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    Hello! I am new to travian kingdom and am inspired by my brother to play this game.

    I always heard him saying big ww hammer all the time.

    I wonder what is the tier for different ww hammer

    Like speed server or normal server

    for kings

    for governors

    what is the good number of ww hammer

    also how can achieve that


    Hi Georgi,

    Is it possible to launch a new normal speed server in June? My team has been waiting for it since the end of com2x3. I understand 2 speed servers was launched earlier but those 2 are with night truce which is not as exciting as normal speed round. We thought com1x3 which had ended in March will relaunch in June so we did not join the birthday rounds. I am sure some players feel the same.

    No speed round in June really disappoints those who didn't join birthday rounds but are waiting for next speed round. By the mid June, BBash rounds will enter end game phase which makes launching a new normal speed round tempting for those who didn't join BB rounds/ deleted /com1x3 /com2x3 players.

    So I am wondering if it is possible to launch a new speed round in June? I understand this may be developers decision but would like to see if hope can happen just like com server in April (players' wish come true).

    Thanks for your precious time reading this.

    Love u

    Players hoping for a new speed round in June