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    I. Stolen goods: I really like this mechanic, it lets casual/free to play player catch up to top tier accounts. Smaller smaller have 5 full develope vilages + capitol with 14lvl fields while top 10 players might have 12 develeoped vill + capitol 17 lvl fields, so smaller player selling tresures getting bigger value becouse his account production is lower. Also if you register later into the game you can easily develope and take part in midgame fights becouse resources gain via tresures will be sufficient or even excessive to develope a village, but id like to change a few things about them:

    1) Id like to chose redistribution of resources. I decided to start my jurney as a free to play account as a ghaul deff and i got extra iron roll on my tresure and i feel miserable. Phalanxes and druids needs 2 time more clay/wood to tran than iron so i have already iron oveflowing but now i laso have extra iron overflowing becouse of impropiate ressourcess roll in chests. You can say hey use market and trade your iron to glay/wood with other people, but i can not becouse people dont need it. Early game most pople playing teutons off ( they train only maces so they have overflowing iron too) rome off ( early game they relying eiquites imperatoris EI so they have otherflowing irons too, they start add centurions mid-lategame) and ghauls deff so they have same problem as me :).

    a)Id like to make tresures extra resources roll class dependent, if you are rome-iron tuton-wood ghaul-clay

    b)people chose which extra res they want to got vie tresures when they chose king/gov position>if gov which res you want to get extra via tresures.

    2)As i told before stolen goods are good catch up mechanic, but robber camps are completly opposite. Most active players have biggest armies so they can attack several camps at once (they split armies) also they are often online when robbers spawns so they are biggest beneficients. Casuals feels miserable becouse they have to wait several hour for robber spawn but they cant dedicate so much time playing the game, also they lose willingness to play the game becouse they cant take part in core mechanics of the game (considering how valuable tresures are ) so they feel they cant fully develope. No matter which kingdom im playing the rules are the same: attack no raids, 3 camps per player, no splitting armies, if all wave of the camp are attack dont send any additional attacksto cut you teammates. Mobile version doent show how many attacks were send to fight robber camps so mibile users often send they troops even if there is 4 wave in camp and 4 attack already incoming. It leads to miscommunication and popele feel cheated by teammates. Some pople using brower version cutting other poeple too and hey say they clear camps using mobile version just to take tresures. Same thing repeats 2-3 times and then teutons take everything becouse they have cheap maces so they can split they offs to hit as many camps as they wwant to, untill midgame when Ei and GT outspeed them. Mid-lategame only Ei and GT users has any chance to attack a camp becouse of they spped/attack value, teutons can only hit the closest camps.
    This lead to unhealthy situaction when poeple have to wait in front of computer for robber camp spawn. If you are late by 20 min you wont get any tresures (considering how fast GT and EI are), and if you keep missing the robber spawns you will be behind considering how valuable tresures are.

    a)Attack on robber camp can only be attack with Heroand army (no more splitting) + id like to reduce number of tresures in camps(they are giving too much ressources Considering how easily they can be done)

    "Not a good idea to buff training time and battle stat..buffing these parameters are too rewarding and will likely cause imbalance to the game.

    Replace them to something less rewarding and more PVE in nature, like reduce hero revive time, attack bonus to robbers, slightly more resources for stolen goods etc.

    I can't understand the reason to give players so much advantages by just staying inside a kingdom."

    This is very interesting got so many upvotes, i agree that we giving players so much advantages by just staying inside a kingdom borders. Maybe we should change the sytem so kingdom will unlock Daily Fealty Level Bonuses according the number of tresuries inside kingdom??? We can check stats how many tresuries kingdoms have by the 30th day of server and change according to that aspect. I agree we can make fealty system add these feaures like reduce hero revive time/cost, attack bonus to robbers, slightly more resources for stolen goods, faster/bigger capacity of merchant but i belive the rewards "PVE in nature" are so small that you d ever feel fealty system was introduce thats why the troop power bonus/consuption reduction is needed so will plan you gameplay around it

    The devs are pretty conservative about the changes id say fealty is negligible untill 6 lvl when crop consuption kicks and you get some off power to save troops farming hideouts/robbers. The hero and cp bonus is usless you wont notice the exp growth and cp gain by bldings/partis will masivly outweight the fealty cp bonus. People over-value workshop, top off players can make use of the additional 10% time. Most gov player will run 15lvl workshop 24/h instead of 17 lvl because how hard time semi experince player have producing troops. Teutons have already have excessive amount of ramms, if they didnt splash they off they can 20>0 wall of ww already using 1 good teuton off+ brawery. Teutons off have easier time rebulding ramms in midgame after splashing , but kingdom should have 1 strong ww rammer in lategame to take down wall, if 1 teuton took down the wall the rest rammers dont need to have huge ram numbers becouse they are used to make use of brawery bonus to kill as much as deff troops as possible so rome ww cata can demolish your opponent ww. I agree if you play rome ww cata off this workshop buff is nice but majority of off players are tutons becouse of brawery bonus. Crop consuption and troopds deff/off bonus are the most important in this patch and i tried to explain why it favour the deff players

    I also belive cp bonus and workshope time reduce should switch places, the early bonuses are so small (1st month) 3% hero is having no impact on gameplay, -2% workshop no impact poeple dont use workshop that early that these 2 percent make any diffrence, the 50 cunture bonus seems to be "most impactfull" but 1 moth server you have already city pumping 500/day so at least you are sitting on starter village + capitol city thats about 1000 cp/day so its less than 5% during the first months, and the "effective" value of cp given will sharply increase considering later in the game the cp gains via buldings and celebrations massivly outweights fealty bonus. So i dont belive that early bonuses will promote "metas" beoucse of they low impact.

