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    Thanks to all for participating! We enjoyed reading your stories!

    Our team read them and we decided the ones we liked the most and why. Congratulations to the following 5 players, you won 75 Gold!

    Winner Prize Reason
    @Philbaaa 75 Gold A lot of ingame elements, well redacted, funny references and interesting to read!
    @wayne#EN 75 Gold Waking up in the morning and reading your "attack report", very funny mental image! Lots of ingame elements incorporated into the story too.
    @Sienka Moonrise 75 Gold Many ingame references, long plot and entertaining to read!
    @Kurat_COM 75 Gold We enjoyed your short story, it was a great read! Also: there's nothing cooler than scars from fighting a crocodile. (Maybe scars from fighting a shark, but they don't live in oases so they're not in the game... :( )
    @Vidar#PL 75 Gold Cool story! We liked imagining the two brave kings fighting each other until sunrise and putting their differences aside with a big final hug. Thanks for the story!

    To receive your prize, reply to this post or send me a personal message in the forum with your avatar name and game world where you'd like your prize.

    Thanks for participating and until our next contest!


    Sí, la verdad es que cuando llega un cambio de horario siempre tenemos problemas. En Madrid ahora es GMT +2 (o CEST) no +1, por lo del cambio de hora de verano.

    Como bien dice Origen, puedes cambiarlo manualmente en las opciones. De todas formas, nuestro diseñador del juego ya ha preparado un concepto para facilitar y arreglar el problema del horario. Pronto habrá un nuevo sistema que es mucho más sencillo y que dejará de dar problemas cada par de meses. En un mes o dos debería estar listo, pero por ahora puedes mirar y cambiar los ajustes del juego para que funcione.

    Un saludo,

    Hi Jak !

    We're just running out of numbers! COM8 will be a normal international world. The only thing special about COM8, as you already mentioned, is that it's the first COM8 ever. That means that the winning kingdom will have the honor of having the very first victory.


    Dear players,

    As you may remember, a few months ago we had a story featuring two kings that united, Ferdinand and Hugo.
    Ferdinand, the Teuton, got a big scar in his face. Now we're asking you to imagine how he got it. To participate, use the beginning and end of the story and write the part of the middle:

    "Once upon a time, Ferdinand and Hugo were united kings. Ferdinand is a Teuton, Hugo a Gaul. Although, they have different characters, they are getting along well, but then..."

    ... (this is the part you write!)

    "...and this is why Ferdinand came home with a scar on his face."

    An internal jury will select the best 5 stories. The stories can be funny or serious, long or short, it's up to you! It will be valued positively if the story uses elements from the game (e.g. he
    encountered a clubswinger while on an adventure!) and it's necessary that the stories abide by the rules of the forum.

    The 5 winners will receive 75 Gold each for their effort. Contest will run until Monday, 23th April. The winners will be selected and prizes will be given on Tuesday, 24th April. Good luck to everyone!

    Your Travian Kingdoms team

    Hey, impersonating the appearance of members of the Travian Kingdoms team should be a bannable offense!! :D

    Regarding the topic of the thread: we'll make sure to announce game worlds in the forum too from now on.

    Sorry about that, @Alonewalker#EN. Sadly, like I said, it's out of our hands. We did more pressure today, but no answer from the external provider. Last thing we heard is that they're fixing it, but I'm afraid we cannot do anything else. Again, I suggest using a different paying method if available.

    We will let you know whenever we have any updates and we'll keep doing pressure to have it fixed as soon as possible.

    Thanks to all for participating!!!
    You guys have some seriously cool heroes. Not everyone could make it for the picture, but here are your heroes celebrating their new look! That is what I call a well defended village :)

    The following players received 50 Gold in the accounts they mentioned: @Пашгун#RU, @Stavinator#PT, @TAMO_AE, @snarf#ES, @Akıncı, @snow flake. I'm missing your game world and avatar name, @blackknight#EN(1), you also won. Let me know so I can send you your prize.

