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    Hi @Jaycee, Hi @Rashidix,

    like @Rashidix mentioned, there are some elements somewhat similar to what you describe (adventures, in this case) and I imagine it could be possible to add more complexity to the adventure system, similar to the events you describe... maybe something like "choose your own adventure" style: "Your hero encounters a wild tiger while on his adventure... does he: try to tame it... or does he try to kill it" with certain percentage of maybe taming it, which results in a tiger added to your village but failing to do so means losing a big percentage of your health and returning empty-handed. I could see that happening maybe, if there was enough interest.

    However, like @Rashidix said, Travian Kingdoms is not really oriented toward that kind of randomness and I can imagine many players being angry if we added any additional random factors to the game. I just want to point out the difference in the combat for example: In Crusader Kings II battles are an unknown... you don't know if the wind, the terrain o your generals are going to make you lose the battle and it's hard to predict when forces of similar strength face each other. In TK, on the other hand, you have a combat simulator that, provided you have all the data, can give you a 100% accurate prediction of the result of the battle and the fact that you can predict such things so accurately, plan with them and do the math is a core feature of Travian Kingdoms.

    I personally like the idea of a "grand strategy" game with random factors and different beginning traits for players (your character is... "son of a farmer!" therefore provides +20% crop!) that is always online and where every other character is a player, but definitely not for Travian Kingdoms. The core aspect of the game is too different to implement anything like that and it would mean basically changing every aspect of the game. Thanks for the suggestion though :) Let me know what you think about more complex adventures.


    Hi @Polenoo,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I'll pass on your feedback to the rest of the team, await for feedback and then get back to you.

    I can already give you my opinion on some of your topics, as community manager. In my opinion, you have written some very interesting points here. We receive hundreds of player wishes every week (so far each and every single one of them is discussed among community managers and game designers, no matter the original language) and we're always thrilled to put them on the pipeline for release, trying to innovate and make the game better following player feedback, but it's true that there have been several big changes in terms of gameplay in the past months and for those that do not constantly keep an eye on the forum it might have been a surprise. Every new update has a discussion thread attached to it where we keep track of your feedback and react on it, trying to improve the game. Our goal is to make the game more fun to the greatest number of players, but I agree with you that making too many changes at once can make it too irritating when you just want to play and not learn what's new.

    About testing things "live" on normal game worlds, that's never the case. I answered a similar question in the blog recently. All features go through several testing environments before they're released. First internally, then on the public live world. Kingdom Unions (the rebalancing part) was tested just as any other release. Problem is, Kingdom Unions had a second part which we could not test since it was not developed yet (actual unions). We had only developed the rebalancing changes necessary for later implementing Kingdom Unions and when estimating the time for the second part of the feature, it was thought it would be doable for the mid-game, including also all the different pre-release testing environments, but in the end it wasn't the case, as you well know. Just want to make clear that nothing that was untested has been released. The second part of Kingdom Unions will also be tested before release, there's no doubt about it and com2x3 has never been used as a testing environment.

    We could've waited 2 or 3 months without announcing Kingdom Unions at all and continue with normal game worlds until everything was more than ready, but that would've also meant no more new features in the meantime.
    I personally prefer the approach of less-frequent bigger updates with no big changes in between, but I'm not sure all would agree and it might make the game more boring in the eyes of some players that like to see their feedback have an immediate impact on the game. In my experience as a gamer, I've sometimes seen devs take so long in delivering updates in early access titles, for example, that the games are deemed "inactive" or "abandoned" by the players. There's a point in the middle that is just the right spot, and if there's a consensus about it, I'm sure it could be implemented for Travian Kingdoms as well, since as I mentioned in the beginning, we're just trying to make the game as much fun as possible for everyone. In any case, Kingdoms Unions will not be "tested" directly on a live game world, as no matter what, the testing phases have to be passed first. This means the test server should get the full release very soon, as it always happens once our QA colleagues are done with it .

    I will stop here since I don't want to steal your thread completely and there were many other interesting topics you mentioned. Just my small and personal insight about the current situation.

    Thank you for your time and feedback too!

    Como ha dicho @LuxusDarkangel, hay problemas técnicos. Por lo pronto, vamos a revivir las tropas que hayan muerto de hambre. Estamos intentando arreglar los temporizadores que se quedan en 00:00.

    Un saludo,

    Yes, @Jallu is right. While defending, the equipment boni affect all the (matching) units in the village where the hero is located, no matter which player or village they belong to. If there are multiple heroes and they're equipped with items affecting the same troops, these effects do not stack; only the strongest effect will be applied.


    The scariest night of all is around the corner! What better way to spend these horrifying moments than with Travian Kingdoms? Write us a horror story or take a picture of the King or Wren in your home and win up to 200 Gold!

    How can I participate?

