.

    Like I mentioned earlyer. Get your head out of your ass. ;)

    Wargod is lucky that the multihunters aren't proactive but wait untill someone gets reported with proof. We took that efford last time and had 100 accounts banned. But some of us have a real live outside of TK tho so I do not care this server to put in the same efford.

    Haha keep patting yourself on the back. If you assume there where no accounts banned on Wargod you are clearly blind. How about you ask your duke about this pop and unit reduction half way through the server?

    Aswell. What is the achievement in winnen a server with 300 accounts in your kingdom? :/

    There you are! I don't know why you ignore me in game while you harrass every other WST member with pm's. But I guess thats because I'm a bit to big for you in a 1 on 1 conversation...

    Remember G.W. little buddy. :) Remember all those banned multies there little buddy? :) What did you do little buddy? :) What did you do that server little buddy? :)

    So you have no right about speaking to fight at the moment you and your 300 "little buddies" are on the winning hand. Cause we all know how you act once you get smacked around like last time. <3

    I’d be happy to give you a history lesson on Wargod and how the facts enforce my statement. But discussing/showing these on forum will go against the forum rules.

    But lets say we push those things aside for a moment.

    What achievement is it to win a server with 285 accounts (if that makes any difference compared to 300). Each account will either play offensive or defensive so are taking part in any aspect of the game. Even the “passive accounts” will generate treasures for Wargod.

    I honestly don’t care about a server. But I do care about this game. I’m not a sore loser in any way. And over the years I can proudly say I claimed my place here and earned the respect of even those who dislike me and my style. But the kingdom of Wargod and their players (either aware of the issue or not) are the once destroying this game for those playing with honor and passion.

    So I hope you will enjoy your digital medal. Wear it with pride so every playing on this game knows where you are coming from and how trustworthy you are. You are and will always be the laughing stock in this game.

    It’s not hard to construct a op with 300 players that will hit effectively anytime. So whats the achievement here?

    Besides that. Blaming others? Stating facts is different then blaming. 🙂

    And now everything is back to normal :) The node servers are working again and the maintenance is finished.

    Now the maintenance is over with can we start putting some work in banning multies and bots again? :) Cause for goodness sake the game got even more downhill in the year break I took cause of the lack of improvement from the TK team. :)

    I’m 100% with Mucupurulent™ on this. The same issues keep popping up server after server and so far we have seen little to non progression dealing with the issues. The punishments given on the violation are a joke.

    1. Cheating/abusing is too easy.

    2. Punishments aren’t in line with the violation.

    3. The amount of time it has been discussed led to 0 progression on the matter.

    4. Countless amounts of topics with great idea’s for the game and to reduce the abuse are given, but the only answer we get is: We will discuss it.

    (Yeah and I’m reading the newspaper during my morning Nr2. But that doesn’t solve the shit thats going on in the world.)

    Moral of the story, stop discussing it within the development team. Demand action and progression for the sake of the little player base you have left.

    Stop focussing on short term profits, the greater your player base will be the more gold will be bought over time. Invest, stop putting bandages on everything and just take action.

    mmm I think there is a problem with the Hypothesys
    there aren't passive special achievements...
    you can do all others by yourself so I don't know it seems too intricate

    As in you can't recieve as the receiver of the attack? But maybe it does the trick for the attacker. But we'll see in about one hour.

    Most so far can indeed be done by yourself. But as the new achievement The more the merrier requires 10 heroes this one might need more then just a single player aswell. Who knows, I just like the hunt and tryig to figure it out ;)