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    This isn't some groundbreaking idea. But can be something like dual chatbox implemented that is only visible to players doing dual?

    I know there is Discord and other 3rd party alternatives but this shouldn't be hard to implement in existing chat structure (the thing in down left corner who almost noone pays attention to)

    Hi there I need to transfer from King of my Kingdom to a become a Duke of another Kingdom. My question is: How do I do the process step by step and keep all of my treasures too so they don't get lost or given away? I need to do this ASAP and don't want to stuff up the process.

    Main thing to confuse me is that it says: "Warning: If you convert the Treasury you will lose the influence generated by this village. Treasures will be relocated to other villages if they have free space." which makes me think all my governors get treasures??

    Thank you :)

    Hey, like it's said, your treasures will be moved to other kingdom treasuries if there is free space. And yea you lose influence as you won't be king anymore :D

    Hi, is it possible to fix some basic stuff

    - Opening messages through system notification (keeps loading forever)

    - Get the game looking and functioning at least closer to browser version if not the same.. It feels like some super poor version with like just 20% of browser version

    - Enabling to see shared battle reports from other players

    - Enabling to open coordinates my kingdom shares in chat or at least make coordinate finder work for real.. At this moment I can search for locations only by village/city names

    - Placing marker on villages gets me "invalid request"

    And a lot more.. Lets start with basics.. I hope you are aware how big Android market is and how much money and exposure it brings to developers, please polish the app.

    Best regards!