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    30/01 (4 days after start)

    So lets evaluate the map after 4 days at com7.

    So far 3 wonders seem to be claimed and be fully enclosed by treasuries already.

    -GF has layed their claim on the (22|45) wonder, surrounding it at all sides with active treasuries.

    -WST has blocked of a big area surrounding the (50|0) wonder with active treasuries. Extending their territory to half way between (50|0) and the (22|-45) wonder.

    -SPQR seems ambitious at the start by setting up their treasuries between the (22|-45) and the (-22|-45) wonder. Claiming both of them, but not securing their claim yet on those wonders by being close enough. Both of the wonders still supply a great deal of 15 and 9 crops for late beginners to settle.

    -Kingdom Vikings, who is led by king Sun Tzu, who if I recall correctly used to be an active player of the Hungarians, seem to give it a shot at the (-50|0) wonder. So far they managed to settle and activate 2 treasuries by that wonder, but its still open for a late premade to lay their claim there and fight Vikings off.

    -The (-22|45) wonder seems to be claimed by the kingdom None. Having 3 active treasuries around the wonder. They have not marked their area so far that it would discourage late premades to give it a chance fighting over that wonder.

    -The center wonder (0|0) is claimed by Unity and Byzantio. They will either merge once the time is right or fight over the wonder early game.

    It seems this server will be most actively played at the East/North-East area of the map. For people still in doubt to join the server, it seems to be a good round for practice since the amount of known premades is limited. Lets hope all kingdoms will give it a good fight and don’t let it become a death server where simming is more shown then off/deff action.

    Hey butthair,

    ....... read text above

    I'm missing half the convo and most important the key part that led to all this fuzz. So basically you explained nothing yet.

    Ps. I recommand reading this convo by putting: "My" before someone says Butthair. Makes this so much more entertaining

    que tal amigo, hace tiempo que no juego un com alguien sabe que reinos jugaran?

    There will be a couple and for sure alot will be recruiting at the start. Little advice: Most kingdoms recruit in english and use it as their main language.

    Enjoy your play and may we meet on the battlefield. :)

    Well gabi.elle made a good point:

    "but on the other hand, if the people just share the achievements in terms like - we achieve Anvil in my account, but the badge goes to my dual/trial as well.. then i am pretty sure (seen so many multiaccount servers already here), that many people would just go the shortcut "hey, i am missing this and this amount of points to reach three gold stars, make me your dual for me to reach it faster" way." - Gabi.elle

    There has to be something that makes sure people are not going to abuse the achievement feature I suggested. Maybee rule that suggestion out completely to "force" duals into switching main accounts more often. But still I feel sorry for my com4 dual who did not earn the win medal eventhough he spended just as mutch money, time and efford into the account.

    I'm looking forward to see more suggestions of people that might have even better idea's then my own. :)

    Hi all,

    I’ve been dualling for quite some servers now and mainly using my own avatar. Why my avatar was the one we picked no idea but we started with it and ended up doing it for the rounds that followed as well. I always found it quite unfair my own avatar was the one being recognized by players while my dual did put in the same effort and time managing and building the account. Also the achievements we got during the dual rounds only got granted to my avatar and not my duals.

    I have to mention I have 0 knowledge about programming and making games, so I don’t know how hard my suggestions are to implement, but it seems to me they are quite easy to fix.

    First I want to suggest the avatar recognition.

    My idea: When you dual/triple an account all avatars will be shown in the players profile. This way people know what players are dualling in that account and can be recognized by friends and foes on other current and future rounds.

    How would that look like? I’m quite sure the design apartment of Travian will do a way better job at it. But I reached out to my old pal Microsoft Paint to give a lame example I made myself:


    Positions explained:


    But what would the hero look like on the account?

    There are a few options that crossed my mind.

    - The best option in my opinion is that the heroes avatar can be changed seperately from the account owners avatar.

    - Another option would be the avatar of the account owner will be the hero’s appearance.

    - The the avatar can be set at the start of the game to one of the account dual/triple avatars. They have the option to change this 1 time during the server round.

