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    I think you might need these settings on forum, but not sure.

    It either could take a while for your forum avatar to change along with your ingame avatar. Never changed my avatar after setting it in my first round of Kingdoms so never really payed attention on how to change it along in forum.

    Click ingame on your avatar (top right corner).


    Go to attributes, you now see your stats and a bigger picture of your avatar.

    Top right corner of the bigger picture of your avatar shows an option to change appearance.

    Hi all,

    I made alot of stuff a while back with the idea to help out new players we would recruit for the kingdom I usually play in.Now I've given it a good thought and since I'm a teatcher by hart (and in RL aswell) I felt like sharing some of those guides and little tricks.

    (For the people that know me from forum, I'm not always a d*ck, only if you play against me, or when I'm bored, or hungry, well yeah most of the time. :thumbsup:)

    My main motivation for sharing these guids is to promote fair play within the com servers and spark the light of new players with little successes so at one day they might give me a run for my money.

    A little disclaimer, all this is done from my own experience a while back. I could improve all guides and I'm sure alot of you out there can aswell. You might disagree with some statements and approaches in the guids themselves for whatever reason. But I'm oke with that. Not here to disagree with your own experience that is mostlikely way higher then mine.

    But I hope to help some of you out there. Enjoy and if there is anything that is wrong within those guids (wrong math, typos etc..) let me know. Most is written accompanied with a bottle of whine.

    Ressfield investment:…_9FysSPw/edit?usp=sharing

    Hammer/Rammerbuild for dummies:…x-A8xehI/edit?usp=sharing

    Natar villages:…3aQK1F0P/view?usp=sharing (Partially stolen from a forum post I found a while back, can't seem to find it now but big shoutout to the guy who wrote the start of it!)

    Basic farmguids for dummies:…M15Doj5ZrcgWFuVoH0YI/edit

    (Don't use bots you lazy ass cheaters, just clicker the click with your finger! Use a bot and I will haunt your dreams X( )…rDPGI56ZlCJZx-A8xehI/edit

    I made this a while back. You might find it usefull. Its basically the simple math for a hammer/rammer build over a 50 day period (Normal speed server, starting day +/- day 70). I'd say a good base to start with, but once more experienced you will most likely start the build way sooner.

    Ps. Other people might state a different approach or base their build on different ideas. Thats oke 🙂 Just here trying to help out.

    Pss. Let me know if there are any math problems or things I overlooked in there. Most is typed accompanied with a bottle of red wine... Cheers

    Welcome Unknown.

    Since there hasn't been a response in this thread let me kick it off.

    I have been playing travian since the classic servers as a little kid back in the days. When life became more busy the game got left behind but never forgotten. At one point I wondered if travian was still around and I ended up joining a kingdoms server for a casual play. Lately my casual play grew out into playing on a more serious note. (Not too serious ofc, just here to mess with peoples minds mainly).

    At one point I discovered the forum. And what is more awesome then playing with the rival kingdoms mind on forum? The current com4 I identify myself as Badman. But I see myself as a priest of laughter. Love me or hate me.

    You can use a max of 1 every day.

    So you should be able to revive again at 00:00 (Takes some time to load the option so could a few min after midnight. UTC+1)

    There are some building who can be demolished without losing their added value to your units. Smithy and Academy can both be demolished once you are done with the both of them. The added value and of the smithy by leveling certain units will not disappear once you demolish the smithy. Same goed for the researches done in the academy. The researched units will stay available to train in the barracks, stables or workshop.

    Further more it really depends on the goal in game and the goal of the specific villages you are aiming for. Want to go high pop and alot of villages (Try hayday), but that will be a reason not to demolish those buildings since they mainly give a nice pop and cp boost. If you don't need the spots, for example in supply villages to your hammer (no need to build those there anyway but still), if they are present and the spots are not needed, leave them be.

    The residence and palace could be demolished after you expended without losing those villages. In my opinion this is never recommanded since you will be an easy target to chief.

    Always leave your Embassy present in your villages. Once you demolish those you will lose the oasis along with it. Same goes for most other buildings who will lose their function once gone.

    To make it more easy for yourself. Make sure you know what your goal will be for the next expension. Will it be a hammer/ anvil village. Wil it be a supplyer?, Do you play deff or off. Don't waste ress on buildings, researches and units you won't use anyway.

    I know saying it is not ment offensive doesn't take away some people do interpet it as offensive.

    I truely have my thoughts and prayers with all people who experienced direct or indirect problems due to the pandemic.

    But I really couldn't help myself once I saw the empty template for this comic contest.

    Same problems on com4 as mentioned above. Asked around in the kingdom and all seem to have the same issues.

    1) Loading times are very long

    2) Need to log in multiple times (username + password) before being able to log in.

    3) Loading screen stuck at 50%, refresh and getting the same issues. A few more times refreshing works to get 100% and be in your account.
    4) Farmlist button to send out takes ages to load or doesn’t even load at all. (Refress and repeat issue 2 and 3)

    I know we have to send tickets but I can imagine you will get tired of them at one point.