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    I dont know, if we accpet it , it likely will be a boring server , basically whole server against onr. This is Lihkg last server, we don't want a boring game. We got what most our member vote for, so no regret on that.

    Our member really build a crazy number of hammer, which allow us to do some crazy math at the end. During the ww period, we attacked 5 WW, try to tune their level to get the rank we aim for. Sadly some member didn't follow the order about what to aim, we lose a day or two because of that.

    For our wonderful member, wise you all good luck. As most of you are elite player, you guys won't be hard to find a new kingdom to play for. (I heard that Triangle already steal some of you guys for the BB server, haha )

    Anyway, GG everyone and every team!

    For me, I am retire from this game, until they fix the broken vacation mode and unlimited relocation

    I am sure we will meet again somewhere, maybe other game or in real life , until we meet again, good luck all !

    DKTIN ---- dual of DKozil , VK of Lihkg

    But damage is done , the ban came so late

    Vacation shouldn't have any bonus after all


    It won't work that way

    He is talking about the "first" 13 day

    No one will have barrack level 20 and great barrack level 20 , and the resource to make troop 24/7 on the first few day , remember there is no pushing for the first few day, so your number won't happen at all

    The only way to have this number is :

    vacation for 7 day , after that , a group or whole kingdom push all resource to him to barrack , great barrack all level 20 and make troop 24/7 and with the double speed of troop making bonus, it will have that number

    And this is why vacation mode broken ! If you are vacation, your account should be freeze and no bonus after you back from vacation, vacation should only protect you from being farm during the vacation time, not something like this to create a mage rammer on day "13"

    Menhir no limit relocation and Vacation mode , we been asking for a fix for more than a year

    Menhir no limit relocation and Vacation mode , we been asking for a fix for more than a year

    I can speak for most of my team , we are out of the game after the current round

    Looks like no one could fill my shoes to and make it an entertaining server i see.

    Looks flat and boring - good luck everyone anyway.

    No one show report didn't mean nothing happen, please look and Lihkg and Doom location , and top 10 maybe before you post it boring

    I don't mind you raise the price if you build a new phone app, your phone app is slow, no respond and outdated. How the heck we still got a app like this in 2021, new player won't join with a app like this, everyone play on their cellphone today. If you want more player, more money, plz build a new app.

    At least show something worth the price change

    But for now, i don't think it worth it.