    Achievements and prestige points

    - Every account linked to the avatar as dual/triple will be granted a server medal at the end of the round if they have been linked to the account for over 50% of the duration of the server. (With server medal I mean the once handed out at the end of the game to all players within a kingdom: To the end! #Place with kingdom on com)

    - For every achievement that is not present on one of the dualling accounts yet can be done on a dual account. For example Account A has been a duke before and already owns the achievements for this. Account B will be dualling Account A on a server where they play as duke with account A being the account owner. Account B will still be granted all the achievements and prestige points of the achievements not done by Account B yet. (To make this more fair towards single players the ammount of prestigepoints can be reduced by 50% and can be done again on a next server to earn the additional 50%.)

    I would love to hear what you all think about this proposal. And I love to see more idea’s and suggestions regarding the topic.

    With kind regards,


    Well Sissox#DE I've seen you as player and I know you know how to play. But that doesn't take away the fact that spiking can be used to waste an enemies time? Sure the risk of spiking is present as an off player I get annoyed by it alot. The way Keule#DE(6) is presenting his motivation of spiking is to get more ress out of it by himself is bullshit and your motivation on that is solid.

    But on the other hand by spiking you reduce the ammount of raiding units of an enemy. Make them waste time by sending a complete hammer to sweep it. Keep them busy updating their farmlists etc. Besides it can piss people off aswell and make them do stupid shit.

    Please don't tell me that this game isn't a time based thing? Where you produce X units/hour, where you run an efficient farmlists in x attacks/ min etc etc.

    The gold a active raider spends sure is higher than a deff player in most cases. So if you don't have the money to feed a decent hammer play deff. Simple as that.

    And to be clear. I don't support and motivate people to spike! Freaking annoying but taking it away till take away another tool for players to spice things up. Servers are death enough already lately.

    Well sure spiking is annoying when you are an active farmer. But its part of the game.

    Its a war game not hayday. People will do everything within their power to bug their enemies and make life more difficult for them.

    In modernday warfare its something, landmines etc. Back then it where holes in the ground covered with leaves and filled with deathly stuff. If you are active enough to lose plenty of units on those spiked villages you should also be active enough to keep your farmlists up to date and remove the spiked villages first thing when you see a red report. Make a sport out of it and sweep those spiked villages, use it to your benefit.

    And now all please stop whining about it and if you don't want to compete in a war game download candy crush and move along.

    Ps. I would actually love the idea of the showing name of reinforcers in gray villages. Will give a nice aspect to the game where spikers will be hunted. I would love to track them down and take it into a real fight. Happy Hunting gaul-idea)

    Pss. Whining about losing more units then you produce? Just don't farm with your hammer. Easy as that. Make farmvillages that supply your hammer with ress so you can continue building in there unharmed.

    Hi all,

    In these harsh times with all the stuff that is going on in the world at the moment I felt the need to reach out to all of you.

    The holidays these years, whether you celebrate them or not will be different for most of us compared to previous years. And although it’s a time of joy and laughter, its also a time of remembering the once we lost and have to miss this year.

    My advice:

    • Have a drink
    • Get yourself a good meal
    • In case the meal isn't that good afterall get more drinks, if the meal is good do the same, get more drinks.
    • Put on a epic x-mass movie. (Team (BAT)M.O.S. advices: Gremlins ,1984 by Joe Dante)
    • Don't forget about the drinks, keep them coming.
    • Drunk enough? Shed some tears for the once we miss this year.
    • Continue drinking.

    I would like to wish you all happy holidays. Stay safe and healthy and most of all, make the best of it as far as possible given your own personal situation.

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    I don't want people to recognize me in game via the forum avatar, that's all

    Well you have that option and I hope they solve the issue with that for you.

    But still I don't see why you don't want to be recognized on forum. It smells,,, but ohwell who am I to judge on the matter. You will for sure have some valid reasons.

    In my case I use the forum to boost the servers I participate in, the forum is perfect to spice things up, and by being recognized as the one that pokes te bear it always end up in interesting ingame situations.

    Just pure curiosity, why would you want to hide your avatar on forum?

    Kinda sounds like you want to talk smack on forum but don't have the skills to back it up in game. (That isn't an accusation, just something that poped up in my mind immediately.)