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    Hi everyone

    I have a suggestion about the possibility of reordering the send troop tabs easily by simply click and drag to the desired position

    I find this so useful especially when I want to order the (reinforcement or attack ) by landing time


    A very convincing answer , Thank you so much for your great explanation :)

    Barracks and smithy 20 ofc

    Let's take pha as an example

    pha training consumption: 85 w 100 c 50 i ( clay is all that matter since we are not talking abt NPC )

    as a normal village, you have 3k resource production that's mean you can maximum train 30/h => 30x24=720/day

    it will take you only 9h:24min with barracks lvl20 to train 720 which mean your barracks will be AFK for 15h meanwhile when your barracks at lvl 11 it will take you 24h:12min which mean a full day barracks nonstop

    I made some calcul and I'm not sure if I'm missing something pls tell me

    Hi, I have a question about troops training :/

    what is the best barracks level for a secondary village to train troops 24/7 nonstop (same question for a city) (NPC didn't count)?

    Are there any benefits on max leveling barracks in a secondary village at this point?

    Hi, I have a proposal about merchants properties

    Sometimes you have some merchants who do not fit the suggestions presented in the list, so you are forced to run through all the list to find what you need

    This is an example, I have only 1 merchant and all the list has >1 merchants so I'm forced to browse all the market pages and in the end there is none :P


    it would be great if you add some kind of filter to simplify the research on the market

    for example, I want to filter the market based on the lowest merchants in ascending way and vice versa

    (by clicking on the merchant icon you bring the highest merchants number in descending order,2nd click brings you the inverse )

    There is some point u need to avoid to prevent ur account get hacked :

    Never open anonymous external links

    in this context, I have a proposal for Travian managers to provide us with a safe image uploader website or add the report feature for phone user

    Never share any pieces of information about your account

    Try to use a complex password

    This is my meme collection, I hope you like it

    comment down the meme you like the best :D

    Never mess with the city

    The two sides of the same coin

    You don't want to be in rank 1 at the end of the server

    Deff players feeling every time the robber camps appears

    Roman player be like

    This is the best way to check your luck

    Today we are allied tomorrow we are not

    The true meaning of cold bite

    The true meaning of you can do nothing about it

    Every Teuton player


    I love this way of giving a suggestion.

    I believe we have touched on it previously. You want to be able to cancel merchants the first few seconds after sending the resources, is that right?

    yes that's what I'm thinking of :D

    because so many time I misclick,

    sometime merchant travel take hours between ur own village and you can do nothing about it

    Thanks to all who join my quiz, I appreciate everyone who did make a comment or like the post

    Koubbi & Rain you are right about this point I will clarify it in the question description

    and I'm sorry for the linguistic mistakes or the miss-asked questions

    I tried my best to verify all the question displayed in the quiz

    I'm looking forward to creating another quiz if you guys are interested :)

    you should mention in the question if multiple answers are needed... that cost me some points :D


    I already mention that in the description of the section :)

    good job you make great result , your from few player that get such score

    keep going :)