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    Your idea is not bad, but it just makes life difficult for large kingdoms.

    My version of the change complicates and provides new opportunities for everyone. Gives the kingdoms the right to choose between attack, defense, or the number of members. This will increase interest and the game will be more active.

    Yes, obviously the goal is to make it harder for larger kingdoms...

    I agree with @Shpagin, even small kingdoms would have a chance to shine :) And it also support elite kingdoms, which is healthy for the game.

    With boosting you can get 10m def points if you want. Def points do not show that you are any more skilled at the game compared to how many troops you have trained.

    Yea sure... so you can have 2M troops and 0 def points and I wouldn't notice u had that many troops :D It's like saving up money all life and then dying before you can even spend them... you can tell people you had that many troops but nobody is going to care really :D Same reason there is no medal for troops cooked but for troops killed right

    Anyway can u guys not transform this forum post into ego battle.. we want just to suggest ideas u know

    See DarkSke's deff pts, its not posibble to have 2m deff,
    But with logical defending it is posibble to achieve deff points.
    And developers already made a feature to show deff points, so what.
    Well one would argue that.... ''uuuuh i had so much leftoever deff bla bla''
    Well, you should've used them,then.

    Exactly.. arguing with leftovers - who cares :D
    I would like to have as many def points as possible and be able to see how many of each kind of troop I trained at the end of the server at least tho. It's not hard to implement this into the game I am sure of that.

    Maybe you are right...

    I need QWR to train phalanxes and set me as a sitter, So I can use the deff with logic.

    Imo.. and I can tell that would happen.. you clearly had more def points than all gold players on the server, I don't know speed measures but that's quite remarkable, maybe u were just in a good place with your army but still I can imagine FTP players brag about cooked troops either :D And if not, after all, def points is what matters most - who cares about troops cooked when u cant use them.

    I ended rounds as #2 and #4 deffer as a governor with 0 gold.
    So I do not need to know better, thanks.

    Deff is huge pay to win in this game, nothing would change my mind.
    + Having great amount of troops does not still make you a ''great deffer''
    QWR is a good example to these type of players, over 900k+ troops yet don't know what to do.


    Even so if that is case... this update wont hurt anybody and will only benefit all :) Also i dont personally take speeds seriously so... :D

    Oh yes, people love to brag about that :) Even players who don't spend that much like to brag about it. Thinking that only gold makes you a good defender is such a bad opinion, you clearly don't know enough people... You actually need 7 villages, c6 capital, 1k gold and you will end in the top 10 defenders like nothing if you know what to do.

    This feature will most certainly improve the fun part of the game. People just love to have more troops than the others.

    Either simple new tab in statistics as "personal statistics" and you add trained troops counter, maybe think of some other things.
    Or simply adding further achievement of trained troops in game (not overall achievement like Gaul/Roman/Teuton commander).

    The first option would be more accurate, because you would see for exact number of phalanx, swords, druids and headun trained instead of counting it as "1 unit" in achievement or quest.

    The first option is the best idea... counting every each troop u build is just too good :) But if it's hard a task for devs I would be happy with the new achievement too...

    Yes... it has nothing to do with stolen goods for sure.

    It's the production and troop amount combined(nobody knows how is it exactly), SG in hideouts is based on the day of the server I think. But I don't agree 15c owners have small hideouts... from experience when I had 150% cropper, I got to all lvl 14 fields very quickly without training any troops, my hideouts were really big so i needed to train a lot of additional troops to be able to clear them(as def gaul). On the other hand, when losing a hammer as a off, they got reduced too :D

    It's true, disabling starvation would solve the problem, with this solution oasis can be unassigned automatically when entering vacation, because the only logical reason why the person in vacation mode needs a bonus from oasis is to help her feed troops while during vacation. Oases that don't provide crop bonuses are 100% useless for players on vacation though. And IMHO need to be unassigned automatically.

    From TK update page: "Plus, your wood, clay, and iron production as well as your troop training will come to a halt."

    But in my opinion, halting crop production and starvation during vacation would brink more problems than benefits and I think it needs a different solution. As I said, some players are abusing this game mechanic just to hurt you and their intention isn't feed troops or something.

    The solution would be implementing some conditions to filter those players. Something like: those who have no problem feeding their troops or have a negligible amount of troops will be unassigned from crop oases automatically when entering vacation. On the other hand, those who have a big army and have problem feeding will never be unassigned from crop oases(Example: If your crop production is in high positive = unassign, else never unassign)

    Although I know how hard it is to implement this and it will need a lot of work to make it happen.

    Hello TK fanatics,

    I have a cropper, with a 125% bonus. This cropper is out of the kingdom and so are oasis connected to it, thus I cannot send troops there to increase my influence. One day, one random has decided that it's a good idea to upgrade his village to a city, and since he is just the next to the oasis assigned to my cropper, he of course has more influence than I do, even if I had 2k pop I just can't win over him.

    That wouldn't be a problem, my first reaction was sending catas on him and destroying his embassy, threatening him in PM that he should stop ---> typical reaction of someone who just has 40% bonus instead of 50%, everybody with 125% or such cropper knows that feeling.

    But...But... he has built that embassy again, assigned that oasis, and went on max duration vacation :)

    Can you spot a problem in this game mechanic?

    Suggestion: Unassign oasis when the player starts vacation.