    Again, thank you for participating! If you can take the challenge of playing on another game world, COM4 will have its unique event about Teutons starting tomorrow Thursday.

    Hi @Alonewalker#EN,

    Thanks for noticing us the problem. Sadly, it's not an issue on Travian Kingdoms' side, so all we can do is pressure the responsible provider to fix it. We've tried for several days now, but apparently it couldn't be fixed yet. We'll continue doing more pressure and asking them until it's working fine again. Once it's fixed, we'll inform about it in the forum. We are sorry for the inconvenience :(

    If it's possible, consider using some of our other paying methods. If it's not possible, please be patient until it's working again.


    Exacto, dinosaurios y hombres lagarto confirmados para 2019 xD
    La idea de nuevas tribus no está descartada porque sabemos que es algo que a la mayoría de los jugadores le hace mucha ilusión, pero no me refería a eso.

    Tendrás que aguantar un poco más con la intriga para saber de qué hablo :) .

    Nice timing, @Achnael! We just posted the rules and customization options for the next event, that starts with COM4 this Thursday: COM4 contest details – The Teuton World – Raid like a Teuton!

    Just as confirmation of what you say: These hairstyle and other customization options are exclusive to the game world they can be obtained from. Once removed, you must go to the original game world where you got them from to equip them again. Sadly, this means once that game world is over, the options will be gone forever if you decide to change your hairstyle.

    The point is that they're exclusive and a one-time only chance to get a customized look others do not have :) We have more stuff coming, for now I'm only allowed to say that you should grab all the new hairstyles while you can and not worry too much about it. :D

    Que lo sepan todos: por culpa de @Oso, la idea no tendrá lugar :(:D

    Y ahora hablando en serio: Como bien dice Oso, es un cambio enorme y no es algo que podamos cambiar de la noche a la mañana. Originalmente la idea fue aceptada, después fue incorporada al concepto de los 6 week game worlds (que serían un tipo especial de mundo de juego) y finalmente quedó en el aire y bajó de prioridad porque la comunidad no estaba de acuerdo si era o no una buena idea.

    Quizás volvamos a echar un vistazo al concepto, pero ahora mismo estamos trabajando en otras características del juego que no puedo spoilear aún. Si hay mucha demanda por esta idea de nuevo, volverá a subir de prioridad, pero hasta entonces estamos trabajando en otras cosas que nos pedís más frecuentemente.

    Un saludo,

    Dear players,

    COM4 is starting on the 29th of March and it will be accompanied by a unique Teuton event.

    April is the month of the Germanic goddess Ôstara and she brings the spring with her. During this Teuton celebration, we want the Teutons to do what they do best: raid! If the majority of the top10 Robbers are Teutons by Sunday, the 8th of April, everyone in the game world will get the following rewards:

    • A special achievement
    • A male and a female hairstyle – Teuton style!
    • A new set of eyeswith a battle-hardened scar!

    These amazing rewards will ONLY be available on COM4. When you are using them, they will be shown in the lobby and the forum as well. Of course, they will be available only if they’re unlocked: there must be a majority of Teutons players in the TOP10 Robbers statistics of COM4 by the 8th April.

    How can you participate?
    Start as Teuton in COM4 and raid like there’s no tomorrow! Encourage your friends to do so too! We’ll keep track of the process in the forum.

    Are you a Teuton veteran?
    We need your help! We will open up a thread where you can share your tips with Teuton newbies and win prizes too!

    Have you never played as a Teuton?
    Don’t worry! You can ask your questions in these threads and also win prizes!

    What about Romans and Gauls?
    Romans already had their contest in March on COM2. For those of you that love the Gauls, they will also get their special contest in the upcoming month. Just be patient!

    What about local domains?
    Don’t worry, you will even be more powerful! You just have to be a little bit more patient!

