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    Not is not player friendly at all. As I asked for best free position and it puts me next to a lot of villages, some even have second, while I see many wide open spaces witout a village anywhere. So also a wrong desician can't be made claim when have to choose where you want your village is false.

    Yeah, joining server when it's running for ~1 week and more is very bad for new players. You spawn in the middle of very big kingdoms and they will just destroy you. You are forced to join them. Not even talking about those who want to play as king.

    Teuton king - very good if you have friends who can protect you. You build off hammer as king.

    Roman king - good for late game. Playing def is not really worth as king roman. You can do WW hammer with catas.

    Gaul king - very good if you want to play def and your friends are off players. Your village will be safe till late game if you build def and traps nonstop.

    It's very easy to abuse treasuries. Your govs can just attack and take your treasuries if you are under atatck. Or if you destroy enemies treasury they rebuild ir instantly and activate in 12h again. I think it's too easy. We need more competitive gameplay and make it harder for kings. So I suggest:

    1) Every time your treasury is destroyed/deactivated you get +12hours till next activation.

    2) When your governments attacks you and takes treasures - you lose Victory Points (same as enemy attacks from lower rank kingdoms)

    3) When your treasury is destroyed - you get +24 hours to your activation time (now it's too easy and no punishment for kings)

    4) In the late game treasuries are very important but very easy to rebuild or move them from one village to other.


    1) More competitive gameplay

    2) You need to defend treasuries instead of hiding treasures

    3) Longer wait time stops abusers from activating/deactivating treasuries in different villages (like for unions or to invite players, or collecting tributes)

    4) Treasuries will be very very important

    5) No more treasures moving

    6) Good for Russian playstyle (they always push all their def to treasury. Not like my members, they never send me def :'( )

    7) More fun, because it's awesome idea


    1) More multi accounts will be created to protect treasuries

    2) If your treasury is overflowing your duke can't move treasures to his village (so more planning and thinking needed, that's good anyway)

    3) Even more work from devs needed

    4) More planning and thinking needed if you are king

    Relocation is heavily abused. Good for spies/jumpers. Remove relocation. Add teleportation! Same reqs like relocation, but:


    1) You can teleport unlimited times only while in beginners protection. Teleporting is disabled after you hit 200 pop or protection ends.

    2) No more jumpers

    3) No more spies who stays in your kingdom with 1 village for 1 month and then relocates away with all the info about your kingdom

    4) Players will be more loyal. No more: Mad Skillz:"Hi would you like to join us?" PLAYER:"ok lets try, but if you are noob I relocate away".

    5) Very good idea

    6) No more fights for members between kingdoms (trying to steal members and relocate them into your kingdom)

    7) "tele me to (11|11)" is shorter than "relocate me to (11|11)"


    1) More work from devs needed

    2) You lose your troops

    3) Res fields stays the same

    4) Devalues fast settling method

    We all know that vacation mode is only used for abusing in-game mechanics. Change vacation mode into "account lock". It's the same like being banned but you can lock/unlock your account like vacation mode. You can't do anything when your account is locked. Can't build, send troops/res, train troops, no production, no treasuries activation/deactivation. Account lock is disabled when WW appears.


    1) No more abusing

    2) Good idea

    3) Yes


    1) Devalues bans

    2) Requires work from devs

    If you are king: Map view -> click on free area in your kingdom -> click on black crown + -> invite player to relocate.

    If you want to relocate: message any King and ask them to invite you to relocate to their kingdom.

    (We can relocate you in Com2x3 :) )

    Vacation abuse, relocation abuse. Nice. 3 players with 160k+ troops relocating next to me and destroying villages and treasuries in less than 30 mins, takes 30k+ treasures and relocates away. We can't even attack them back. Top1 kingdom's dukes going on vacation mode when WW fights begins. Actvating/deactivating treasuries while you are on vacation... I am sad.

    Copied from announcements post:

    "Here is a list of the most important dates:
    Beginner's Protection: 3 days or until you reach a population of 200
    Vacation days: Up to 7 days, Countdown in advance is 24 hours
    Kingdom Unions: Kingdoms can unite after 6 days
    Tier 2 and Tier 3 items: the fancier items will appear on day 8, Wednesday, Oct 30, and on day 16, Thursday, Nov 7
    WW activations: On day 26, Sunday, Nov 17 at 1:00 pm CET (UTC + 1) (winter time change -> hence 1 hour difference)
    approx. game round duration: 5 - 6 weeks"

    I think 7 days, Not sure.

    It's probably because there are not enough space in your kingdom. Robbers spawn on normal tiles (on these tiles where you can invite players to relocate). If you want more robber camps - you need to secure free space in your kingdom for them :)

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