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    1) Should you have any suspicions that someone is breaking the game rules please submit a report via the Help Center.

    2) Please understand that as it is currently not against the game rules to relocate/enter vacation mode during the endgame so we will not ban anybody for these reasons, however we are working towards improvements of the features which would hopefully meet better your expectations.

    1) I am reporting rule breakers every round. More than 30 accounts gets banned after my reports in every server. Why the hell no-life players like me gotta do all the s*** alone. Just please find 1-2 new "Multihunters" or do it by yourself and check for something suspicious in every round. Most of the multis are created day 0-2 when round starts. They all are 0 prestige, relocated to their main king account, similar names, same flags. Is it too hard to do this? Normal players are very busy in the first week when server starts. So cheaters are playing without getting reported for more than 1-2 weeks. It's very easy to find them. But hey, we are here to enjoy and play this game, not to look for cheaters.

    2) Noone said it's against the rules. It's NOT FAIR. It's ruining this game (less than cheaters, but still). You can search for posts "relocation abuse" "vacation abuse". Players are waiting for fix since 2018. It takes too long. (Maybe because all these posts about relocation/vacation abuse in 2018 did not reach "front page" and mods/admins missed them? These posts are in suggestions/ideas forum still.)

    EDIT: I wanted to say, that vacation is created to protect your account while you are on vacation, in hospital etc. Not for protecting treasuries and "boosting" account with troops.

    Regarding the permanent bans - usually we don't do that for the main account in cases of multiaccounting. We do however take away the benefits gained and track recurring rule violations so our punishments will tighten increasingly and eventually the player will be deleted if they keep breaking the game rules.

    No! Removing resources from warehouse and giving 1-2 days ban isn't punishment.

    1) Defensive alt accounts - created to defend main account or treasury. Happens every round. Attacker loses all his troops into multis def wall. Reports them, they all are banned.

    • Attacker lost all his troops
    • Defender (cheater) lost only def from his multi-accounts
    • He is unbanned after 1 day
    • Punishment to main account = empty warehouse + maybe he lose few buildings levels (And he will still be able to take tributes from his alt banned accounts I think). Why not removing all his troops before unbanning? Attacker's troops are dead. No rollback. Happens every round.

    2) Bot farms are created to support kingdom/one account with resources. Quite rare. New accounts are spamming advertisements in-game and selling bot farms. (I don't know how their random sending works, but I never got these messages, while my friends got 1-2 per round). [NOT ADVERTISING, BUT IT COSTS 3-4£ AND IT'S 100% SAFE THEY SAY]

    • New account makes kingdom, relocates his 8-11 bot accounts to his area
    • Building resource fields + warehouse with bot till all these accounts hits 200-250 pop
    • Somehow all attacks from random players are countered (with troops or just empty warehouses), maybe bot feature. Only player who made/bough this farm is allowed to take resources.
    • All accounts are banned
    • Punishment to player who made/bought this = NO PUNISHMENT. He is not banned. He just bought this farm. He is not connected with these accounts in-game.

    3) Alt accounts to relocate premade team to WW. Happens every round.

    • Premade team want to secure the best croppers around WW before all other players. They makes new king accounts in their WW side and relocates all their team to fast-settle next to WW.
    • All accounts are banned. But all their players are already relocated.
    • Main account is unbaned.
    • Punishment = No info. [No change to pop, maybe just empty warehouses or no punishment]
    • It's tactical. Why all these new villages settled from these banned accounts are not deleted? Everyone knows these accounts are alt accounts and it's too obvious. Only their members are relocated. Not fair.

    I can find more examples if needed. Or you can see them in every international round (more common in speed servers than normal rounds).

    These punishments are joke. All cheaters gets almost the same punishments no matter what they do. If you can't give perm bans, maybe give normal punishments so they will see that it's not worth cheating. Now gain from cheating is 10x bigger than losing from bans.


    I am not talking about these players who makes 2-3 accounts just for "fun" without any tactical purposes, just to be stronger than their neighbours. Yeah, these punishments works for "noob" cheaters.

    Lmao I love how ru and tr are fighting and calling each other cheaters, being top2 cheaters in this game. And yeah, noone cares. Waste your time reporting cheaters and see them getting unbanned everytime. If you missed - mods just delete all posts complaining about cheaters/bans/abusers. No complains = no problems. That's their logic.

    Only one good thing about abusers - more abusers - more people will complain - more players will leave this game - less income for TK. Maybe they will start doing something. Check your friend lists. I bet more than half are inactive for months now.

    It's com-2 discussion. You need to share reports here and discuss about this round. Not flame each other here. "Witch hunting" is against the rules. Crying here wont help. You need to post it in General discussions. More people will complain - faster they will do something to prevent cheaters/abusers/bots. :)

    It's not a crime, it was possible and you used it, all I'm saying is that this game mechanic wasn't thought like this from what I am reading and they will probably change it in the future

    It's being abused for ~2 years now. I don't think they will change anything.

    And yeah, sieging WW from vacation mode is sheeps tactic.

    Not is not player friendly at all. As I asked for best free position and it puts me next to a lot of villages, some even have second, while I see many wide open spaces witout a village anywhere. So also a wrong desician can't be made claim when have to choose where you want your village is false.

    Yeah, joining server when it's running for ~1 week and more is very bad for new players. You spawn in the middle of very big kingdoms and they will just destroy you. You are forced to join them. Not even talking about those who want to play as king.

    "after he lost the war" :D

    I am not playing in com3, but I know what is Faust#EN(9) talking about. Typical big kingdom tactic - make a lot accounts, secure croppers with multi-accounts, create new king accounts to relocate their team closer to WW, make alt def accounts to protect treasuries early game, create "spy" accounts and join nearby kingdoms, make bot farms to support their kingdom with res. All these accounts will be banned(if reported) or deleted by owners later and advantage they get is permanent and cheaters who created these accouts will be unbanned.

    I can give a lot examples.

    Just report them it's easy.

    Lol reports does nothing, like I wrote before. Their main account is always unbanned after 1-2 days, only alts remains banned. And they just empty main acc warehouse. GUY HAS 9 NEW ALT ACCOUNTS + MAIN ACCOUNT and all he gets is 2 days ban on main and empty warehouse LMAO... He is gaining big advantage from these alts and support is like "ok lets ban his alt accs, maybe he will spend more money on main". And while you are waiting for response from support (~2-4 days) they will get 50x more res compared what they lose from "ban". They know it so they are creating new accs every week.

    Why should I waste my time reporting 50 accounts every week if their main can't get perm and they will just keep creating new acc. Without perm bans this game will become cheat to win.

    And what are "multihunters" doing? Waiting till tilted players like me reports all cheaters while they are doing NOTHING. Maybe it's time to join international servers and start banning cheaters?

    It's not about their alt accounts. It's all about MAIN ACCOUNT. Noone cares about these bot farms and alt def accounts. Why the hell MAIN ACCOUNT IS ALWAYS UNBANNED?

    Are devs/CM/Support even playing this game? I don't think they know what happens. Or they just don't care. Many posts about vacation/relocation abuse from 2018. It's almost 2020 now...

    You can rename this game to "Russian Kingdoms" soon, where bots and multi-accounts will be only players here.

    I don't get it, why you can be unbanned if you make multi-accounts. By playing this game you agree with rules. But some guys create 9 more accounts and their main is always unbanned. Why? Because you think he will buy gold and you will earn money from him... Perm bans will stop many cheaters who use alts to gain advantage on their main account.