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    1. Except resource levels are fluid. They change constantly (or should be). So when your merchant arrives the data is no longer relevant.

    2. If you haven't seen that you're producing too little resources to run constant troop production then you don't even have a 1 hour training queue. I question the logic of adding this information.

    3. Was literally discussing ROI last night. It might be useful, it might not. Irrespective, if I need more crop I'm upgrading the crop fields....

    4. I would support this for kings and dukes. If you really have a hierarchy then it is no issue at all. Already exists as an option for secret societies.

    Hi Georgi.

    While that makes perfect sense, it doesn't change the fact that currently there is a huge functionality of the map when using a mobile device. The current test version is better, as i said. But still not what it would describe as useful.

    Can't mark fields beyond adding a colour by the way. Which is great for visually informing myself of landmarks, but literally useless within a kingdom.

    Clearing cached data appears to have helped thank you. No longer hanging at the loading screen.

    Samsung galaxy s9 running android 9

    Since getting new map App now hangs on loading screen more than it works. I can select server. Then select my account or an account I sit. Then it just hangs. Imma say 8 out of 10 attempts to load.

    It really is not making life easier.

    The map itself is easier to read than the old. Still lacking in functionality, but an awful lot better than trying to use the browser map on a phone. That's hopeless (chrome for android). Perhaps the devs could work on an m.kingdoms,

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