    There are two ways to participate:

    • Write a short horror story that involves the world of Travian Kingdoms. It can be from the perspective of your avatar or involving you. It doesn’t have to be too long, but a story is more than one sentence! Feel free to post it under this thread. A good beginning would be, for example: “I woke up with a bad feeling in the middle of the night… I went online, opened the Travian Kingdoms tab and then I saw it! I saw…”


    • Print Wren or the King (or both!), all nicely dressed for Halloween, and make them join your Halloween decorations! Adopt them for Halloween and put them on display next to a pumpkin or the rest of your Halloween decoration. Then take a picture and post it here on the forum, like this example (but possibly better!) You can find the templates here: 1) The King, 2) Wren, 3) Both with background (max image size 1MB)

    Can I do both?

    Yes, you can do both or only one, the choice is yours! As soon as you complete one, your name will be added to the list of possible winners. If you complete both tasks, your name will be added twice, making it more likely that you will be one of the winners!

    What can I win?

    • The four best stories or pictures get: 2 vouchers* of 50 Gold
    • Eight randomly chosen winners get: 1 voucher of 50 Gold

    *About vouchers: You can use them for yourself, gift them to a friend, or wait for the next game world to use them!

    Until when can I participate?

    You can participate until the 2nd of November 0:00 UTC. We’ll announce the winners and give out the prizes shortly afterwards.

    //Remember, no insults or downvotes are allowed. Be respectful with each other and leave war for the game.//

    Happy Halloween! :evil:

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Exactamente lo que ha dicho @LuxusDarkangel :D

    Le pasamos la información de las screenshots al equipo. Y como bien ya se ha dicho, si ves algo que no esté actualizado en la ayuda, escríbenoslo para que lo cambiemos cuanto antes. Sobre el futuro de la wiki aún no hay novedades, pero lo más seguro es que se mude a una nueva y que se borre todo lo que ya no esté actualizado.

    Un saludo,

    Hi everyone,

    a few weeks ago, we gathered many of your questions regarding the game, the team, the founder of Travian and all kind of different topics that you kindly wrote to us.

    Finally, we have managed to answer them! You can find the answer to some of these questions in two blog posts we have prepared (Available in English, German and Russian)

    Let us know if this type of post is interesting to read and if you'd like to see more of your questions answered!

    Also, the game director and founder of Travian Games, Gerhard Müller, has answered some of your questions in video. You can watch the first part of the video here. The second part of the interview will be posted next week. Don't forget to turn on the English subtitles!

    Hola a todos,

    hoy quiero darle la bienvenida oficialmente a @Unknown, que a partir de ahora será el community manager de la comunidad hispanohablante de Travian Kingdoms.

    Él será el moderador (y máxima autoridad) en el foro, así que se encargará de responder a las preguntas, moderar, organizar concursos, etc.

    No es una despedida porque sigo por aquí, así que solo espero que tratéis a @Unknown tan bien como me habéis tratado a mí :thumbsup:

    ¡Buen travian para todos!

    Hola a todos,

    estamos buscando candidatos para que nos ayuden a probar el test final del chat de la app, para que podamos publicarlo lo antes posible. Uno de los requisitos es poder escribir y leer bien inglés, así que si ese es el caso y quieres ayudarnos, descubre toda la información al respecto en el siguiente enlace:

    App Chat --> We are searching for Alpha Testers!

    Con la ayuda de nuestros jugadores, esperamos que en unas semanas podamos actualizar las versiones de iPhone y Android (con chat! 8) ) para todos.

    Un saludo,

    Hola a todos,

    la semana pasada actualizamos el lobby para que ahora muestre tu lista de amigos y puedas ver donde juegan, etc. Esto es un primer paso para después introducir otras cosas como poder empezar con tus amigos o unirte a una partida sin tener que empezar desde cero cerca de un amigo, pero ahora queremos centrarnos sobre todo en la lista de amigos.

    ¿Qué te parece? ¿La encuentras útil? ¿Hay algo que te gustaría que mejoráramos de ella?

    Gracias por ayudarnos a crear juntos un juego mejor :thumbsup:

    Un saludo,

    Hola @DarkJonter#ES,

    le paso la idea a los desarrolladores y te informo de lo que me digan. Creo recordar que esta idea ya salió antes, y dijeron que sí, pero que era un montón de trabajo y que cuando tuvieran más tiempo, pero pregunto de nuevo.

    @Tanis, solo los más poderosos se atreverían a llevar el título de Su majestad la Princesa Caballo.

    Lista de cambios 0.81

    Estimados jugadores,

    Ya que originalmente esta actualización solo tenía contenido para duques y reyes, hemos incluido algunas mejoras para el resto de jugadores. Por ejemplo, si pierdes animales defendiendo tu aldea, contarán como pérdidas en el informe de batalla.