    So, what do you think of the new Teuton hairstyles? What about the savage looking scars? Are you looking forward to the start of COM4? Let us know in your comments and don’t forget to prepare your clubs!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Hi again @Tom#EN(102) ,

    Thanks for the detailed description of the issue. We have a few ideas on how to fix the problem and we will work on finally getting it right. We're also planning to make it easier to synchronize times with other players while avoiding the same problems with every daylight savings time switch. We are sorry it has been happening for so long, we have increased the priority of the issue and we'll work on it soon.

    For now, for those whose in-game times don't match with their local times, play a bit with the settings until you get it right. It's not ideal, but it'll have to do for now. Please note that you might have to reload the page after changing times for it to be displayed correctly. We're sorry for the inconvenience and ask you for a bit more patience :( .

    In any case, thanks for bringing our attention to the problem, we'll work on it as soon as possible and will keep you updated through the forum.

    Hola @Daltarián#ES,
    lo de mandar unidades para defender tus otras aldeas sí se puede sin problemas, pero claro, si las quieres enviar a una tercera aldea desde la que defienden como invitados, primero tienen que "pasar por casa" (a saludar a la esposa e hijos :D ).

    Por lo que sé sigue estando en la cola de cosas que desarrollar, pero no hubo tanta demanda como esperábamos y bajó de prioridad. Ahora mismo estamos trabajando en otras cosas, pero la idea no ha sido descartada.

    Un saludo,

    Hi all,

    I'll try to address all your topics. Let me know if there's something else I've missed and sorry for the long text! (There's a summary at the end :D )

    As @Skog#SE mentioned, vice kings cannot collect tributes using the app. This is the first priority of our mobile development team at the moment. We already have the feature developed for Android (and it'll be available for Android users soon, once it's properly tested) and it's our number one priority for iOS. In general, we are working on improving the app and bringing the missing features from the browser to the app. One of the things high in the list are farm lists and reports, as @Randalthor suggested, which we hope to rework soon so they're fully functional on the app too.

    When it comes to the app, it still isn't perfect, but we have taken several steps in the right direction by bringing the chat to the app and by largely improving the stability of the app in the last month (Our latest release fixed almost all crashes and currently sits at 97,3% crash-free users on Android and 98,5% on iOS). That is to say that things are moving forward and now for example it should be difficult to randomly crash while using the app. Still, I repeat that we know it's far from perfect and we continue working on it.

    Regarding the mobile browser version, we decided to no longer support it since it meant we had to develop all features on it too, slowing down the development of the game significantly. Take into account that every single development had to be adapted (or made from scratch) for browser, mobile browser version, Android and iOS, taking a lot of time that could be spent in new features.

    As you know, as it currently is, the lobby hides the "continue playing" button whenever it detects you're on mobile. However, after reading your feedback, we will change this so the lobby still allows access to the NORMAL browser version through your mobile browser. This means that those of you that used the normal browser on mobile will still be able to continue playing as you were (Thanks for the feedback, @Skog#SE !). We'll try to change it back as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we'll continue working on improving the app. Regarding the "random" mobile browser messages on laptop/desktop that you mention @Thorsson, they should appear only once, unless you clear your cache. In any case, they will also be removed completely soon so they stop bothering you :)

    Summary (tl;dr): Normal browser version on mobile browser will still be accessible as usual, we'll take care of it asap. Meanwhile, we continue and will continue working on the app to improve it even further.

    Dear players,

    Players in COM2 recently unlocked the new Roman hairstyle and hair color, so we thought this is a good idea to display your hero to the world and win prizes along the way.

    What do I have to do to win?
    To participate, you need to take a screenshot of your hero and post it here. The screenshot must follow these rules:

    • It must show the full view of the hero (from the items menu)
    • Your hero must use the new Roman hairstyles or new hair color (or both!)
    • Your hero must wear no helmet (duh! else we cannot see the cool new hair!)
    • You must unequip the horse for the screenshot, you will know why later :)

    You can see an example on the right ->

    What are the prizes?

    • 7 players will receive 50 Gold, chosen randomly among all participants

    We're looking forward to seeing your heroes!
    Your Travian Kingdoms Team