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    The town hall serves no purpose apart from celebrations. It can easily be merged with main building. We can, maybe, make small celebrations with a level 10 main building and large celebrations with level 20 main building (just saying, can be any other combination). This way we don't take up one building slot just for just celebrations. The main building then becomes really "main" as it not only helps to build your village faster but also helps you to make more villages faster. Now everyone can celebrate from every village they have, speeding up the player’s growth. Player’s growing faster will make more troops, more troops will lead to better wars, and better wars will make the game more interesting for players. More interested a player is in a game, the more likely he is to spend money and buy gold. More money a player spends, more money Travian kingdoms make. Hope you see the benefits there.

    Now about bring the hospital into Travian kingdoms. Why I think this will be a good idea is, in Kingdoms we have noticed that things tend to slow down mid game. People with armies at this stage don’t want to risk their armies before the WW stage begins, there will be very little fighting going on and is also the period when most people go inactive. The hospital helps to recover from troop loss faster. That would make players a little ‘bolder’ with their armies. The fear of losing your army and not being able to recover in time could be eliminated somewhat. This would lead to more active play and will have players willing to take more risks and less selfish play where people don’t send their army according to the plan, making some excuse or the other, while in reality it was the fear of losing the army.

    To conclude, Online Games need keep evolving in order to keep player interest levels high. In the end, there will always be loyal players like me who will continue playing no matter what, but you also need to bring in new players and keep them playing.

    I think travian should do away with main building. If you see, the town hall should be the main building. Basically, the town hall is the place where the local government sits. So, the town hall is the main building of a village. Having a separate town hall and main building makes no sense.

    Travian can merge functions of the town hall and main building into one building called the town center or town hall itself. Travian has done this before, they merged the 'blacksmith' and 'armory' into one building what we now call 'Smithy'.

    They should also bring in the concept of the 'hospital' building from special legends servers to travian kingdoms, this is also compensate for the loss of 1 building by merging main building and town hall.

    Also, we've fought loveland, who were quite big.

    We've been fighting Cesko who might not be that big, but they are hella strong and active, basically the opposite of you guys.

    How utterly moronic would it have been to directly go for vanguard while we have such potential threats on our doorstep.

    Bottomline is. We've done things, we've actually played the game, you still haven't. You can throw as many fake arguments as you want but you know you're talking nonsense.


    I'll just leave this here to let people know who is talking nonsense. the data don't lie.

    The red area is Wonder and Green is Blade. Clearly shows 100-200 '000 gap in pop consistently through the server.

    If we were not playing and we were inactive, why didn't you attack us? we were right next as well? We would have been easy to take down then right. Vanguard would not defend us while they were behind us in ranking. We never had any agreement to defend each other.

    And, We did not join this server for your entertainment. Your strategy was to attack mindlessly ours was not. If you had fun attacking, we had fun defending. Just attacking doesn't mean you played and we defended doesn't mean we didn't play.


    "Was being a bunch of simming cowards in the best interests of Blade? Yes"
    Yeah okay, but dude, dont put in your kingdom bio "We are looking for active players. JOIN US if you are looking for a fun, active round." Just put there "We are gonna do nothing the entire round but play it safe and boring. If you're okay with that, come join us."

    We put that bio because in the beginning we played aggressively. We didn't simply end up 2nd after wonder (even though the gap may have been big then). After, that the game situation required us to go defensive and thats what we did. More importantly, our definition of fun maybe different from yours. Like I said, we didn't join for your entertainment. Also, of the 3 major kingdoms, we had the least number of players going inactive, that does tell another story.


    Also who called you cowards for going to the (50|0)? That is a standard move. Nobody called you cowards for that, you just wanna throw up a strawman cause you can't handle the criticism.


    Design did.

    We don't give a damn about criticism. But we had to put our point of view for any third person who might be reading this. Rest, everybody playing the server knows what is happening. You can rant as much as you want.

    Ok, maybe the cowards should get a little say here to clear our point of view. The moment we settled near (50|0). We got called cowards, why because we moved away from the fight in the center. Was it in the best interest of Blade? Yes.

    We were right beside the biggest kingdom on the server. Mind you! they weren't friends, and their top attacker of the server at that time was so close to us. What do we do? Build Deff to survive? Yes, Was going deff in the best interest of blade? Yes.

    We were only a 10 member team, who gathered first timers and other players who were not in any premade team. Initially, we had to build defense for survival. Add to it the Russian kingdom threatening to join them or perish . We had no other choice but to go defensive. We contacted Chall to ally with Viper, but of course they had other plans which we did not know, because we do not have any spy.

    Then kingdom unions happened, the big kingdom got even bigger. Because we did not allow any other kingdom to settle in this area and managed to take their treasures, we found ourselves at 2nd place but the big kingdom was first and was more than double our size in number of members, in VP and Treasures.

    We were happy to be 2nd, but 3rd Nogrow at that time was just a few points away. 4th at that time was Vanguard, we knew they were a premade team and we knew a few players there. They are a good team and they obviously wouldn't want to remain 4th. From our point of view we were between 2 kingdoms, who would both want our treasures 1 to go ahead and another to catch up to 1. What do we do without many offensive troops at this point of time. We build more defense.

    Then we find out that the big kingdom, who we were expecting to attack us, has started operations on loveland and the loveland king contacts us to defend them. We obviously send defense, because the longer the fight on the other side prolongs it gives us a better chance. Some of our players end up as top defenders. Next thing we know, We get called cowards for defending loveland. However, was it in the best interest of Blade? yes.

    But now, we know the big kingdom knows we defended loveland. We are definitely going to be NEXT. We start preparing for it. Defending loveland brought us together with Vanguard and we asked if they would want to ally because we needed to ally with either "big kingdom or Vanguard". We could not take on both. (At that time we did not know Nogrow would join Vanguard in future). So, Was allying with Vanguard in the best interest of Blade? Yes!

    So now, after having a good amount of defense we needed to build some offense. So while the other kingdoms were warring, we did not have a proper off team to go to war against the big kingdom. Somehow we managed to gather 10 guys and with fakes from defenders we managed to break through the defense of the big kingdom. Yes, The cowards were the first team to steal treasures and VP from the Big kingdom.

    We do a second op on the big kingdom, This time they know where the real hit is. Someone within Blade off team has told them. Hammers die, but we still manage to break through. But this signals the entire server that Big Kingdom may be short on defense and Vanguard with a much much better offense team capitalizes.

    Now, our deff was ready, we expected the big kingdom to strike back. But, instead we hear that they are going after Hellgate/cesko. They ask for defense and we are more than happy to defend them.

    That impending attack from the Big Kingdom (not so big anymore), we are still expecting and it has never arrived. Maybe it never arrived because we were able to keep the battles off our shores in loveland and hellgate/Cesko. Was that in the best interest of Blade? Hell yes!

    That big attack from the Big kingdom (not so big anymore), we are still expecting by the way and building defense for that end. Maybe, if Big kingdom applied their head a little more instead of calling others cowards, they would have fared better.

    What's the fun in continuously attacking a kingdom, where even if you win, it doesn't change your status/ranking in the game. Unless of course, you just want to give the illusion that you are doing something, attacking players but in reality it is just meaningless. Even with a large premade team, You never attacked even one kingdom that mattered! who is the coward then!