    • Mercado: Muchos jugadores nos han dicho que era difícil de entender el número de mercaderes disponibles. Por eso, ahora podrás ver cuántos mercaderes tienes disponibles. Además, la cantidad de recursos que sale por defecto al entrar en el mercado será igual a la capacidad de uno de tus mercaderes.
    • Informes de defensa: si uno de tus animales muere defendiendo la aldea, el color del informe de batalla te indicará que sí has perdido tropas.
    • Pantalla de tributos: gracias a @iribuya por sugerirnos en el foro que separásemos el botón de "recolectar todo" y "recolectar todo ahora" en la vista general de tributos. Hemos mejorado este menú y tan pronto como tengas los 3 tributos necesarios para ello, los reyes y los duques podrán utilizar una de las dos opciones.
    • Otorgar protección: los reyes y los duques pueden otorgar protección directamente en el mapa haciendo clic en el botón de arriba a la derecha sobre la rueda contextual sobre la aldea del gobernador extranjero.

    Fallos corregidos:

    • Bono de velocidad del héroe: cuando el héroe tiene un objeto que le otorga un bono de velocidad de >20 casillas, este se aplicará a todos los tipos de movimiento, incluyendo el regreso de las tropas que van junto al héroe.
    • Herrería: si la herrería era demolida mientras una investigación estaba en marcha y vuelta a reconstruir, esta se detenía. Ya no ocurrirá más.
    • Bienes robados: Si te conviertes en rey mientras tienes bienes robados, no recibías el cereal que estos te hubiesen dado. Ahora sí.
    • También hemos arreglado otros errores más pequeños.

    ¿Qué te parecen estos cambios? ¿Te serán útiles los cambios al mercado? ¿Te has visto afectado por alguno de estos fallos? Háznoslo saber en los comentarios de este hilo.

    El equipo de Travian Kingdoms

    Hola @kalzetinez#ES,

    ES1 no tendrá el modo tregua de noche. La razón es que en los mundos de juego en español hay jugadores de todo el mundo y los husos horarios son muy diferentes. Pasaría así que cuando es de noche para algunos, el día acaba de empezar para otros. Para vampiros o personas que trabajan de noche no estaría nada mal, pero para el resto de personas sería bastante terrible.

    Un saludo,

    Hola a todos,
    ya tenemos la lista de los ganadores:

    - Laguer en ES3 recibe 25 Oros
    - Pepon en ES4 recibe 25 Oros
    - Zhairellius en ES3 recibe 2 libros de sabiduría
    - LegnakRadsuxu en COM2x3 recibe 2 libros de sabiduría

    Felicidades a los ganadores y suerte en el próximo concurso. Si quieres participar en la discusión sobre los mundos de 6 semanas, puedes unirte aquí.

    Un saludo,

    PD: ¿y qué pasa con los votos negativos? La guerra mejor dentro del juego, no en el foro.

    Hi there,

    these are the ideas that can be found in the same entry in the Spanish-speaking part of the forum :

    • @LuxusDarkangel really likes the idea. The first few weeks of constant war and tension for getting territory and establishing yourself are the most fun. Afterwards, once Kingdoms are established and it’s only about the preparation for WWs he just can’t wait for the round to end. This part of “boring” midgame is what should be shortened, in his opinion. On the other hand he also sees the problem that it might be difficult to get this game world working at 1x speed and only for 6 weeks without any drastic changes to the end-phase. The whole WW + victory points often make the game worse, rather than better, so this is a perfect chance to try a different and more dynamic ending.
    • @Zhairellius#ES thinks it’s rather impossible to get an army big enough to defeat the natars and then build up a WW in just 6 weeks. He’d rather have a 12 week game world. He’d still give 6 week game worlds a try though, although he thinks shorter rounds are probably terrible for new players. The beginning of the game is good as it is, but it could be maybe sped up. For ideas for the ending, he suggests that once a WW is conquered, all others could be deactivated and all kingdoms have to fight for the only remaining WW.
    • @Origen thinks shorter is the way to go, since all other games nowadays take that route and it could mean getting a lot of new players onboard. At the moment, he refuses to play in non-speed rounds, since they take too long. Having a normal speed game world but even shorter than a speed one is an awesome idea in his opinion and every decision and every lost troop would matter again. He’s ready to sign up already :D
    • @Teljildad (who's already commenting here, ¡hola! :D ) is quite unsure, since the teutons would have an unfair advantage due to their shorter troop training time. In his opinion, a WW is not really feasible in such a short time and thinks a lot of rebalancing would be needed. Currently, he dislikes the long beginner protection at the beginning (and early game in general, since as a Teuton you basically have 2-3 weeks of boredom) and the pre-WW time, since it takes forever, there’s nothing to do (no artifacts), no one attacks anyone and it seems overall very lacking. He states in his post that for short rounds, WWs are not an option.

    Thanks for all the feedback!

    Sí, primero hemos unificado los avatares... y lo siguiente será implementar la lista de amigos global, pero aún no está lista. En una o dos semanas debería estar disponible.

    Siento el retraso... la verdad es que estamos trabajando en muchos temas a la vez, así que todos llegan más lentos, pero al final habrá más mejoras. Por ejemplo, el prototipo del chat de la app ya está listo (y pronto disponible para todos) :D .

    Informaré a la comunidad de inmediato en cuanto tenga alguna fecha concreta.