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    Hi all,

    Our devs have tried different methods to increase performance and fix the issues you've experienced, but it seems like some of you still have issues, so they're still working on this with the highest priority. We would appreciate it if you could give us some extra information and screenshots so it's easier for them to pinpoint the problem exactly.

    Right now, the problem is that some of the issues you're experiencing are not related to each other, so it's difficult to determine the problem.

    To help us find the problem, please answer these questions:

    1- Are you facing problems with the chat? Our understanding is that when this happens, the messages window is empty, like this. Is this the problem you're facing?
    2- How long does this last usually?
    3- Does it work again if you refresh (F5) the page or does it continue to be empty for some time after refreshing?
    4- Do the other players get the problem at the same time?
    5- What's your browser? (version if possible too!)
    6- What's your Operating System?
    7- Most useful of all: when this happens, press F12 in the browser to open the dev console and take a screenshot. This is what the window looks like.
    8- After this screenshot, press Network, like in the screenshot here. Then take another screenshot of this window.
    9- If the problems are performance in general, in addition please open the task manager (Control + Shift + ESC), press "show more details" and click on "Performance", like shown in the screenshot here and take a screenshot.

    We're trying our best to fix it as soon as possible, so we really appreciate any help we can get. Thank you!


    Thanks for providing the information. I assure you the team is looking into these issues with the highest priority at the moment.
    I'll inform you right away as soon as the devs have some news and I'll keep sending them all your technical feedback and error reports so they can find the cause of the problem sooner.

    Please send me that screenshot as soon as you can get it, @Reinhart#EN.


    Nice to hear that, @perafogla_COM. Yesterday we did a new hotfix and increased the resources (once again) allocated for this game world.
    We hope it's fine now, but we'll keep an eye on the world anyway. Let us know if you're still experiencing any further performance issues so we can look into it right away.



    We want to congratulate all kingdoms that decided to unite and share a common fate for the remainder of the game round! We wish you all the best and hope that this new chapter in the history of your kingdoms will bring you successful raids, many victories and good understanding between your united kings.

    In just the following 24h after the release of the feature, 46 new united kingdoms were formed among all the Travian Kingdoms’ worlds. Congratulations to all! These are the first to join in each game world:

    The courageous Kingdom: Was joined by the fierce kingdom: In the war-torn game world:
    Just Fun L.CASTLE com2x3
    Стрелa Стрела com3
    Division Cannabis com4
    Hellgate Nilfgard cz1
    Starks Swarm cz2
    ZuckerTK SalzTK de1
    GVS AG de4
    TaSh Persas es1
    Garrote Persas es4
    FPPM SAT fr5
    3RR0R 404ERROR hu3
    Black Black2.0 it1
    299 Titanium nl3
    Temeria Redania pl3
    Ytross Ytross' pl4
    Disney Disney A pt1
    Мафия СОЮЗ ru4
    Valyria Valyria2 tr1

    Are you part of one of the united kingdoms listed here? Do you still have specific questions about how the new unions work? Feel free to ask them and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Hi @pierd vremea#COM,

    here's the full list of game worlds that will be updated tomorrow and will have access to kingdom unions (provided the kingdoms meet the requirements mentioned above)

    • Arabia3
    • Arabia4
    • COM1x3
    • COM2x3
    • COM3
    • COM4
    • COM5
    • CZ1
    • CZ2
    • DE1
    • DE4
    • ES1
    • ES4
    • FR4
    • FR5
    • HU3
    • IT1
    • IT5
    • NL3
    • NO2
    • PL3
    • PL4
    • PT1
    • PT4
    • RU1x3
    • RU2x3
    • RU4
    • TR1
    • TR2

    And Hi @Pan Tadeysh :)

    Both capital villages of the kings have connected territory on the map
    ----i understand it that 2 capitals should have active treasures and to be a neighbors for the influense
    question-what if kings has a capitals in other villages? no with an active treasures?
    they should lose 16-18 levels crop fields and change the capital becouse our administration would like to crash this game for the end of server?
    P.S. sorry for my english

    Regarding capital villages, the only requirement is that there's continous territory between both kings' capital villages/cities, no other requirements.


    Dear players,

    The wait has an end: you can use the Kingdom Unions Feature with the release of this update. It will be released on the 23rd of November at 10:00 am GMT+1, there might be a small downtime of up to 20 minutes, so plan accordingly.

    What this new changelog brings:

    • 2 kingdoms can unite, if:

      • Both kingdoms aren’t already united yet
      • Both kingdoms have already existed for 30 days (10 days on speed worlds)
      • Both capital villages of the kings have connected territory on the map
    • When a king invites another king to a Kingdom union the other king can accept or deny
    • If the request is accepted:

      • Both the king and the vice-king cannot abdicate. Even if they both get inactive, they will not get abdicated automatically. A Kingdom Union is a commitment for life (at least a game round life). If one of them gets deleted, the second spot stays empty.
      • Only the VPs of the greater kingdom remain. Time stamp is the time when the invitation was sent and not when it was accepted
      • The Vice-King is the former king with the lower amount of VPs
    • Both kings:

      • and their dukes are shown on the kingdom profile window
      • can invite governors and promote dukes
      • can collect tributes
      • are going to be shown on the end of game world screen
    • Notifications will pop up when:

      • The Kingdom union feature is unlocked
      • A Kingdom Union has taken place in your kingdom
      • When a king or vice-king is deleted and their spot will remain empty
    • A united Kingdom will only get as many robber camps as a non-united kingdom of the same size would get
    • The in game help is up to date and explains the Kingdoms Unions feature. Check it out J

    For further information, read these blog articles:

    - Unlocking duke and treasury slots
    - A tale of two kings - Kingdom Unions in depth

    Gather your troops, sharpen your swords and unite your kingdoms!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Long live the unions!

    Exacto, los duques pueden cambiar sin problema. Tanto el virrey como el rey pueden nombrar duques o quitarles la posición de duque. Realmente ambos tienen el mismo poder, solo les diferencia el nombre.

    Si un rey dentro de una unión intenta abdicar, se convierte en virrey, y el antiguo virrey pasa a ser rey. (De forma que realmente no pueden abdicar, solo intercambiarse el título). La única forma de "abdicar" es no entrar al juego durante tanto tiempo que tu cuenta se haga inactiva. En ese caso, la unión continuaría con un solo rey. Si este mismo rey hace lo mismo, el reino desaparece. Es un riesgo a tener en cuenta cuando te decides por una unión, por eso es importante que todo se hable antes para que luego no haya problemas.

    Un saludo,

    Hi @Polenoo,
    I personally really like the idea and I would definitely use it, but I cannot say it wouldn't mess with the algorithms and calculations that our game designers have done to come up with the adventure system.

    I'll definitely bring them in here so they can share their opinion on the topic. :D


    Hi @Marmoose#US, hi @Jett,

    we know this has been one common wish for some time now and we're working on it. The idea is still in development, but last I heard this is how the game designers wanted it to work:

    Instead of having nothing selected or an always pre-selected option (like it is now), it should take the context of the game into consideration and select the most likely option. This means that when clicking on an ally, the default selection will be "send reinforcements", when clicking on an enemy village, it will be "attack" and so on.

    Would you find that more helpful than having a blank option? The idea is still being defined, but given enough interest we could push it forward so the devs can work on it sooner. In the near future, there will also be an additional way to send troops more conveniently and in a more intuitive and modern way. It's a big project, a real makeover of the game and it's now almost done, but we're not supposed to give too many details about it just yet. You'll see it for yourself in early 2018 :D .

    But about this particular problem, let me know if you prefer the auto-selection the game designers are planning or simply having a blank option.