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    No, you only need to achieve one goal in IT5. You decide which goal (which contest) for your domain on the local poll.

    For example, the Italian community decides they want to name 555 villages ending in -ix- They do this and they win. Italians have done their work.
    But the other communities have their own contest too. Germans, Czech, Polish... The rewards will only be unlocked if 6 out of 11 communities reach their goals.

    So at least half of the domains have to reach the goals, then everyone gets it. You can help in the Italian community, but not the others. (Or you can, if you speak or want to play in other languages) :P

    I hope that's a bit clearer. If not, ask me any questions you might have :)

    Dear players,

    As you know, we recently had a contest for each tribe in different international game worlds (COM2, COM4 and COM5). After reaching the goals of each of these game worlds, exclusive cosmetic items and an achievement were unlocked for the participants.

    Some of you gave us feedback that you wanted to have similar contests for local game worlds and that these new visual assets should also be usable in the other game worlds. We have heard you and we’re happy to announce the following contest: You can unlock the new hero styles for everyone in every game world! This means they will no longer be attached to a single game world and will be interchangeable in any. The catch? It will require hard work from the local communities!

    Local domains work together for victory: On Tuesday, July 24th, 11 local game worlds will start. Each of these rounds will have their own tribe contest. To unlock the rewards, 6 out of 11 domains must successfully reach their contest goals.

    Which contest? Well, YOU decide which tribe fights for the honor of your community!

    • Roman contest: Have more Romans than Gauls or Teutons in the game world.
    • Teuton contest: The top10 Robbers of the week have more Teuton players than any other tribe.
    • Gaul contest: 555 villages are named ending with the suffix “-ix.”

    The contests goals must be met by the final day, August, 7th. There is a poll in the forum section of each local domain running until June, 11th where players can choose which contest they want to have in their game world starting on July 24th. If at least 6 domains meet their goals, we will release all the new hero styles for everyone in every game world, including international.

    If you’re part of one of the local communities, make your vote count and help us unlock the new assets for all!! :thumbsup:

    Your Travian Kingdoms team

    Hi @Skog#SE,
    we're sorry that we couldn't work on this sooner. It's in the list of next things we'll be addressing, so expect to have access to the mobile browser version from your mobile in our next update (0.88).

    The app has improved significantly. We know we still have a long way to go, but we're making progress. For example, vice kings can now collect tributes using the app on Android, one of the complaints written above. We're currently testing it for iOS too.

    Again, I'm sorry for the delay on the topic of the mobile browser version: it will be part of our next update (that will come soon).


    Yeah, we're sorry there's not a equivalent for the beard :( I even asked if they could be unlocked for females, but no luck, sorry! :P
    The female hairstyle looks way better and more original than the male one though, in my opinion. What do you guys think?

    Regarding changing the hairstyles in new game worlds... There will be a statement next week regarding this topic that I imagine will make a lot of players very happy :) You'll have to wait until next week to know more though!

    But going back to COM5... The new hairstyles and achievement will be unlocked this Wednesday (30-05-18), since we already reached more than 555 villages named after Vercingetorix!

    - You still have a few days to participate in our Gaul "tips for beginners" thread and win prizes here: Gaul Veterans/Newbies discussion and contest
    - And you can guess the final number of villages here, the closest numbers get prizes too! Vercingetorix contest tracking - Number of villages ending in -ix


    Dear players, As part of the Gaul contest, we recently asked you to name your villages after Vercingetorix to unlock prizes on COM5. We know some of you always play with Gauls, whereas others have never played with this tribe, so we're encouraging our most veteran Gaul players to help our newbies in this contest. Gaul veterans:

    • Share your tips as Gauls! What do you wish you had known about the Gauls since the beginning?
    • Answer the other players' questions! Be helfpul and share your knowledge!
    • Tell us your best strategy for the early game!

    Gaul beginners:

    • Ask your questions!
    • Share your learnings!

    To win, you just have to participate in this thread! Those that help the most (Ask interesting questions, answer other players' questions, share some tips, presents an awesome guide...) will get Gold prizes! Our internal jury will select these posts. We have 5x50 Gold to share with those that participate. Please note that the gold will given next Monday (29-05-2018), but you are welcome to continue the discussion further and we might revisit the thread later on with more prizes. Thank you and have fun! Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Dear players,

    In honor of the great Gallic leader, Vercingetorix, we're asking you – our dear Gaul players – to name your villages after him! To take part, follow these three simple rules:

    • Play as a Gaul in the game world starting on May 15th.
    • Your village name has to end with "ix". Examples: Druidix, Elephantix, Atlantix, etc. If you have more than one village, feel free to name them all with suffix "ix"!
    • If 555 Gaul village names end with "ix" by May 29th, everyone in this game round will receive a reward:

    - A special achievement
    - A male and female hairstyle, Gaul style
    - A new glorious beard!

    These amazing rewards will ONLY be available on COM5. If you use them, they will also be displayed in the lobby and forum. Of course, they will only be available if they're unlocked: There must be at least 555 Gaul villages named with the ending "ix" by May 29th.

    How can you take part?
    Start as a Gaul on COM5 and rename your village in honor of Vercingetorix using the ending "ix". Encourage your friends to join you! We'll keep track of the process in the forum.

    Are you a Gaul veteran?
    We need your help! We will open a thread where you can share your tips with Gaul newbies and win prizes too!

    Have you never played as a Gaul?
    Then it's time you did! The Gauls are actually the recommended tribe for learning to play Travian Kingdoms. Ask your questions in the thread we'll open and you can also win prizes!

    What about the other two tribes?
    The Romans already had their contest in March on COM2 and the Teutons had their contest in April on COM4.

    What about local domains?
    Wait for July and you'll have an even bigger impact!

    So, what do you think of the new Gaul hairstyles? What about the big, bushy beard? Are you looking forward to the start of COM5? Let us know in your comments!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Hello there,

    @Curtain 's answer is very useful. If you want more information, one of the TK game designers wrote a beginners' guide and included a few tips about this very same topic. You can read his tips about health and early adventures in the blog by clicking here.


    Dear players,

    thank you for playing Travian Kingdoms! In our latest update, we mainly focused on the improving the building queue and the tribute collection. Make sure that your app is updated to see all the changes live!


    • Building queue: We changed the behavior of the level borders to match it with the browser version. When a building is currently leveled up and you have still empty slots in the building queue, the suitable buildings for this empty slot are shown with a green border now.
    • Building queue: We changed the level border behavior to align it with the behavior in the browser version. When the building queue is full, every building that you can upgrade and have enough resources to do so, will be shown with a golden border now.
    • Building queue: We now added a button to reserve resources for buildings in the building queue
    • Tribute Collection: We have shown tributes that are out of reach of the king or duke. These tributes are not part of the tributes list anymore.

    Bug fixes:

    • Building queue: Romans have two building slots in their building queue. We fixed a bug so that Roman players can use and fill both slots within the app.
    • Hero styles: The new hero styles from the tribe contests on com2 and com4 weren’t shown in the app. Now you can see them there, too.
    • Android 7: In this version, it wasn't possible anymore to cancel a level up in the building queue. This is fixed now.
    • Daily quests: Sometimes, the daily quest list was not displayed. It is now.
    • Vice Kings: Vice kings couldn’t activate a treasury via app. Now, they can do so.
    • Language: When the language you are using on your phone is not supported, we will use English as general fallback language now and not Swedish anymore since we realized that there are not so many people understanding it.
    • Denying tributes: We fixed some bugs that occurred when denying tributes
    • A couple of minor bug fixes and performance improvements

    What do you think of these changes? Let us know in a post below!

    Your Travian Kingdoms team