    Consuption bonus: Its all about troop atck/deff/consuption bonus adn later workshop bonus. At first the deffence seems to be buffed much more than the off. Firstly, deff players dont have to rely on expesive units using GB and GS also they can produce units in multiple villages, so they reach crop limit faster ( the amount of crop to unkkep the troops). The top accounts which can build enourmus hammers/deff are also buffed in favour of being deff, using baracks+GB stable + BS + workshop cant outnumber cheap phalxes you can produce in 12 villages in the lategame.

    Troop att vs deff bonus: I also belive deff player are winning. The deff bonus get multiply by walls and water ditch. We can say teuton rammer will destry the wall at the first hit so the value of wall is 0, the water ditch still exist increasing the deff bonus even futher. {1= value of the wall ( you cant multiply by 0) 0.2=value of maz lvl water ditch, 0.1=value of max lvl deff troop bonus }. The equation is 1 x 0.2 x 0.1x 100%=2%. You will gain additional 2% deff power lategame if you deffend treasury, ww or important capitol with max lvl water ditch and max deff troops bonus (another way defff troop bonus get multiply by the water ditch lvl giving edge to deff players). The off players get only 10% unless they use siege then the bonus gets also multiply. 99% of the time siege is used to clean hideouts. Sieging other players is a hard task, your troops are moving slower so your opponent has easy time guessing if you sieging him with all army or just faking with normal atacks. You can fake siege too but its expensive and can be used lategame scenario.To sum up as an off player you will rely more on atacking other players than sieging so your off troops bonus wont get multiply by sieging bonus.

    Attacking is expensive and hardly ever worth in tk meta, becouse of tributes system every vill is close to each other so your can send deff units on time, faking is expensive becouse of spy glasses, also you never fake siges (unless extremly latagame) becouse you have to sacrifice 1k units, we dont have arifacts to substain production of bigger hammers. I dont want to buff even futher, at the moment the game is pretty boring early-midgame, only lategame when ww crushes you hace some action. Most of the time its simcity and farming inactives. Early game cages provide good defence, and midgame water ditch giving pernament 20% bonus to deff, while off players have to "rely on" "unreliable" sieging caused that kingdoms playing turtle strategy simcity>avoid fighting treasuries>launch hammers on ww and i dont want dev to push that strategy even further.

    The workshop bonus is nice at the first glance, the problem is only royals and top tier govs can substain prodution of baracks/gb/stable/gs + workshop 20lvl on top of that the additional 10% you get now. Most off players cant produce 24h/30 days in workshop 20lvl.

    My though process is crop consuption is adventage for deff players, deff players get additinal 2% deff power becouse water ditch multiply, while off players cant benefit that unless sieging but siegeing is unreliable. So we have 12% deff bonus (10 %+ 2% water ditch multiply + walls!!! but they will be destryed by rammer but keep in mind that still this exists) vs 10%off bonus (12% if you siege becouse sieging is multiplying). Off players get workshop buffed but it will effect 1% of off players populatonn (most dedicated who can substain workshop20 lvl production), on top of that i will say top teutons already have good ram production that 1 big teuton rammer will take down wall at the first atackk so the workshop buff wont effect tutons ww rammers (unless he lost all rammers midgame and have to rebuild it, but then the kingdom should have diffrent teutons rammer ready for ww) so the workshop buff only effects rome cata hammer :)

    The patch is little buffed to teutons becouse they can get crazy att power consiering brawery bonus x hero %att bonus x sieging x troop attakc bonus they all multiply, so we will see even more teutons off players,also they will have easier time rebulding ramms after splaing in the walls, although if they didnt splashed their off during midgame the wokshop buffed wont be noticable . This is good side-buff considering how the 2000 outgoing atacks limit hit the tribe.

    All in all i belive the hero exp bonus+ cp production bonus is negligible. The workshop bonus is nice but only 1% off player (roylas and most dedicated govs) can make use of additional training workshop time, maybe we will see a little more rams/catas early game but still most of off players will prefer getting eco going to substain big units prodution midgame. Teutons rammers have already enough rams to take down wall 20lvl to 0 lvl in first hit so the workshop bonus is negligible unless they spash the off and they have to rebuild it for ww spash lategame, but then why is the kingdom relying on only 1 rammer to take down ww wall???, the workshop bonus is nice for rommans ww cata becouse more catas the better. The workshop bonus is ok for ghaul off but why play ghaul off when you have teutons with better att power/time + brawery bonus. TT farming cant outweight brawery lategame . Consuption redtuction bonus gives edge to deff players. Troop att/deff bonus gives edge to deff players becouse EVERY DEFF UNITS can benefit water ditch and the bonus get multiply by it while off players have to rely on normal atacks (unless you are sieging teuton than you have upper hand :)).

    If devs decide to lunch a championship server then other comx1 servers d be dead, its really hard to get a competitive server nowadays. Comx1 are usually dead or 2-3 dominant teams per com