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    Its this kind of talk that will get you ganged up on. For someone that seems so intrigued by "political numbers" your politics aren't great getting caught up in dumb arguments with a governor. :D:D

    Oh I don't mind. Not the first time I poked a bear. Not the first time the bear gets beat aswell. I just find pleasure in how you keep driving yourself into a corner. Trying to catch some soules this way, go nuts. I'm not here to win. :*

    And you prefer to recruit anyone you can in order to secure a victory lol Im sure we'll see about pop vs units here soonm ;)

    If we would have taken in every player that reached out we would have controll over multiple wonders already.

    Just make sure you have the units te back up your smacktalk. But from what I've seen you clearly shy on farms if you cry over KunKlak being inside WST now.

    lol wut. I hope your members see this senile comment.

    Tag them. :)

    I think a lot of kingdoms you might respect can confirm in order to lead a great kingdom you need to stimulate your players to be active and usefull. But I see how proud you where on your #3 spot in Trinity com 2 that you are the death meat that preferes pop over units.

    YOU! You said i dont know the politics so im putting it in worst case scenario for you. :D

    Ive played under other names as a dual, idk if you remember but i played with you in com2 2020 as a dual in earl ragnar which was #3 in trinity and you were... last.

    Hehe well if you remember my activity there was limited. I would have kicked myself over it. But it seems you not only lack knowledge but a backbone aswell.

    Good thing you never where part of a meta. Lets see if you finish this round as "underdog".

    And you are not talking about GF? Sure go nuts, recheck the the kingdoms again. Figuere out the politics because this is the second time you use the same arument that still is invalid.

    Lol, KunKlak is actually part of out premade. So your argument is not valid.

    Funny how I referenced to you about how difficult it seems to be for you to read the map. People from a premade speedsettle a 15c, settle second or third settlement inside borders to join the kingdom officially. But I see how thats hard for you since it took you guys atleast 48h longer to get your treasuries set up on your wonder. And still those borders are set so badly that I can't see why it took you guys so long.

    Politics related numbers, there you go. You talk about kingdom pop. Not actual member count. You surely haven't figuered out the other kingdoms politics, naps, allies and future merges get to compare them to us.

    To get back on kingdom pop, our players seem to indeed have higher pop compared to GF players if you compare them individually.

    Pretty sure WST and mycro with his avalanche of cringy memes was the one getting everyone to join against the other big meta last server they were participating..guess its your turn to be the top dog that everyone will go after.

    Haha, pretty sure you where part of a 250+ player meta full of mutlies and abuse in every way possible.

    Maybe, just maybe, the entire server wouldn't be turning on you if you weren't still recruiting. Idk why you feel you're so afraid of a challenge. Perhaps your self awareness needs a check up. WST has 20k MORE pop than IF #3 & #4 merged (70k vs 50k) but yeah, I mean I guess I don't know the politics lmao.

    And since when are we still recruiting? Seems like not only the politics are too complicated for you but reading a map aswell.

    Besides, please give us some politics related numbers instead of "Wst hAs 20k MoRE Pop'. I can't help the fact our people know how to properly build villages.

    I would suggest adding more colors to the marker, because the servers are getting bigger and bigger and you run out of colors to mark other kingdoms. To the current 10 colors, maybe add 5 or 10 more.

    Idk what servers you play but I haven't seen crowded servers in a while now. Well some are crowded because some people shit out tons of multies.